Ten Fold Finance is a SCAM Software!! Proven and Tested Review!

Ten Fold Finance Scam Review!

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Even though it’s a weekend and our plans were a bit different from reviewing a scam product, we are not planning to rest till we will complete this Ten Fold Finance SCAM review, in order to warn you folks from being associated with this piece of crap system! Kyle Jenkins, the main actor and the alleged “owner” of the Ten Fold Finance (a.k.a TenFold Finance) has been promising a lot of unreal claims during this presentation, claims which obviously have nothing to do in the binary options market as well as in the global financial market. Therefore, in this warning scam review, we are about to expose everything related to this money making scheme, and to ensure that innocent people who will search for reliable information on the search results, will be protected from this honey trap! So, if you by mistake have already received an ‘invitation’ to your inbox, make sure to read our fully transparent review, and be safe!

Ten Fold Finance photoKyle Jenkins has been claiming to be the owner and creator of the TenFold Finance, a so-called company associated in the binary options industry and operates an automated program for its members. During this promotional presentation, he said that he created the Ten Fold Finance app in order to help everyday regular people achieving their financial goals and to be able to live the life they have always dreamed of. Likewise, he also mentioned that he wasn’t always the rich guy, and even used to have a lot of financial troubles with banks and loans. Moreover, with the time being, he claimed that he learned how to manipulate the stock market to his advantage and make incredible gains from it, he then registered the Company, hired expert computer programmers and allegedly created a fully automated robot. He claimed that 10 months later, the Ten Fold Finance had its revolutionary Functional Trade Assets Calculator, a fully automated piece of software that will accurately predict the right investment opportunity on your behalf.

It was our version in short for the Ten Fold Finance story. First, make sure not to fall for such lame claims which are definitely not down to earth and have not even one proof of existence. Other than that, Kyle Jenkins is nothing but a paid actor who has nothing to do in the financial market, he is not a trader or an owner of a company named TenFold Finance (period!). As a proof of our claim, if you search on Google those main keywords, the results that you will be encountered with on pages 1,2 and 3 are nothing but scam reviews by top authority websites, which are completely destroying this offer, and exposing the actor. Besides, we have taken a step further and tried to track his identity in some different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, however the results were pretty well-known because we completely failed to find any piece of information related to him.

Ten Fold Finance photoDuring this presentation, “Kyle Jenkins” was claiming that his creation is an innovative auto trading software, a risk-free app that already helped to the whole of his clients earning an approximately four billion dollars in pure profits since they launched the company 10 months ago. He also said that he can help you to earn up to $80,000 per month, however, when you look above the pitch video frame, you can clearly see that the creators of the website wrote “$35,000 per week”… So, we don’t get it! $35,000 per week or $80,000 per month? Because, not only this inconsistency with the details, but those numbers are really unattainable in the binary options industry. And as a proof, if you read this valuable review, about the most recommended and powerful auto trader in the marketplace, you will realize that even if you are an expert trader who uses the most reliable service in the industry, you won’t be able to generate more than +/- $900 a day.

Ten Fold Finance photoLast but not least, as you can see at the above picture, taken from Who.is, a well-known domain-age checker tool, the www.10foldfinance.com website was initially registered on 2016-09-08, which is merely a month ago! So, on which 10 months he was talking about again? Oh well, what we can expect from an actor… Other than that, if you scroll down right to the trades board section, you will be able to see a list of winning trades one after another tight? So, if you look at the picture below, you can vividly see that the creators of the website don’t really know what they are doing as the trades were showing an ‘expiry time’ of Saturday, which is as you know a weekend, and obviously there is no trade during the weekend, as the markets are closed!

Ten Fold Finance photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Ten Fold Finance software is a complete junk system presented by a paid actor who got hired in order to lie in front of the camera and to mislead viewers with phony details about a nonexistent company! Don’t let those criminals make fools of you, the TenFold Finance is not a genuine auto trader in the binary options market, and is definitely not going to change your life for the better, but otherwise! Investors in the BO industry are not making $35,000 per week or $80,000 per month, however, trading binary options could be much rewarding if you take the right decision and trade with a proven and tested company! We therefore have no other choices but to conclude and to label the Ten Fold Finance as a complete fraud, which operates by criminals!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Ten Fold Finance is a SCAM!!

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The best alternative to this money making scheme these days is definitely and without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis! A real innovative auto trading software, developed and programmed by the principles of the most famous technical analysis tools, the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio. Furthermore, if you are willing to explore more reliable alternatives in the marketplace, make sure to visit our top rated signals services page, and be sure to trade on the safe side of the map!

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