Is The binary Profi A New Scam Service? A Honest Review!!

The binary Profi Scam Review!!

We are trying to do our best by scanning the binary options industry every day and night in order to find the most reliable services for binary traders in the industry.Needless to say that most of the times we manage to find great services, sometimes, in fact it’s the majority, we find the opposite ones, scam services that you as binary options trader most stay away from. Thanks to our subscribers’ help, we can do a better job by scanning the market. Today we have received an email from one of our subscribers that asked us to review The binary Profi (its profi not profit…). The binary Profi by Frankie Gordon and Dennis is a new service in the binary industry and if your money does important to you, it is highly recommended for you to stay with us and figure it out if The binary Profi is a scam or not!

tbp1So, what is all about?

The binary Profi is actually a combination of three systems for sale, the system includes 5 minutes system, 60 seconds system and AGIMAT. The 5 minutes and 60 seconds invented by Frankie and the AGIMAT was invented by Dennis. These three systems are not a signals services or auto traders. In addition, a lifetime license will cost $200 for one system and if you buy all of the three systems, 5 minutes, 60 seconds and AGIMAT you will be required to pay $400 otherwise Frankie suggests you a “special offer” to register via his broker and to get all three systems with a lifetime license.

Guys/gals hold on! We know it all sounds pretty good and promise, but you must notice the small details as the big one. Look, first of all, Frankie the owner claims that he is 45 years old and his main income is from trading binary options. He engaged with a list of scam brokers! Except CherryTrade all of the brokers on the list are scams, unreliable, NOT recommended and NOT an EU regulated! We have no doubt that if you’re a beginner or even an expert trader you don’t want to trade with a scam broker and most important to deposit your money there.

tbp2Frankie Gordon the owner of The binary Profi claims that his system (which is not a signals or auto trader service) generates at least 90% success rate. Even though we have checked the opportunities that offered at his YouTube channel and we haven’t  surprised to know that these 3 systems of The binary Profi does not offers you anything special, it’s not teach you anything, it’s not profitable at all and most important it is very cost systems ($200 each). Another issue is that there is no any legitimate possibility to generate 90% success rate with these kind of systems, the services that really have the ability to generate these kind of ITM performance are the best signals services.

Our Conclusion:

Binary options trader, beginner or even expert that wants to trade the right way must trade with a famous strategies as you can find at our Top Strategies page and in addition, if you want to upgrade your trading account and to become more profitable you can always combine your trading methods with a reputable signals service. As you have understood from our review, The binary Profi is not our cup of tea! Binary options trader who really wants to make legit money and to become a self-made successful trader must engage with the right services including Top Brokers and Best Signals Services and the right strategies. So, our conclusion is pure and simple, The binary Profi is a scam service! Thank you for reading our scam review, this time about The binary Profi, stay safe and don’t engage with unreliable services.

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