Wealth Crew App is a SCAM!! WealthCrew Honest Review!

Wealth Crew Scam Review!

Wealth Crew login website: www.wealthcrew.co

The Wealth Crew App (a.k.a WealthCrew) by Nathan Schmidt is a complete SCAM system created in order to drain your trading account without even wasting time! This automated software is a new binary options trading tool going viral for the last 24 hours due to a hard blast of email marketers on traders’ accounts! In this indisputable scam review, we are about to expose the whole of the lies and false promises that we have been told during this presentation, and will provide you with solid proof as for our decision to label the system as a fraud! Therefore, if you have already received a fishy ‘invitation’ to your mailbox, make sure to read our fully transparent review and stay safe!

Wealth Crew photoNathan Schmidt has been claiming to be the co-founder of the Wealth Crew. He said that their automated system is already considered as a well-known trading app and even has featured on CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal because of their tremendous success of their app. Moreover, Nathan claimed that the Wealth Crew software has already gained over 13k new members who earn more than $4k per week on a regular basis and that the auto trader works with an accuracy of 91.2% winning ratio on complete automated mode by the principles of copying successful traders from all over the world. He also mentioned that their automated program copies even well-known billionaires like George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein the CEO of Goldman Sachs and John Thain the CEO of Meryll Lynch. Likewise, during this promotional video, we have been told that the Wealth Crew app processes around 1162 trades on any given day.

Before you take any further action and decide whether to make a deposit into the Wealth Crew app or not, we encourage you all to keep reading our experience-based thoughts about this program.

During this promotional video, we have been told by the voice narrator with many unreliable facts and misleading information that practically could not be associated with the binary options methodology or in any other financial niche. First things first, the so-called “owner”, Mr. Nathan Schmidt is nothing but a voice cover in the Wealth Crew video and not a real person or founder of a company in the financial market. Other than that, during this demonstration we have encountered with many unreliable facts that we are about to expose in a moment. Those false details are literally a red line in terms of reliability and legitimacy, so make sure to realize the dangers!

Wealth Crew photoSo, after we understood that we are dealing with a SCAM system and with a voice narrator who claimed to be a “co-founder”, we are about to expose the rest of the lies that we heard during this presentation. Nathan Schmidt claimed that after 2.5 years of trial and error and more than 13k new members they are finally going on public and offering the Wealth Crew app for free of charge for only 90 days of trial. He also mentioned that traders who join to their program will be earning at least $4000 per week on complete automated mode. However, he also mentioned that the auto trader is not like a conservative robot with an internal algorithm, but a “copy and paste” system that allegedly copies successful traders from all over the world.

Well, in this case, by Who.is, a most popular domain-age checker, the www.wealthcrew.co website was initially registered on 2016-08-05, means last month, which obviously proved that their claim of trial and error for the last two and a half years is a complete lie. Moreover, our voice narrator fella, Mr. Nathan Schmidt, was claiming that the Wealth Crew App has already gained over than 13,000 new members who are making more than $4000 on a weekly basis. However, how come that a one-month-old software / website will have thousands of users already without even going on public???

Wealth Crew photoFurthermore, we have also been told that the App could even generate 1162 trades on any given day with a staggering 91.2% accurate ratio on a regular basis. This claim is definitely a rough lie which has nothing to do in the binary options market. For a solid proof we will take for example the most powerful auto trader in the industry, based on the principles of the well-known Fibonacci numbers, which provides its users with up to 80 trades per week, means up to 16 successful trades per day. So, promising more than 1000 trades per day is definitely not down to earth!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Wealth Crew App as also known as WealthCrew by Nathan Schmidt is not a genuine auto trading system in the binary options industry, but a complete fraud! This website and its promotional video is full of lies, misleading information and fake endorsement quotes by billionaires who have never heard on this system before. Regrettably, the software is going viral among newbie traders due to an email marketing attack, however, make sure that you are not the one to fall for this horrible scam! Furthermore, during this warning review, we have provided our list of facts as for why we have decided to mark the Wealth Crew a scam, so make sure to stay on the safe side of the industry without being scammed by a lousy program!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Wealth Crew is a SCAM!!

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