Turbine XO is a SCAM Software!! Don’t Fall For The TurbineXO Trap!!

Turbine XO Scam Review!

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Have you seen the newest comedy show called Turbine XO software by Andrew Fisher? If not, you cannot lose this one-time show, we promise, you won’t stop laughing for a moment!!! Okay, so if to take things a bit more seriously, the Turbine XO is nothing but a pure scam system, created with the cheapest budget ever seen in the binary options industry, and with an aim to drain your trading account in a matter of minutes. Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing this fraud system which is unfortunately going viral for the last 24 hours. So, before you take any further action and deposit your hard earned money into this manipulative scheme, be rest assured to follow our guidelines as for why you should stay as far away as you can from this unreliable offer!

Turbine XO photoAndrew Fisher has been claiming to be the CEO of the Turbine XO App, he said that over the past two years, he gathered the best binary options analysts and the best programmers in the world, in order to create the most powerful auto trading software that makes money consistently. Moreover, he mentioned that he stared Turbine XO in 2015 with the mission to crack the code of making money with binary options with the Wall-Street algorithm that could execute trades on your behalf with a staggering winning ratio of at least 94% accuracy level. We have also been told by Andrew that each and every one of their 1000 beta testers is making $1500-$5500 per day, every day.

Turbine XO photoThe reason we have claimed that the Turbine XO software is nothing but a comedy show is because that we literally couldn’t stop laughing while we watched this lame presentation with a cheap and paid actor who called himself Andrew Fisher who claimed to be the CEO of a nonexistent company named Turbine XO. Not only that, he said right at the beginning of that video that he has started and registered the company two years ago and gathered the best bla bla bla right?? A few minutes later he said that back in 2015 (means, last year) he started Turbine XO with the mission to crack the code of making money with binary options… So, a better proof for a fraud activity you can’t find, that’s for sure.

Other than that, we have taken a few steps further and decided to check their domain age credibility by the Who.is tool, there we found that the www.turbinexo.com website was initially registered on 2016-06-17, means 4 months ago!! So, how exactly our fella managed to recruit more than 1000 beta testers to trade with his junk system within less than 4 months of activity???

Turbine XO photoLikewise, Andrew Fisher, the main actor in this video presentation has mentioned that he created the Turbine XO to work based on the Wall-Street algorithm… So, now the question that has to be asked is obviously what the heck is the “Wall-Street algorithm”??? Look, it is a well-known thing that in Wall-Street there are many banks, hedge fund firms, and in general, a lot of trading opportunities for rich people who want to invest their savings. However, we have never encountered with the specific term “Wall-Street algorithm”, not because of our lack of information though, but because of the fact that there is no such thing! For example, the most accurate auto trading service on the financial markets is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App, which was created by Professor Matthew Lewis who developed the auto trader to operate by the principles of the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio, which are both outstanding trading tools…

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Turbine XO software is nothing but an unreliable system, created by scammers who aim to commit a fraud on your back! You are not going to earn $5500 per day in the binary options trading niche whatsoever, and definitely not with a system that has been created 4 months ago and promoted by a cheap actor and with such a lame script! Don’t fall for this horrible trap and make sure to stay as far away as you can from websites without the minimum credibility required to estimate their reliability and legitimacy to operate in the industry! We therefore, have no other choice but to conclude that the Turbine XO is a complete fraud system aims to steal your money as quickly as you deposit!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Turbine XO is a SCAM!!

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