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Mike’s Auto Trader is a top auto trading software that was invented by Michael Freeman, the most famous online trader in the binary options industry and a mentor. Michael Freeman is also the owner of Mike’s signals group on Facebook, a group of binary options traders from all around the world, this group includes its admins, top traders and the traders themselves. In general, the group contains at the moment over than 3700 binary options trades and the number keeps growing, signals are being delivered 24/5 (Mon-Fri) and there are weekly webinars by the admins themselves. You can view the video below with Michael Freeman himself speaking and explaining the purpose of the group:

In this auto trading software performance review we will be summing up all of our information that we have managed to collect from our readers and ourselves concerning Mike’s Auto Trader trading results in order to inform you with the most relevant and up-to-date information at the moment based on real reports from active traders who uses this auto trading software. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry we never settle for less than the best service you can get and our gut feeling is that all of the traders who uses Mike’s Auto Trader to trade were amazed from its results too.

So, what is it all about?

Mike’s Auto Trader was developed by Michael Freeman and a group of programmers who worked with him in order to bring a refreshing change into the binary options industry. Our records are related to a use of more than a year with this auto trading software but first we want to reveal a bit more about the service itself. Mike’s Auto Trader is a free semi-automated software that works on the basics of fundamental analysis and at the moment you sign up and funding your trading account with your assigned broker the signals software is being connected with your broker and starts executes qualified signals. However, in order to enter the signals into your trading platform you will be required to confirm and to change the amount you want to invest per each trade. Frankly, we prefer these kind of automated software because with this method you enjoy the benefit of both worlds, first, you have an automated service that generates signals for you and second, you have the ability as to whether you enter a trade or to wait to the next one. So, if you are a serious binary options trader and you want to learn how to trade and to receive at the same time qualified signals there is no doubt that we will recommend Mike’s Auto Trader for you as the best solution to trade with.

Michael Freeman speaking and presenting his Auto Trader:

Mike’s Auto Trader results – Update #1:

In this performance review we want to reveal as much as we can our readers’ results and ourselves as well. There were a lot of updates to go over, however we will pick the most relevant and important for you in order to help you choosing between a semi-automated service and a fully auto trader.

1. Mike’s Auto Trader wining rate: Well this information is quite different from the regular ones you used to hear from a binary options traders who use a fully automated software. And here is why, as we have mentioned earlier, Mike’s Auto Trader is not a fully automated software that executes trades on your behalf like many others you can find in our recommended signals services page and therefore it’s a bit harder to measure its results. However, traders who traded with a high volatility market conditions have reported 76% - 79% success rate and in addition, traders who traded with a low volatility market have reported up to 85% ITM performance with their results. Of course that this gap has a bit influence on your daily income but in the other hand this success rate is amazing in compere to a lot of fully automated services and we have no doubt that traders who used it have managed to earn a lot of money on a daily basis.

2. Mike’s Auto Trader signals alerts: This time we have great news to tell, and it’s that there is no difference between a best fully automated service to Mike’s Auto Trader because the average amount of executed signals per day is exactly the same. Users have reported up to 60 signals per day during their sessions but our gut feeling is that Mike’s Auto Trader generates more than 60 trades per day because when we started using the software we had days with up to 70 signals personally, however, a trader cannot sit in front of his computer 24 hours a day. With this amount of trades that the software generates for you each and every trading day there is no doubt that you will manage to pick up your favorites and to close your trading day with pure profits, exactly like many others satisfied traders.

3. Mike’s Auto Trader trading platform: Although the Mike’s Auto Trader is a semi-automated software we definitely think that its trading platform that was designed by Michael Freeman himself is highly recommended for few reasons. First, it’s not a sophisticated interface that you feel you need to take a fully qualified course just to get used to it. Secondly, when a signal is about to be traded all you have to do is to change the amount you want to invest and to confirm the trade. That’s it, so simple on one hand and on the other hand you have a great tool to learn the basics of binary options trading.

mat2Let’s talk business, can I make money with Mike’s Auto Trader?

Here is the real “fish and chips” that every binary options trader is waiting for. Making money with Mike’s Auto Trader is definitely attainable! This is an outstanding trading service that although it’s semi-automated you will be able to generate a reputable sum of money consistency on a daily basis. Frankly, we highly recommend using a semi-automated software in order to understand better the principals behind the binary options market and to gain a huge advantage on many other traders who chose to trade on complete auto pilot. So, our answer to that question is definitely yes, Mike’s Auto Trader is highly profitable software!

Mike’s Auto Trader performance review conclusion:

This auto trading software has been listed as a top auto trader in our trusted services page for a long time and one of the reasons for that is you! Yes, you have heard correct, you as all of our loyal readers who reported to us their results and helped us to determine whether Mike’s Auto Trader is reliable or not. We definitely prefer a semi-automated service like Mike’s that gives you the power to be in full control over your trading account rather than a fully automated signals service that executes trades on your behalf. Remember that our goal as a binary options traders is to upgrade our monthly income with a reliable broker and a trusted service and therefore we must get into it and understand how it’s work and not just depositing our money into a service and praying for miracles. Our final conclusion is that Mikes Auto Trader is a great auto trading software!

Gorilla’s verdict: Mike’s Auto Trader was and remain top auto trader!

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How to sign up with Mike’s Auto Trader?

1. Clear your cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) in order to avoid any problems with your assigned broker during the registration step.
2. Enter your real name and Email on mikesautotrader.com in order to open your trading account based on your details.
3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).
4. Start making money with Mike’s Auto Trader our top recommended semi-automated software!

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