The Centument Project 2 is a SCAM!! Indisputable Warning Review!!

The Centument Project 2 Scam

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Don’t deposit your money into the Centument Project 2 software by Gerald Reed before you make sure to read our full warning scam review first! This auto trading software has brought to our attention by two of our blog subscribers who found it promoted via Facebook ads and even by email marketing with a ‘nice’ and convincing ‘invitation’ emails right to their inboxes. Unfortunately, this automated service has nothing to do with the binary options industry and be rest assured that earning hundreds of thousands of dollars within 2 months, or even using a “no-loss” robot, is definitely a lie and pure SCAM! Therefore, if you were already thinking of joining the version 2.0 of the Centument Assets Trading Software, be sure to read our full revealing review till the very end, and stay safe!

The Centument Project 2 photoSo, what is all about?

Gerald Reed was claiming during this promotional presentation to be the CEO and owner of the Centument LTD, a company associated with trading binary options and finding trading solutions for the private and business sectors. He said that 9 months ago, when they just launched the initial version of the Centument software, they reached approximately 1644 users who were making around $20,000 a week. He claimed that those members are equal to only 90% of their total users, and explained that the other 10% of users were not making any profits due to technical issues that the brokers themselves caused in order to refrain from sending payments to their customers. However, Gerald Reed was determined that the original software and its algorithm worked perfectly for all of their users.

We have been told that for the past 9 months he worked with the world’s “best” mathematicians, engineers and programmers to create a foolproof solution for the Centument Project 2 app that would not only stop those brokers in their scheme, but would also make even more profits for the users. Moreover, Gerald was claiming that his team developed the new auto trader by combining and fusing together their proprietary algorithms alongside with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. As a result, Gerald Reed said that if at any point the algorithm starts noticing losses or tampering of any kind, it changes immediately to compensate for losses and to discourage and prevent any tampering by a broker.

The Centument Project 2 photoSo far sounds good! Why a SCAM???

During this video presentation, the main actor, Mr. Gerald Reed was claiming very unreliable promises which could be sound very convincing and inviting for beginner traders and newbies. However, traders and online investors who have some previous experience in the financial markets as well as in the binary options industry, are already know that it is completely impossible to reach those goals, whatsoever!

First things first, Mr. Reed said that after two months of testing the Centument Project 2  software, there have been 0 losing trades and that 100% of the trades have been a winning trades. Likewise, he also mentioned that this 2.0 algorithm cannot be hacked, tampered with, redirected or reverse engineered in any shape or form.

Needless to mention that both of these claims have nothing to do with the financial market, are obviously NOT down to earth and practically could not be reached in any way of trading with an automated robot in the binary options industry. Moreover, even the most recommended auto trader in the binary options marketplace (which by the way, based on proven and tested mathematical algorithm – the Fibonacci numbers) could not guarantees this kind of results, the complete opposite! Reliable automated service is losing trades sometimes, but most importantly is to have a reputable winning ratio that automatically covers its small amount of losses.

The Centument Project 2 photoWait! There is much more…

As we mentioned, there are much more unreliable details in this offer that completely preventing us from supporting the Centument Project 2 and offering it to our readers as a trusted service. For example, when you visit the website, you will be encountered with a “testimonials” section which supposes to provide you with a real and honest review of traders so far, right? So, if you take a look at the provided proof right below this paragraph, you will be immediately noticed that those “traders” are nothing but stolen Shutterstock photos and definitely have nothing to do with the financial market!

The Centument Project 2 photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t fall for this honey trap! The Centument Project 2 and its so-called owner will might sound good to you, but be rest assured that the truth is far away from reality! This website is promoting nothing but a vicious software which is not even being closed to become a successful system in the industry! Furthermore, our fella, Mr. Gerald Reed is also an actor who promotes anything in exchange for a small payment for lying in front of the camera and manipulating traders with false details. Other than that, in this transparent scam review, we have tried to do our best by delivering the message that there is no such thing as “no-loss trades” software or making thousands of dollars per day, which is completely impossible. Therefore, before you’re taking any further financial decision, be rest assured to stay as far away as you can from this money making scheme, and be safe!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Centument Project 2 is a SCAM!

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The Centument Project 2 photoVisit our top recommended signals list here!

Refraining from scam services is crucial for your trading future! Likewise, if you are interested in trading safely with a top rated auto trader which will provide you with proven and tested results, and will help you to upgrade your daily income consistently, make sure to visit our best signals services page! Our top recommended auto trader these days is definitely the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, an amazing software based on an innovative algorithm programmed by the principals of the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio. Furthermore, if you are an eager trader who interested in trading on your own knowledge and skills, we encourage you to open a trading account with a trusted broker only! A broker that will save your money and will provide you with high returns on your profits on a regular basis!

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