The Trader App is a SCAM Software! Don’t Fall For This Trap!!

The Trader App Scam Review!

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The Trader App by Brian Wren is a new fully automated robot in the binary options industry that has officially been released in the marketplace a few days ago without too much noise around its announcement. The software has brought to our attention thanks to our loyal subscribers who keep informing us with new services’ offers that they are getting to their mailbox on a daily basis. Therefore, before you are going any further and take a financial decision to make a deposit into a trading account, be sure to read our fully transparent scam review and be rest assured to get the entire relevant information about this piece of software and stay on the safe side of the industry without being shaved from all of your investment.

The Trader App photoThe story of the automated robot called The Trader App is about Brian Wren, its creator who developed a piece of software that allegedly based on an innovative and sophisticated algorithm that knows how and when to execute 100% accurate winning trades on your behalf. Likewise, by Brian, The Trader App is offered for free of charge for 30-day trial, and after the trial period ends, you will be asked to pay a symbolic 1% commission from your winning trades at the end of each month in order to keep using the program. Brian has also been claiming during this video presentation that he created the “The Trader App” with an aim to ease our life with a revolutionary trading tool that was created especially for people who are working from home and want to make some extras from trading binary options. Moreover, he said that they use a modern technology and a software that provides you with notifications right into your internet browser, so you don’t need to be watching your trades all the time, but you will be getting right-on-time pushed notifications once a trade has been executed for you.

The Trader App photoDuring this presentation, Brian has been claiming that a binary options trader named Howard Davis is a well-known trader for almost 18 years now, and also a hater of any automated tools in the market. He therefore decided to pay for his test and honest review of The Trader App for 3 trading days in order to provide us, the viewers, with an informative and reliable external review. However, due to our extensive experience in the industry, our fella, Mr. Davis is nothing but an actor who has been paid in order to record a fake testimony and a complete bogus review on The Trader software. Not only that, he has mentioned during his “trusted review” many unreliable statements like the one that when the auto trader fails to deliver a trade with a commodity signal, it automatically executes a trade with a currency signals in order to match it and to minimize losses. Of course that this situation is unreal and has not really proved or tested by anyone as a legitimate method to reduce losses trades, maybe only by the director of this promotional video though…

The Trader App photoWhen you scroll down on the website, you will be encountered with a list of “real testimonials”, allegedly by a few of their real and active users, right? So as you can clearly see at the picture below this paragraph, those people are definitely not even close to be traders or online investors or something that even close to the binary options trading niche, but stolen pictures with phony identities that have been created in order to manipulate beginner traders and innocent people with false promises and lies!

The Trader App photoSo, after we understood that the alleged reviewer of The Trader App is a scam artist, the delivered information is not related to the trading world, and that the creators of this shameful website using stolen photos as their active members, we have no other choice but to keep investigating this offer with an aim to reach a solid conclusion. Nonetheless, when you keep reading the provided information on their website, you will be able to see promises that without a shadow of a doubt have not been mentioned by Brian Wren as part of the deal. For example, Brian has been claiming that The Trader App is a fully automated auto trader that could execute trades with 100% accuracy, however, when you look at the text below the video frame, you could easily see that they will “manually approve every single trade”. If so, how come that The Trader App is an automated software if someone needs to approve the trades? Isn’t it should be based on a unique and special algorithm?

Other than that, take into consideration that in the financial market there is no such thing as 100% winning ratio or 100% success rate! There is always a room for improvement, especially when we are talking about an auto trading software that based on a programmed algorithm. A good proof could easily be the latest CodeFibo app by Professor Matthew Lewis, a powerful automated robot that could predict winning trades in the stock markets with up to 87% win rate, which is by itself a very high profits and a reasonable and practical results, unlike the 100% that we have been told about during this presentation, which is a complete not down to earth!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Trading binary options could be a very profitable opportunity for online investors who seek for a legitimate and safe place to trade and to invest their hard earned money. On the other hand, as you already know, when there is a lot of money in one place, there are many wolves out there who want their “fair share”, or in other words, there are a lot of scams! Therefore, before you take any further action and make a deposit into a trading account like with The Trader App, make sure to realize that there are a lot of misleading details, including unreal facts and fake testimonials as well, that have been aimed to manipulate newbie traders. We therefore have no other option but to flag The Trader program as a complete fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Trader App is a SCAM!

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As mentioned earlier, our top rated auto trader these days is obviously the CodeFibo App, a stunning robot, created and programmed to predict winning trades in the financial market with up to 87% ITM performance. Moreover, this auto trader has already proved as a successful software by many other traders from all over the world, and with outstanding results on a regular basis. Furthermore, there are many other tried and tested services that were created to ease your trading life, therefore, If you are willing to read more honest reviews about variety of other successful systems in the industry, you are more than welcome to visit our best signals services list, and be rest assured to trade safe!

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