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Virtual Income Inc. Scam Review

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The Virtual Income software by Virtual Income Inc. is nothing but a pure scam that aims to steal your money as soon as you deposit an initial investment into one of their shady accounts. Frankly, it feels like it’s not a trading day without a scam review, we are therefore going to fight those bunch of criminals by putting them out of business and providing our fellow readers with the most reliable facts regarding this alleged Virtual Income auto trader. The software has already been launched in the industry, under the radar and their most website traffic based on email marketers who helped them to get some deposits in order to get some fat commissions. BEWARE everyone, nothing is genuine in this so called auto trading system and, unfortunately, the system is going viral because of a lake of reliable information in page #1 on Google.

photo of Virtual IncomeThe presenter at was never introduced himself and up until now we don’t know who he is and what his relations with the Virtual Income app. However, we have no shadow of a doubt that this presenter is nothing but a cheap actor who’s got hired in order to feed us with a well-scripted text that was created by a team of scammers in order to let you believe that there is company by the name Virtual Income Inc. and that you will be making none less than $10,812 per day, every day on complete auto pilot mode. Not to mention that we have found much more lies and misleading issues that their main goal is to steal your money in a blink of an eye.

If you had a doubt up until that moment whether the Virtual Income software is a scam or not, we reckon that it’s the perfect time that you will be focusing on looking forward in order to engage with a trusted signals service that will save your money on one hand and, on the other hand, will be giving you the opportunity to trade in a safe place. We are therefore going to expose those bunch of liars to prevent the binary options day traders from being scammed by this lousy “service”.

photo of Virtual IncomeFirst thing first, in the binary options niche you will never be able to generate a daily revenue of $10,812, more likely a $200-$900 if you trade with a top recommended service like Copy Buffett and BinaDroid. Besides, how come that when you enter the Virtual Income website at you will see that they claimed to have 12,418 users since Oct 1st, 2015 whilst their website was purchased and initially registered on January 23, 2016, two months ago?? Well, this is obviously a rough lie, otherwise, we don’t know how to explain this misleading information that is roughly presented at their website.

Likewise, we have two more things to discuss and we promise that we won’t waste your time but will save your money, trust us! If you search on the Google search engine the previous keywords “Virtual Income Inc.” you will not find anything but scam reviews and one or two scam websites that promote everything and have lost their authority and importance in the industry long ago. Secondly, a service that offers you to join their alleged fabulous auto trading app that is almost never lost trades, most be a red light combined together with a war alarm telling you to stay as far away as you can from this fraud.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Virtual Income App is nothing but a fraud that was invented for one cause, which is to convince a new investor to make initial deposits onto a scam service and to steal their money in a blink of an eye. The alleged presented company “Virtual Income Inc.” in NONEXISTENCE as well as their credibility! Make sure to trade only with a trusted service that has a tested & proven review based on trading sessions of real and active day traders. Furthermore, be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry and don’t believe to any cheap actor who promises you to become a filthy rich with a “get rich quick” automated software that was initially designed to drain your account from the first place.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Virtual Income App is a SCAM!!

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photo of Virtual IncomeVisit our trusted signals services page!

Due to your willing to become a self-made successful trader, we recommend that you will trade with a reputable broker like Porter Finance or if you are a USA residence with NADEX to keep your money in a safe place on one hand and, on the other hand, to be able to generate a daily income. Other than that, visit our top recommended signals services page and be sure to trade with the best service in return for your investment.

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