Wall Street Focus Group / Cobra5 Software is a SCAM!! Real Warning!

Wall Street Focus Group Review!

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The Wall Street Focus Group a.k.a Cobra5 software by David Lombardi is the newest fraudulent auto trading software in the binary options industry that has been created in order to commit a fraud on your back! Make sure that before you go any further and deposit your hard earned money into this piece of junk system, to read our full warning SCAM review to stay on the safe side of the industry! Regrettably, this money making scheme is going viral through email marketing and social media promotions and therefore we’re experiencing recently a lot of interest from online investors who are looking for the truth behind this program! Therefore, in this fully transparent waning review, we are planning to expose the entire lies, misleading information and scam artists who are getting paid in order to lie in front of the camera in exchange for a few bucks!

Wall Street Focus Group photoDavid Lombardi has been claiming during this presentation that he is the head project manager for the Wall Street Focus Group who has been hired by Jimmy Russo in order to recruit 75 new people to trade with the Cobra5 software for a period of 90 days for free of charge and to participate in the Wall Street Focus Group as a beta tester. He said that this focus group has already a software called Cobra5 which has been developed over the past 10 years by some of the top leading financial analyst on Wall Street. He also mentioned that the software is an easy to use trading robot that was created by head financial programmers at the NASDAQ Stock Market Index. And was created to increase the overall index average by generating more consistent winning trades.

Likewise, during this demonstration video we have been told by Mr. Lombardi that the Cobra5 software that belongs to the Wall Street Focus Group could be generating $381-$796 per day with at least 84% winning ratio on a regular basis. Moreover, we have also been told that the participating in the Focus Group and using the Cobra5 app is available for only 75 people for 90 days for free of charge, and once these 90 days have come to an end, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $997 to continue using the software.

Wall Street Focus Group photoAs a part of David Lombardi’s efforts to convince us, we have been told that with the Wall Street Focus Group’s software we will be able to trade with an innovative automated trading tool that will predict 100% accuracy on a daily basis without even one losing trade ( or in other words: No Loss trading software). Nonetheless, David has also said that binary options traders who trade with the auto trader on complete auto pilot mode will be able to generate $381-$796 a day, without even lifting a finger. Another issue is that Mr. Lombardi has been claiming that trading in the financial market is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is absolutely a lie. In reality, the stock markets are up and running 5 days a week, means Monday – Friday, and people who claim otherwise are just trying to steal your money.

Wall Street Focus Group photoAdditionally, as a binary options trader, beginner or expert, you should know that generating tens of thousands of dollars per day is an unattainable goal which definitely not going to happen in the near future! However, this important information did not bother David Lombardi to claim that even if you are a total novice trader you will be making at least $20k per month as a Wall Street Focus Group beta tester, and that a prior experience in the financial market is not required. Needless to mention that we have been fed with unreal and bogus claims which have nothing to do with trading binary options. A solid proof, you can find in our CodeFibo App review which we have completely revealed and fully detailed how traders in all kind of levels are using and profiting in the industry. Be rest assured that even with such profitable and powerful auto trader that based on legitimate trading tools and algorithms traders won’t be able to generate thousands of dollars per day.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Wall Street Focus Group as well as the Cobra5 software by David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo is nothing but a pure SCAM which has been created in order to commit a fraud on trader’s back! The Cobra5 is not a genuine auto trading program in the binary options industry that operates successfully in the last 10 years! Therefore, make sure to stay as far away as you can from this piece of crap system that has been created by scammers with an aim to drain your trading account in the blink of an eye.

Gorilla’s verdict: Wall Street Focus Group is a SCAM!!

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Wall Street Focus Group photoVisit our top recommended signals services list instead!

The best alternative to the Wall Street Focus Group offer these days is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a staggering auto trading software that has been created and programmed by the principles of the Fibonacci indicator with an aim to predict winning trades with up to 87% win rate! However, if you are an enthusiastic investor who seeks for more legitimate and accurate information about other trusted and tested services in the industry, we encourage you to visit our top rated signals services page, and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map!

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