Wall Street Trading Software is a Vicious SCAM!! Don’t Deposit!!!

Wall Street Trading Software Scam!

The Wall Street Trading Software (www.wallstreettradingsoftware.com) is a new vicious scam system in the binary options industry which literally aims to steal your money as soon as you deposit. The presenter this time in the promotional video is nothing but a well-known Fiverr actor who promotes many schemes in the industry in exchange for $5 per 50 words, and in this case, he presents himself as an associate with the developers group of the auto trader. Unfortunately, this piece of junk system is going viral for the last two days, therefore, before you take any further action, make sure to read our full warning scam review and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the industry without being scammed.

Wall Street Trading Software photoThe main actor in this presentation has never revealed his full name but saying that he is the spokesperson from the developers of Wall Street Trading Software. He said that this automated software is an innovative robot and basically the number #1 of auto traders available online. Moreover, he said that this robot provides high quality Binary Options signals based on market trends and could even generate up to $100 per hour on complete auto pilot mode. In addition, our Fiverr fella was claiming that the Wall Street Trading Software is a binary options auto trading robot that scans all assets which are being traded in real time, and presents you with trades which have the highest probability to win with up to 75% winning ratio. The algorithm is allegedly based on science of markets’ trends and price shifts to precisely indicate moving price trends.

Wall Street Trading Software photoImage source: Fiverr.com

Before you take any financial decisions and heading further to deposit your hard earned savings into the Wall Street Trading Software, make sure to read our pointers as for why we have decided to blacklist the system as quickly as we can and to warn investor fellas and binary options traders from being scammed. First things first, the so-called “spokesperson” of the developers team is nothing but a well-known scam artist named Spokesman_mark, a level 2 seller on the Fiverr.com marketplace who advertises many frauds in exchange for a small commission. For a solid proof and quick example from the last few days, have a look at our Cash Improve scam review and be sure to realize that we are talking about the same person who promotes the same money making schemes without reliability and credentials in any financial market.

Other than paid actor who gets his small payment for lying in front of the camera, we have a few more other pointers to point out for you about the Wall Street Trading Software scam. The presenter was claiming that as a member of the company you will be able to trade with the most innovative auto trader and the number 1 binary options robot that could generate up to $100 per hour on complete auto-pilot mode. This claim is totally false and literally has nothing to do with the financial markets. First, by verifying its domain-age legitimacy by the Who.is website, you can clearly see that the www.wallstreettradingsoftware.com site was initially registered on 2016-07-26, means last month.

Wall Street Trading Software photoLikewise, why would you open a trading account with the Wall Street Trading Software with such a lame offer?? As a binary options trader or even as an online investor who interested in trading with a legitimate auto trader based on a registered and licensed company, you have a plenty of proven and tested software’s provided with reliable signals services to trade with. For example, the latest auto trader, the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis is a new free-of-charged robot that has been joined to the market last week with an enormous success, satisfied users and a stunning ITM performance of up to 87% accuracy on a regular basis. Besides, the actor was saying that the Wall Street Trading Software’s algorithm has been programmed to scan the markets and to execute trades with up to 75% win rate. Now do your own math…

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

So, after we understood the following details:

  • The Wall Street Trading Software is a complete joke!
  • A fake website based on a Fiverr actor.
  • Bogus information about a nonexistent robot that allegedly supposed to trade with such a low performance.
  • And a one-month-old domain without credibility which cannot be proven otherwise!

We have no other choice but to label this offer as a complete fraud! A money making scheme that has been developed in order to commit a fraud on traders’ back and to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit. Therefore, keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from this unreliable system, and be sure to trade safely only with a reputable company and proven service!

Another approach you can find on the BinaryOptionSheriff.com website which also concluded “The Wall Street Trading Software presented by the bogus and unverified “spokesperson” as a “set and forget” software is indeed a dangerous scam”.

This program has also a Spanish version as you can see at www.opcionesbinariasguardian.com, which also blacklisted it and warned the Spanish traders from being associated with this fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: Wall Street Trading Software is a SCAM!!

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Wall Street Trading Software photoVisit our top recommended signals services list!

Refraining from phony services is a rule of thumb! Therefore, don’t settle for less than the best you can get in return for your investment! Nonetheless, make sure to visit our best signal services list and rest assure to stay on the safe side of the map, using a top robot! Our top recommended auto trader these days is obviously the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, an outstanding robot with an amazing performance ratio on a daily basis that could easily improve your daily income with a stable algorithm based on the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. Other than that, if you are an enthusiastic trader who interested in trading manually on your own knowledge and trading skills, we encourage you to open a brokerage account with a reliable broker that will save your money and will offer you high returns on your profits. Therefore, visit our legal brokers page and chose your favorite platform to trade on.

Thank you for reading our SCAM review. For your own safety, subscribe to our blog posts and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your mailbox! For further question, assistance and interesting ideas to review, please contact us and visit our Facebook group, Google+ channel, Pinterest and our new Instagram account.


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