Zero Loss Formula Software is a SCAM!! DON’T Deposit!!!

Zero Loss Formula Scam Review!

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The Zero Loss Formula software by Peter Morgan is a bogus auto trading robot in the binary options industry that has come up 2 days ago and unfortunately being promoted mostly by email marketers and some different media networks. So, if you have already received an ‘invitation’ to your mailbox promising you becoming a millionaire within the next month, be sure to keep reading our full SCAM review in order to stay safe! Likewise, in this warning review, we will be exposing everything related to this phony system that has been created by a group of scammers with an aim to steal your money as quickly as you deposit! Therefore, we highly recommend to follow our review and to be aware of all the lies, misleading information and paid actors who have been hired In order to lie in front of the camera!

Zero Loss Formula photoDuring this promotional video on the website, we were encountered with “Peter Morgan” who claimed to be the founder and CEO of the Zero Loss Formula Holdings. He said that today he plans to change our life for the better by giving us a free lifetime opportunity to join him and his team and to trade with his Zero Loss Formula software, an auto trading system in the binary options industry that has never lost a single trade, since its creation on 2012.

Moreover, we have been told that since 2012, the Zero Loss Formula has ranked in over $96 million dollars for himself and his company’s partners. And when they initially started using the software back in 2012 when they took their first round of 50 beta testers, then the accuracy of the software was around 90% ratio and each beta tester has been making up to $3000 per day. Nowadays, he offers 50 free licenses for new beta testers from all around the world as for their final round before they go public. Peter Morgan has also mentioned that trader who will take the “right” decision and will be making an initial deposit as little as $250, will be making $200-$800 profit per trade consistently 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and as a result, will be generating more than one million dollars at the end of every month.

Zero Loss Formula photoRegrettably, we have no other choice but to inform you that we have been told nonsense all along this presentation and have been told nothing but phony promises that have literally nothing to do in the binary options industry or in any other financial niche accordingly. First things first, the alleged “owner”, our fella, Mr. Peter Morgan is nothing but a paid actor who advertises anything in exchange for a few bucks! Be rest assured that this actor is a fake identity and is not associated with the Zero Loss Formula Holdings Company, as he claimed to be. Other than that, during this promotional video, we have clearly seen other Fiverr actors who have promoted the Zero Loss Formula as the best auto trading software in the market, and even claimed to be millionaires within a month of trading, which is obviously a rough lie!

Peter Morgan, the main actor, was claiming that since its creation in 2012, the Zero Loss Formula software has never lost a single trade, and each one of the first 50 beta testers is now a millionaire. Needless to say that these claims are complete phony promises that literally considered as lies. By, the most popular domain-age-checker tool, the domain was initially registered on 2016-07-02, which is last month! So, on which 2012 is he talking about? We probably will never know…

Zero Loss Formula photoMoreover, another joke that we were encountered with, is that we will be making over than million dollars each month, and that the so-called auto trader works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on fully automated mode, without you lifting a finger. Make sure to realize that making this kind of money in the binary options industry is unattainable and is not going to happen in the near future whatsoever. For example, even the most powerful auto trader nowadays, the Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin, would never be able to generate these sums of money per day. However, by joining their 95% partners program you will be getting an amazing automated platform that could be working fantastically with up to $800 a day. Additionally, the financial markets are open 5 days a week, means Monday – Friday and during weekends the markets are closed, means NO trade! So how come a financial vehicle like the Zero Loss Formula will be generating winning trades while the markets are not available???

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Zero Loss Formula is not a genuine auto trader in the industry, as well as its alleged owner / founder who is nothing but a paid actor who has been hired in order to lie in front of the camera and to lead you to their sales page, there you will be able to say nicely good bye to your hard earned money. Nevertheless, this website is purely unreliable which represents an unreal auto trading software that has clearly nothing to do with reality. Likewise, during this lame promotional video, we have been told with tons of lies, just like that we will become millionaires in no time and that the system is available since 2012 which is definitely NOT TRUE! Therefore, keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from this vicious SCAM without credibility or legitimacy and stay on the safe side of the map!

Gorilla’s verdict: Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM!

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  1. Thank you for the that information because I was really thinking about it very hard that.
    I was going to give them my money Thank God because I can n’t loss $250 rigth now at all I am a mom of two kids & a collge student. I thougth that program was going to change my life lol butn’t I’ll just try to stay in school hoping that one I be rich.

  2. I found it very strange when they said they are trading 7 days a week, I know that trading is done 5 business days a week. Thanks

  3. Thanks BOG! The sons of b*** have sent me their emails and they are not stopping to call me.. just crazy!!
    Thank you for your loyal work! Just to let you know, i have opened an account with Copy Buffett as you advised and the results are amazing! Tnx again!

  4. I am really greatful for this. I was watching a video of it over facebook today then got excited and signed up. To my surprise, someone called me to confirm my deposit whether I’d continue or will come back to him asap. Luckily I didn’t gave him my go signal. So I tried to search reviews first for feedbacks. Once again, thank you 🙂

  5. Thank you Gorilla for this information!
    I don’t know how, but i have received an email fro, them out of the blue. Thanks again!

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