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Hi folks, we have encountered recently a lot with the most interesting question, “What is the Best AutoTrader to trade with?” Therefore, in this article, we are about to dismantle the whole of your questions into small pieces in order to get into one conclusion: Which auto trader is the best solution for the vast majority of day traders? Additionally, we will be focusing on features that suited for investors who have enough time to spend in front of a computer and on the other hand, will discuss your opportunities if you don’t have this required time to spend on your daily basis. So, if you are a serious trader who wants to learn how to increase his or her daily revenue with the best AutoTrader solution available nowadays in the market, be sure to read our market review and chose the best service that you can get in return for your investment.

We have no doubt that not all of day traders are 100% trading in their daily routine as their main source of income. Likewise, the auto traders industry is full of good and bad variations that you should be aware of them if you want to know which service is reliable and which one of them belongs to a group of people who want to commit a fraud. Therefore, step number one in order to save your money from being drained, visit our blacklist page and be sure to know with which services you should refrain from.

Best AutoTrader photoIn order to engage with most reliable and reputable auto trading services, rest assure that we make efforts to provide our readers and blog subscribers with the most valuable information on each and every new signals service in the industry. Therefore, visiting our trusted signals services page will make your life much easier than guessing and assuming which service is the best AutoTrader to use. Furthermore, we include in our reviews and performance reviews a lot of recommendations and guidance from our own trading experience in order to provide you with the easiest way to trade.

For the last 2 months, we have decided to support 3 new auto traders that have been joined to our industry, Copy Buffett software, BinaDroid App and the last one, Safe Income Inc. We consider each one of these services as the best AutoTrader available online and we definitely recommend and encourage everyday trader and even new investors in the financial market who seek for a legitimate extra income at the end of the month to start trading with at least one of them.

Best AutoTrader photoThe problem is becoming crucial when you have 3 different auto trading services with staggering abilities and you just don’t know with which one of them you want to trade. Furthermore, we are about to organize the most important information that a trader needs to know before he takes a financial decision. First, you should know if you have the required time to invest every day in front of your computer or not? If the answer to this question is yes and you have at least 2 hours a day to spend in front of your computer we will then recommend that you consider trading with BinaDroid App, which is obviously one of the best AutoTrader and one of the leaders in the industry.

BinaDroid App offers its users full control over their trades, means that you can choose how much you want to invest as a minimum investment per trade, it starts from $5 and up to $250 per trade. Other than that, you have the option to choose your time frames of each one of your signals, means that you can choose to trade with 60 seconds, 180 seconds and 300 seconds. Moreover, you have an option during your trading session to choose whether to execute one trade or two by simply clicking on the “One DroidBots” and the “Two DroidBots” button. It helps you to double your profit each trade and maximize your return.

Want to learn? BinaDroid App will help!

Best AutoTrader photoLikewise, if you have time to trade with a NOT complicated software on your daily basis, we definitely recommend using the BinaDroid. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, if you don’t have this required time to invest we will then recommend that you will be trading with the great and simplest auto trading services, the Copy Buffett and/or Safe Income Inc.

The greatest thing and the most advantage issue that you can get by those services is that if you on go and have no time to invest in front of your computer/tablet or even through a mobile phone application is by using a fully automated and best AutoTrader in the industry. Using the Copy Buffett and the Safe Income services does not require anything but activation and setting up your minimum investment per trade. In addition, you the option to set your risk level, which called “Strength Above”, from 50% – 95% accurate rate.

Best AutoTrader photoWe reckon that using one or two of these Best AutoTrader will benefit your portfolio for many reasons. First, once you registered with the mentioned services you become a 95% partner after 30 days of a free trail. Means that after this full month of using and experimenting with the services you have the opportunity to choose whether to become one of their 95% partners and to pay each and every month only 5% from your total revenue. We have no doubt that it’s a very generous deal if not the “real deal” for binary options traders.

Trading with the Copy Bufffett, Safe Income Inc. and the BinaDroid App will definitely do the work on your behalf and choosing one or two of them will change your financial situation for the better. Furthermore, we highly recommend that an everyday regular trader with no previous trading experience in the financial market or in the investment niche will take the right decision.

Copy Buffett and Safe Income Inc. Versos BinaDroid App You decide!

Best AutoTrader photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusions!

In this Best AutoTrader review, we have tried to demonstrate and to provide you with the most relevant and important information that will help you to choose whether to trade with a 100% fully automated service like the Copy Bufffett software and the Safe Income Inc. or if you have no time and you on the go, with BinaDroid App.

Personally, we prefer to trade on fully automated mode like with the CB and Safe Income, it directs you much more time and freedom to do your other tasks during your daily basis routine. Other than that, trading on fully automated is a great way to improve your monthly income.

Best AutoTrader photoThank you for reading our full Best AutoTrader review. This article deals with the most important and frequently asked question, what is the Best AutoTrader to trade with? We all hope that we have managed to deliver the message and to walk you through the best way to financial freedom. If you still hesitate and unsure about these services you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals services page. Subscribe to our blog and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your inbox! For further question and interesting ideas to review please contact us and visit our Facebook group , Google+ channel and our new Pinterest page. Cheers!



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  1. I joined Safe Income yesterday and funded my account today. Can you please tell me what are your best settings? And please send me the link to your signals group – Mike’s signals on FACEBOOK. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi. I just opened an account with CopyBufett through your link.. What are your best settings to use it? And last question, what hours do you guys recommend to use the software? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Yonas,
      We believe that if you are a beginner trader you want to trade with small amounts so please make sure to trade with a minimum of $25 per trade in order NOT to risk your investment. Likewise, we reckon that Strength above 80% and Risk level 4 or 5 in more than enough. Other than that, make sure to activate the auto trader only on Monday – Friday and not duting the weekends while the markets close. You can read our latest performance review here for more information: http://binaryoptionsgorilla.com/copy-buffett-software-updates-results-review/ . Cheers!

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