Swarm Intelligence Software SCAM Review! Must Read WARNING!!

Swarm Intelligence Scam Review!

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Before you go any further and join the Swarm Intelligence auto trading software by Dr. Steven Francis (www.swarm-intelligence.co), make sure to read our fully transparent scam review, and be sure to trade safe! Swarm Tech has joined to the binary options industry a few days ago like a storm into our life. Its achievements throughout their initial process of implementing their trading progress is quite impressive, and therefore we would love to share with you our thoughts and conclusion at the end, as for whether the Swarm Intelligence is a scam or rather a legitimate BO trading tool.

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Dr. Steven Francis, has a PhD in Animal Behavior and for the past 15 years he has spent his professional life as a researcher studying the animals and the adaptive significance of the behavior in a particular environment.

The idea behind the Swarm Intelligence is to learn from what happens in nature. In a nutshell, it allows a group to make better more informed decisions than individuals could make alone.

Through his research he has done some indirect work for Unanimous and was intrigued by their mission. He and Dr. Louis Rosenberg, the CEO of Unanimous both believe that humans tend to act primitively, by getting entrenched in their own individual predictions. Therefore, humans generally get things wrong.

He became involved helping moderate some of their human swarm projects. Most recently, he was part of the moderation team involved with the Kentucky Derby winning SuperFecta. It has been processed by that this group has been required to answer questions as a Swarm. Their first task was to narrow the field of 20 horses down to 4 winners. The Swarm was then asked to order the four winners into win, place, show and fourth place. They then needed to wait for the post positions to be announced before finalizing their horses.

The day before the Kentucky Derby, they reconvened their Swarm Intelligence group. They knew the post positions of the horses and had a very accurate prediction of weather and track conditions. 24 hours later, the 142nd round Kentucky Derby was run and the four winning horses finished in the exact order that the human swarm predicted. The odds of making such a pick, known as a “SuperFecta”, were 540 to 1. This means that anyone who bets $100 on the published picks would have made $54,000.

Thomas Porter, an Ex – IBM scientist and a computer programmer with over 30 years of programming experience:

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Dr. Steven Francis was a moderator for the Academy Awards predictions. They took 50 people and asked them to predict the Academy Award winners. As individuals, they were polled to make predictions. The average was 6 correct out of 15, compared to the Entertainment experts who got 9 correct. He then decided to employ the Swarm Intelligence. Working together as a group and polling their individual resources made a huge difference. As a result, the group chose 11 out of 15 correct. They went from being 40% accurate as individuals to being over 70% accurate when they worked together as a Swarm.

Right after they closed the books on the Academy Awards project, he began brainstorming how to integrate Swarm Intelligence into his passion of online trading.

He has been an avid day trader for several years. About three years ago, he consumed himself with learning every binary options trading strategy available. He then quickly realized that certain strategies work well in certain conditions while others do not. The problem is that with the speed and timing required to be successful traders, individuals don’t have the luxury of comparing several trading strategies before placing a trade.

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And here is where the Swarm Intelligence has become an outstanding discovery in binary options…

Steven wanted to create something that could analyze various strategies simultaneously and then select only unanimous choices of the computer group. In essence, use Swarm Intelligence to predict winning trades. Mr. Francis was claiming that his goal was to take several successful trading strategies and develop several algorithms for each one. Then, program each strategy into its own computer. He said that he was just needed to find a way to pull it all together to get that consensus from the computer group on what trades to place.

As such, he mentioned that the best way to understand the future of any asset is by studying the past. Likewise, we have been told that the Swarm Intelligence analysis are based on 3 pillars: Mechanical, Technical and Fundamental analysis. Therefore, the software system focuses primarily on mechanical trading, but is also supported with comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis.

* Mechanical trading is based on validated parameters and ratified in comprehensive back testing of historical data. It precisely determines the best entry and exit points without the emotional or psychological impact of humans.

** Technical analysis which supports the Mechanical trading and a term of commonly used to define and encompass everything concerning the analysis of graphs or charts. Historical line, bar, point and figure charts, along with candlesticks, Heikin Ashi candlesticks charts, and Renko candle charts are incorporated into the Swarm Intelligence algorithm.

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The Swarm Intelligence company correctly has 10 computers using various strategies from support and resistance, Fibonacci, charts and candlestick patterns alongside with technical indicators based on such things as on moving averages oscillators and volatility. Each computer has its own unique trading algorithm that basically works by analyzing trades throughout its algorithm, and then individually generates signals. All of these individual computers are connected to the super-computer which helps the algorithm to analyze the signals. Nonetheless, using Swarm Intelligence to generate group of signals that are than placed in the auto trader.

The Swarm Intelligence super-computer analyzes both trades and optimal strike rate. It then waits for the signal to reach the strike rate which was determined by the computers whose algorithm offered the signal.

“The Swarm Intelligence generates, on average, less, but more accurate signals each day”

During their recent beta-testing phase, the auto trader reached an average of 83% winning trades, with most traders reporting 7-12 trades taken each day.

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Company’s Recommendations:

  1. Fill in all of your personal information on the registration page and then deposit with one of the recommended brokers.
  2. At the settings area you can see the top sliding bar called “Swarm” which indicates the level of agreement amongst the Swarm Intelligence computers before a trade is placed. For example, if you keep it at 9 (default), then only trades are placed when 9 out of 10 computers in total offer the same trade. However, you can lower the strength and generate more signals by selecting 7 or 8, or you can only go with signals offered by all 10 computers.
  3. You also need to select the amount per trade on your trade volume button. You can place trades anywhere from $25-$500. However, we definitely recommend that you trade with a minimum of $25 per trade.
  4. To help you understand the money management aspect of binary options, the company has added a money management calculator. This feature will assist you with optimal trading amounts based on your account balance.

Summing up!

To sum up our Swarm Intelligence fully detailed review, we’d definitely recommend that if you are a complete newbie trader who seeks to learn the principles behind the binary options trading alongside with earning stunning profits on a daily basis, joining the Swarm Tech software will be in your favor and will help you to upgrade and update your monthly revenue.

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Thank you for reading the Swarm Intelligence App review, please comment below or contact us for more questions regarding the software and we would love to assist you as much as we can. For more reviews about successful auto traders in the industry, please visit our top recommended signals page and be rest assured to trade safe!


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