Zeus 2 Software by Matthew Harrison is a SCAM! Honest Review!

Zeus 2 Scam Review!

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The Zeus 2 software by Matthew Harrison is without any doubt a new automated scam system in the binary options industry! It has brought to our attention a few hours earlier today by two of our loyal blog subscribers who have already received shady invitations to their inbox by email marketing promoters who try to convince innocent people to deposit their hard earned money into a bogus and unreal millionaire maker system that allegedly will be making you a millionaire within less than 181 days. Therefore, in this honest scam review, we will be exposing this entire piece of crap offer which is obviously not related to the binary options trading niche whatsoever, and aims to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye!

Zeus 2 photoDuring this Zeus 2 presentation, Matthew Harrison has been claiming to be the owner and CEO of a company named Zeus Investments. He said that his company worth none less than $673 million dollars in pure revenue since it’s official creation 2 years ago. Likewise, while watching this video demonstration, we have been informed by Mr. Harrison that he already made 74 random people from all over the world millionaires within 181 days, and so he aims to do with his next 50 new members who will take a step further and will sign up.

Moreover, it’s been mentioned that a newbie member will be making $10,000 a day and $605 per hour with the Zeus 2 auto trader, above the video frame. However, during the presentation, Matthew Harrison has been claiming that a Zeus 2 member will be making up to $5500 per day and $240 per hour. Not to mention that he’s also mentioned that trading is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that the Zeus 2 software has never lost a single trade due to its unique and sophisticated “bare metal servers scattered around the globe”…

Zeus 2 photoOkay, this time we will start from the end though. Claiming that an automated trading robot like the Zeus 2 software has never lost a single trade is a complete rough lie, which has nothing to do with reality. Even a beginner trader who starts from scratch and has begun trading an hour ago knows that we are dealing with the financial market (commodities, stocks, currencies, etc.) and its price levels which are obviously changing on a frequently basis thousands of times a day, due to high volatility economic events, and even political events, for example, the USA election, Trump vs Hillary. So, before we are going any further, make sure to understand that there is no such thing as “No loss software” or “the Zeus 2 software has never lost a single trade”, whatsoever!

Nonetheless, Matthew Harrison has also been claiming that the financial markets are up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This one claim is without a shadow of a doubt showing and exposing the real and ugly face behind this Zeus 2 software offer, which is clearly a bogus and not a genuine trading product! This is a well-known thing that the financial markets are opened 5 days a week, meaning, Monday – Friday, which you can sell and buy assets freely as much as you want, however, when the weekend arrives, the markets are off and transactions could not be made and execute in any kind of method or service.

Zeus 2 photoOther than that, we do not really understand, will we be making $10,000 per day or just $5500? Not $10k nor $5k! Not only that it is impossible to generate these numbers on the financial market, the creators who stand behind the Zeus 2 software are completely misleading their audience. First, they have been exaggerating with booming and promising $10,000 a day to their new members, and then during the presentation, this paid actor was claiming for just $5500 a day… a complete mess! However, take into consideration that making this amount of money is practically not going to happen in the near future. A good example and a real & live proof could easily be our latest results and performance review which vividly reveals how a well-performed auto trader in the industry (unlike the Zeus 2) works and how much money a complete beginner could be making!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t fall for this cheap trap that has purely been created to steal your money as quickly as you deposit your hard earned savings! The Zeus 2 software is an unreliable automated program on the market, created and developed by criminals who plan to commit a fraud on your back! Therefore, make sure to trade safe, use a trusted and tested services which have been developed by registered and legitimate companies only, and being used by real and active traders from all over the world! We therefore have no other choice but to flag the Zeus 2 product as a dangerous scam operation!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Zeus 2 Software is a SCAM!!!

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