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Best Broker Comparison

Fellow traders, we have decided to upload this Best Broker Comparison review in order to put an end to the most frequently asked question in the binary options industry: “What is the BEST Broker firm to trade with?” Frankly, we encounter with this question a few times a day by novice traders who have just started their journey in this money making industry and even by expert traders who regrettably were required to replace their brokerage service a few times since their prior brokers commit a fraud on their back. In this Best Broker Comparison review, we will provide you with your best opportunities in the financial market, and how to recognize a service that will steal your money once you make an initial deposit. So, if you are a beginner and even an expert who wants to trade with a reliable broker in order to learn how to trade by himself and by his own knowledge and skills, you must read this valuable review!

Most important thing for a binary options trader is to have a trusted broker connection, means to have the best broker with a smooth and clean trading platform, customer support that answers to your queries by phone, live chat and email in some different languages in order to help you to solve your problem if you have one. Furthermore, a great broker usually has a free demo account, a service that helps to the beginner trader to learn how to trade and to understand the principles behind the binary options theories without to make an initial deposit and risking his own money. Other than that, the everyday regular trader wants to start with a minimum investment to feel how it is to trade by his own knowledge and skills, therefore, a broker that considered as a low deposit broker will be rewarded by us much more than others.

First we want to start by introducing you with our top 3 recommended brokers from our trusted brokers page, Porter Finance, NADEX and TopOption! These 3 brokers are leaders in the binary options industry and in a moment we will compare between each one of them and will provide you with the most accurate details about them and will be revealing what you will get by signing up with each one of them.

Porter Finance – Is it worth??

PorterFinance.com is definitely a leader and a well-known broker among the worldwide traders. Porter Finance is our top recommended broker for some reasons and if you have read our honest review, you probably already know that this broker available worldwide for almost every country in the world except in the USA. The broker has thousands of satisfied customer traders from all over the world who use its PANDA platform and having great results in their trading sessions. We are one of their clients and as a binary options traders, we have never experienced any issue that has led us to think to leave and replace our service. Furthermore, Porter Finance is a low deposit broker with a minimum initial investment as little as $200 which is not the least but we have encountered with brokers who have a minimum deposit of more than $300, so in this case this broker is fairly considered as a low deposit one. A disadvantage that we can point about Porter Finance are two actually, first, they have no free demo account for beginners, secondly, they no longer accept the US resident traders. But, as a final conclusion concerning this firm, we have full confidence to conclude that Porter Finance is an outstanding broker for the worldwide traders with an astonishing trading platform and excellent customer support!

BEST Broker photoFor more information about Porter Finance click HERE!

NADEX – USA regulated broker!

Nadex.com is a USA based broker, fully CFTC regulated and in the bottom line, the “real deal” for the binary options traders resident in the USA. Frankly, trading with NADEX gives you a lot of advantages to trade with, like free demo account, if you are a complete newbie it will help you to be more confident with your trades, NADEX is also a very low deposit broker with a minimum initial investment of only $100, so you can start trade without breaking the bank. And if you have read our NADEX review you should already know that they have developed their own interface In order to provide their traders with the best trading platform by their own view. Very simple is to conclude that NADEX is the best broker that a USA trader can get in return for his/her investment!

NADEX Platform:

For more information about NADEX click HERE!

TopOption – EU regulated or what??

Topoption.com is the first EU regulated broker in the industry and as you already know, a broker that has a fully CFTC regulation will be rewarded from us as well! Honestly, TopOption is obviously a great broker, a broker that every trader know, and if not, he should! The broker is first of all regulated, means that you can go to sleep with a clean mind that your money is in a safe place. Secondly, TopOption has great services to offer to the everyday and regular trader in the BO industry. As we mentioned in our TopOption review, this broker has a very low deposit pre-conditions with a minimum investment of only $100. Likewise, the broker offers a free demo account to its clients, however, you will be required to make an initial deposit first. And exactly like Porter Finance, TopOption is a worldwide broker too that accept almost every trader in the world except the USA traders, who as you already know have a great trading solution with NADEX. So, in order to conclude TopOption, we have no doubt that this broker is a great broker too, and you can join to their list of thousands of satisfied customers with only $100!

BEST Broker photoFor more information about TopOption click HERE!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

All three brokers, Porter Finance, NADEX and TopOption are great and have a reputable place in our trusted brokers list. We provide our honest reviews based on our trading experience, therefore, this Best Broker Comparison review comes to answer the most frequently asked question by traders “What is the BEST Broker firm to trade with?” Besides, take into consideration that we will keep updating this review for any changes or if we will feel that a necessary change is required!

Thank you for reading our valuable review, this review was created in order to help everyday traders like you and us to choose the best broker service that we can get in return for our investment. We have no doubt that trading with one of these brokers will help you to become an independent trader that has the right knowledge and skills of how to trade binary options. Subscribe to our blog and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your inbox! For further question and interesting ideas to review please contact us and visit our Facebook group , Google+ channel and our new Pinterest page.

Porter Finance & NADEX & TopOption – You decide!!

We want to walk you through the most reliable way of success, therefore, trade with one of our recommended brokers that have been mentioned in this review and we will give you an access to Michael Freeman signals group on Facebook, a group that has almost 6000 active traders from all over the world with great admins and top traders.

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17 thoughts on “What is the BEST Broker to trade with? Must Read!!

  1. Hello Sir! I have so many bad experienced in tradings. Investing is very simple but the hard part is when you want to withdraw your money. You have to talk first to your manager and if they don’t call you back you can’t get what you want. ie.. BancoFX who want to get my CVV in my Credit Card and holds back my $200 investment; Option Rally who took my card and make an additional investment and sending me letter that forcing me to sign and etc. Do all these Top Brokers you mentioned have these options?

    • Hi Joselito,
      Thank you for sharing with us. TopOption is a fully regulated broker and works under a very hard supervision.
      Plus, this broker has a low deposit program as little as $100.

  2. Can you please advise me on Banc de Binary regulated by CYSEC,I have opened an account with them with $250,then I got nervous reading bad press on them,so asked for my money to be returned,and it was 6 days later,Now they ask me if I would like to return ? Can you tell me if they are a good company to deal with ?,my contact there is a Mr Ron Gould !!

  3. Help please. I need to sign up with a broker and don’t know what to decide.. can you please help me? I need one trusted!

    • Hey Igor,
      Our top rated broker is Porter Finance, the broker has minimum initial deposit program for beginners as well as great trading platform + high payout returns.
      Let us know if you have more questions.

  4. Sup Gorilla?
    Just funded my trading account with NADEX… Please, can you let me in to the signals group on FB? Cheers!

  5. Hello, i registered with PorterFinance yesterday and funded my account today, can you please send me the link to the free signals group on facebook? thank u!

  6. Hello dear, I am trading with Porter Finance for the last couple of months now and i want to open a second broker accout with one of your recommended brokers. Please help me, okay? I need one reliable who is not going to steal my money… I leave in Argentina, thank you very much! Gracias!

    • Hey Martin,
      Porter Finance is a great choice, if you’re interested in trading with a recommended broker, we would recommend to trade with TopOption, a great broker with a fully EU regulation and minimum initial deposit of only $100.
      Please let us know if you have more questions, we would love to help.

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