SmartBotPro is a SCAM Software! Trusted and Tested Review!

SmartBotPro Scam Review!

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The SmartBotPro app is a new scam auto trader in the binary options industry, probably belongs to one of the fraudulent brokers in the market that owned by criminals who aim to commit a fraud on your back! Fortunately, we have managed to found this lame automated robot due to the unbeatable bond between us and our subscribers! Therefore, in this SmartBotPro scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies and misleading information as you can clearly see on the website, a website without creditability or legitimacy to operate in the financial market. So, if you are newbie trader who encountered by mistake with the SmartBotPro App, make sure to read our full warning review, and be safe!

SmartBotPro photoWhen you visit the webpage you will immediately be able to see what we are talking about when we claim that the SmartBotPro software is a complete money making scheme! First things first, this website was initially registered on 2016-06-13, means 3 months ago. However, when we took a step further and checked their Alexa rank, we were completely stunned! As you can see in the picture below, the global Alexa rank for the SmartBotPro App for the period of the last three month is none less than 498,320, which is more than amazing!! Moreover, the details are also showing that most of the traffic that comes to this website is super targeted and aimed to cover the European investors, and if to be specific, if you are a binary options trader from Italy or France you have a lot to worry about!

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We assess that most of you have no idea what we are talking about when we are sharing with you those numbers (It’s okay, but the truth must be told). In generally, in order to gain such Alexa rank, the website has to be flooded with at least 1000 visitors on a daily basis, means that the is definitely advertised by one of the brokers it owned. Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, when we speak to our subscribers and soaking the information, we understand that the way it is being promoted is by the brokers themselves who offering a “free” automated service that allegedly makes money and supposed to change your life for the better. Surprise surprise, and when you decide to take a step further and to sign up with this vicious auto trader, the broker that you will be assigned with is exactly the same one who redirected you to this unreliable system from the first place, so lame!

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Other than that, we have much more concerns regarding the SmartBotPro scam. During our intensive investigation, we of course encountered with the main pitch video with a demo illustration that allegedly supposed to demonstrate how good the SmartBotPro app is. However, due to our extensive experience in the binary options industry, as day traders and bloggers, we already know when we are seeing the real thing and when we are being fooled! In this case, the whole of this video is nothing but unreal, no voice narrator or presenter who reveals the name of the company and the story behind the product, we don’t know how the SmartBotPro App works and even who is the owner. Besides, this video is based on a demo presentation and not on a real live demonstration which makes us to question everything about the SmartBotPro! Nonetheless, if you scroll down on the website, you will vividly see that they are promising “SmartBotPRO is contained in a SSL sandbox. All transactions are 100% secured”. However, as you can see in the picture below, there is no SSL security on their website, means that they are lying first, and secondly, your transactions are not secured, period!

SmartBotPro photoIf to make a legit comparison between the SmartBotPro software and a reliable auto trader, on the other hand, you will immediately be able to see the differences between the both! First, when we are dealing with a proven and tested robot, we know who stands behind it, who is the owner, company, how it works, and even what its winning ratio on a regular basis. However, when we are visiting the SmartBotPro official website and researching what this auto trader has to offer, we can clearly say that we don’t know what we are going to get once we deposit.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

If you are a binary options trader who lives in Italy or France, and encountered with our fully transparent review due to an interest of joining the SmartBotPro scam, make sure to realize that you have many other reliable opportunities in the financial market! The SmartBotPro App is a complete fraud, invented and developed by one of the brokers with an aim to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit your hard earned savings! Therefore, be rest assured to stay as far away as you can from such services without credentials or legitimacy to operate in the financial market! We therefore have no other choice but to close the SmartBotPro story by labeling it as a money making scheme!

Gorilla’s verdict: The SmartBotPro is a SCAM!!

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If you are an enthusiastic trader who wants to trade on your own knowledge and trading skills, we recommend to open first a trading account with a trusted broker that will save your money, a broker that will offer you high returns on your profits, and broker who has a smooth and clean platform that suits for beginners! Furthermore, if you are interested in upgrading your daily income by one of the leading robots in the binary options market, we do recommend that you will read our CodeFibo App review! An amazing auto trader by Professor Matthew Lewis that was created and programmed by the principals of the well-known Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio! However, if you want to hear more opinions, you are more than welcome to visit our best signals services page, and make sure to stay on the safe side of the industry!

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  1. Thanks so much for your detailed analysis and review of this self-proclaimed money-making auto-trader robot. For the average layman such as me I would not have spotted those indicators of illegitimacy and spotted the scam!! So THANK YOU you just saved me from handing my savings away to these criminals!!

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