Scalper BOT 1000 is a SCAM!! German trader? You are in Danger!!!

Scalper BOT 1000 Scam Review!

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If you are a German trader/investor you better read this Scalper BOT 1000 warning scam review before you take any financial decision that will risk your money! The software is allegedly an automated robot that was developed to generate to its German users none less than $1000 per day on complete auto-pilot mode. However, we have no shadow of a doubt that we are dealing (again) with a complete scheme, an auto trader that has been created in order to drain your trading account as soon as you deposit. Therefore, in this transparent review, we will be exposing the entire lies and misleading information that we have been encountered during this promotional presentation. So, before you take any further action and decide to deposit your hard earned savings into the Scalper BOT 1000 app, make sure to read our full review till the very end!

Scalper BOT 1000 photoDuring this video presentation we have encountered with many bothering issues about the Scalper BOT 1000 software by Jan Schmidt. The first point that has turned on the red lights for us was the fact that the alleged owner/creator/founder of the auto trader is nothing but a Fiverr actor who got paid in order to lie in front of the camera and to mislead the audience by revealing a bogus and well-scripted story of the Scalper BOT 1000. Moreover, not only that the so-called owner of this “company” is not a real trader or associated in the binary options industry, the claims that we have been told are pretty much ridiculous! For example, during this promotional video, the scam artist was claiming that even if you are a beginner trader without a previous knowledge in trading binary options, you will be earning none less than $1000 per day without even lifting a finger. He also mentioned that the average Joe who will be trading with the Scalper BOT 1000 robot, will be getting more than 500 successful trades on a daily basis.

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As mentioned, this SCAM production is targeting the German traders, therefore, if you are a German investor who interested in investing your hard earned savings onto a reliable and proven trading vehicle, make sure to read our full scam review and to realize that the Scalper BOT 1000 app is a complete money making scheme presented and endorsed by a well-known Fiverr actor who unflinchingly promotes everything in exchange for $5 per 50 words. Sad, but true! Other than that, even if this was only for a cover story in order to hide the real identity of Jan Schmidt, rest assure that he does not even exist. During our investigation, we have tried to track the identity of the owner and the CEO of this software in some popular social media network channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and even LinkedIn, however, as you can guess, we couldn’t find any piece of information related to him. And if to make it worse, take into consideration that if you search for “Scalper BOT 1000” on Google, the results that you will be getting are nothing but scam reviews exposing this fraud, except 2 websites that probably belong to the same person who promotes this offer in order to get some commissions on your back.

Scalper BOT 1000 photoLikewise, earning $1000 per day with an automated piece of software that generates no less than 500 trades per day is obviously a lie which has nothing to do with the financial market, and definitely, has nothing to do with binary options trading, whatsoever! However, if you decide to trade in a safe place with a top rated auto trader based on real and proven algorithm which has been tested by many traders from all over the world, you won’t be surprised to see that the results you will get are extremely different and not even close to these bogus claims you have just heard from the nonexistent ‘Jan Schmidt’. In reality, tried and tested automated trading tool could predict winning trades with up to 85% winning ratio and sometimes with a bit more success rate. Nonetheless, the ability to predict more than 500 trades on a daily basis is definitely unattainable goal which is not making any sense.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Scalper BOT 1000 software is NOT a genuine trading tool in the binary options marketplace! The auto trader has been presented by a well-known Fiverr scam artist who promotes schemes on a regular basis and his face could be found in our blacklist page tens of times! Likewise, if you are a German investor who interested in investing your money into a recommended and trusted software, be rest assured that this program is the complete opposite of your intention and we have no a shadow of a doubt that you will be losing your entire deposit as soon as you press on the “confirm” button. Therefore, we have no other choice but to flag this unreal and bogus Scalper BOT 1000 app as a complete fraud which was created in order to harm your financial situation with unattainable promises and fake details!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Scalper BOT 1000 is a SCAM!!

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