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Shepard SDP Scam Review!

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The Shepard SDP program by Perry Shepard is a new fully automated binary options robot that has been released on the market a couple of days ago and is pretty much going viral for the last few hours. This automated program is not a genuine auto trader, despite the fact that its “owner” has been claiming for 100% win rate and daily profits of none less than tens of thousands of dollars per day. Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing the whole of this misleading information and unattainable promises that we could have heard during the presentation. So, before you are going any further and deposit your hard earned money into this program, be sure to follow our guide and trade safe!

Shepard SDP photoPerry Shepard was claiming that two years ago he has started a small company named Shepard SDP which stands for Systemized Digital Profits. He said that the company is specialized in binary options trading solutions, and that its coders and programmers have created and developed a unique automated trading tool that works with an unbelievable 100% wining ratio which has never lost a single trade during the last two years. Perry also mentioned that he has only 50 free spots to giveaway to 50 random people from all walks of life, he claimed that no need any previous knowledge or trading skills in order to start using the program. He also mentioned that with the Shepard SDP software you will be a millionaire quickly, and that your daily income could even reach tens of thousands of dollars per day. Moreover, we have also been told during this presentation that Mr. Perry arranged an agreement with the brokers, so whatever amount of money you deposit, they are going to match it.

We are more than reckon that the entire story behind the Shepard SDP program and its owner, Mr. Perry Shepard is all faked! Heck, we are sure about that, and we have no shadow of a doubt that people a.k.a online traders who will take a wrong decision and will deposit into this shady system, will be losing their money in the blink of an eye! So, why do we think that way?

First things first, Perry Shepard, the main actor in this video presentation has been claiming that he has registered a small company two years ago in order to engage with trading solutions for the binary options industry, right? He also mentioned that his first beta testers group who joined him back then at the beginning are all millionaires. So, by, a very well-known domain-age-checker, the website was initially and officially registered on 2016-07-07, means three months ago!

Shepard SDP photoWait, there is much more…

Not only that it is now 100% proved that two years ago there was nothing related to the Shepard SDP program or to its ‘owner’, but if you go further and Google the name of the company, the only thing that you will be able to see on pages 1-3 will be nothing but scam reviews, exposing the fraud. Likewise, Perry has been claiming that his “innovative” auto trader has been programmed and developed to win trade after another, and that it has never lost a trade since the beginning of the project, or in other words, he was claiming that the Shepard SDP app works with 100% accuracy and will never lose a single trade, guarantee.

Needless to mention that those promises are nothing but empty claims which have nothing to do with reality. In reality, trading binary options could be a very profitable way to earn some money at the end of the day. However, it does not mean that you will be trading with a “no loss” software that will always win trades on your behalf. Just to remind you and to put all of the cards on the table, we are dealing with a financial market, which prices are going up and down frequently, sometimes the markets are too volatile and you cannot even execute a trade.

Shepard SDP photoOther than that, if you are a newbie trader / online investor, you better know that you are not going to become a millionaire all of a sudden, or to have a magic tool that will generate for you tens of thousands of dollars a day. Perry Shepard, was claiming that using the Shepard SDP program will change your life for the better and that you need to prepare yourself to have tons of money start from tonight. So, please do yourself a huge favor and be rest assured that those claims are nothing but a joke! A good example is our latest results review that clearly shows that even if you trade with a well-performed auto trader you will be losing trades sometimes. However, most importantly is to have a higher winning ratio in order to minimize losing trades.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Shepard SDP and its alleged owner, do not exist! This auto trading service is not a genuine system that will be in your favor and will generate for you thousands of dollars per day, or will make you a millionaire overnight! There were a lot of misleading information and unreliable facts that have been revealed during this video presentation, so make sure NOT to fall for those empty claims and most importantly, make sure to save your money from being drained! We therefore have no other choice but to label this vicious system as a complete money making scheme!

Marili from has also reviewed this product and concluded the same verdict by saying “During the pitch video we can clearly hear Peter Shepard go on and on about how the Shepard SDP Software is the answer to all your prayers, yet the lack of evidence and information is more worrying than anything else really. We cannot help but point back to the fact that after all of that we are yet not sure on how the software actually works, and considering that we get all the info we require in order to feel safe continuing to register an account with a trusted system, why should this one offer us any less”.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Shepard SDP is a SCAM!!

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