StockBit Software is a SCAM!! An Unforgivable Honest Review!!

StockBit Scam Review!

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Before you deposit your money into the StockBit Software by Daniel Watanabe, make sure to read our full warning scam review before, and be sure to trade safe! The StockBit App presentation has been reported by Noah Hastings, a Silicon Valley investor and a man who allegedly tried using this automated software during this demonstration. This offer is a brand new auto trading bot in the binary options marketplace that was landed in the industry a couple of days ago, silently and without any special announcements. However, this software is promoted by many email marketers and other advertisers who want their “fair share” from your deposit. Therefore, before you take any further action and funding your account, make sure to follow our specific guidance as for why we reckon that you better stay off of this shady and dangerous system!

StockBit photoNoah Hastings is the reporter in this video presentation, he allegedly reported the StockBit software by Daniel Watanabe which created a brand new automated trading tool in the financial markets, based on the Bitcoin trading movements. Daniel Watanabe is a young entrepreneur who developed with a group of traders & programmers the StockBit bot which is supposed to generate for you $900 a day, every day. However, during this video demonstration, we have never been told that we will earn a dollar from using it, but a 7% daily returns, which is planned to exponentially grow by the end of next year to at least 9% daily returns.

Daniel Watanabe has been presented as an expert trader who researched and developed the StockBit software to work smoothly and on complete automated mode. We have been told by him that he officially registered his company a year ago, and that since then, they managed to recruit more than 14,000 users who are trading and profiting with the StockBit on a daily basis. He also said that they created a software based on a sophisticated technology that tracks the markets behave based on people’s unified markets sentiment. Likewise, Mr. Watanabe has been claiming that they designed the StockBit software the way it could predict markets direction and winning trades with at least 7 out of 10 trades in total, or in other words, 70% accuracy.

StockBit photoThe StockBit production might overwhelm you with its quality, it looks pretty good and even convincing, however, don’t let those people and paid actors to commit a fraud on your back. Why do we say that? Well, there is a plenty of reasons for us to conclude the StockBit software a scam. Therefore, take into consideration that before you take any further action, you better read our full review, which includes proven facts that completely expose this scam. Fact number one is that during this presentation, Daniel Watanabe was claiming that he launched his company a year ago and since then they managed to recruit none less than 14,000 members to trade with the StockBit bot right? So, as a proof that this claim is a complete bogus and false, we have used the domain-age-checking service and investigated their website, the results have shown that the website was initially registered on 2016-08-04, means two months ago…

StockBit photoOther than that, we really don’t get it! During this presentation, both Daniel Watanabe and Noah Hastings have never spoken about the amount of money that you will be making by using the StockBit software. They were talking about 7% daily revenue and that the company works on improving it to generate at least 9% until next year as a first priority! Moreover, Daniel mentioned that his StockBit robot was programmed to generate at least 70% ITM performance. With all that been said, it has never bothered the creators of this offer to write on bold that you will be earning at least $900 per day on complete auto pilot mode.

So… here is a question, let’s say that you deposit $250 or $500 as an initial investment, by Daniel you supposed to be making 7% daily returns, right?? Do you agree that no matter how you play with this numbers you are not going to make $900 per day?? Our conclusion from this point is that this is nothing but a lousy attempt to convince innocent people who have no previous knowledge of how things go in the financial market, and as a result, it will be much easier for them to steal your money!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The StockBit video is nice and convincing, but nothing more than that! Take into consideration that this offer is an unreliable service, based on false details and pure lies about a nonexistent company and paid actors who allegedly offering you to trade with a well-known and a successful brand which will make you tons of money on a regular basis. Nonetheless, make sure to trade safe and NOT to fall for this kind of trap schemes that won’t benefit your trading account with even 1 single dollar. In this fully transparent scam review, we have tried to do our best by delivering to you the exact information that we reckon that enough for you to realize that we are dealing with a fraud. We therefore have no other choice but to conclude that the StockBit software is a complete scam system and a vicious attempt to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit!

Gorilla’s verdict: The StockBit App is a SCAM!

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If you are an eager trader who seeks for a legitimate opportunity to trade with, in the financial market, you first must stay as far away as you can from services like the StockBit that will steal your money in the blink of an eye, literally! Secondly, be rest assured to trade safe with a trusted and tested auto trading service like the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a real and stunning auto trader developed by the principles of the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio, which has the ability to predict winning trades with at least 87% win rate on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you still want to encounter with more legitimate possibilities and recommendations, visit our top recommended signals services page, and be sure to trade safely with a trusted and tested company!

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