Simple Profits App is a pure SCAM!!!

Simple Profits App is a pure SCAM!!!

Simple Profits system login:

Simple Profits app by Mark Ford is a scam signals service and you must avoid being part of this fraud, otherwise you will be losing whole of your money as soon as you deposit! This binary options service is due to be released tomorrow on Monday morning the 10th January and therefore we review it before the official launch. The Simple Profits is allegedly a fully automated signals software that aim to make a change in your life for the better, however the only change that will be in your trading online life is you being scammed, again.

Simple Profits app review in brief:

Tomorrow morning on 10th January will be released a new fully automated signals service in the binary options industry named Simple Profits. This software as you can find in its login website claims to generate a weekly profits of up to $76,812 each and every week and up to $2500 daily income. In addition, the Simple Profits app is offered for free to the first 50 binary traders who will manage to get first their copies, yet you will be required to deposit an initial amount of $250 in order to activate your portfolio for start trading on complete auto pilot.

Mark Ford, the owner of the Simple Profits app has shown to us a few sessions of trades that he has made during this video and all of them were winning trades except one trade that was break even, and he explained that the Simple Profits software will never be losing trades and the reason for that is because that its programmers have developed an unique algorithm that predicts a few seconds before the trade executed whether it will win or lose and if it on its way to lose, the software will execute an opposite trade and offset it. So, as a result, you will be making money or break-even but you will never lose trades with the software.

Simple Profits scam review picture 1Simple Profits login website:

In essence it looks legit, a website with a video and below you can find even a description of the Simple Profits app, however, the website is deceptive and presents wrong details that aim to lead you to deposit into their shady service. Let’s get straight to the facts, the Simple Profits software is a web-based software that the only thing that you need to do in order to start trading is to deposit and to activate it on complete auto pilot. In the description below the video under the question: “Do I need to use my credit card when I sign up?” the answer is “You will NOT be asked for your credit card or PayPal or bank information when you download the Simple Profits System!” So, how come that Mark Ford, the owner of the service claims that the Simple Profits app is a web-based software and in the frequently ask questions they are claiming that we need to download the software?

Mark Ford claimed that he will give away a 50 lifetime licenses to the first traders that will claim their spots, however, when we entered the Simple Profits website we have noticed a counter that told us “6 spots left”. We definitely reckon that this is a rough lie because that the service yet has not been launched and their attempt to force us to deposit is now clearly as a fraud.

Simple Profits scam review picture 2Is Simple Profits software really works?

We have no doubt that the Simple Profits is piece of junk. Mark Ford has shown to us how he executes trades with the software and with an initial deposit of $250 he managed to earn almost $3000 in pure profits with a few simple trades on complete auto pilot. In the reality it won’t happen, you will never be making this kind of money with a lot of winning trades in a row. Our extensive experience in the binary options industry has proven itself more than once when we believed to services with these kind of promises. In addition, Mark has claimed that the Simple Profits app has the power to generate 2 signals per minute which means 120 signals per hour. Although these mesmerized numbers you shouldn’t forget that it’s completely impossible to get a qualified results with this amount of trades per minute/hour. So don’t let them make fool of you with these pathetic numbers.

Simple Profits review conclusion:

Unfortunately we still have scams services in our wonderful industry, the Simple Profits app is definitely a scam service! None of their promises is real or even close to reality, there is no such thing “unique algorithm” that will executes 2 trades per minute and 120 trades per hour on complete auto pilot and will remain profitable. In addition, there is no any legitimate possibility of making these kind of numbers per week, we have recently made a performances reviews of our top recommended services based on our readers’ results and we have managed to found that with a fully automated software you won’t be able to make more than $1100 per day. Therefore we have no choice but to conclude that the Simple Profits is a lousy scam!

Gorilla’s verdict: Simple Profits software is a scam!

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