Satellite Trader App is a SCAM!! Proven and Honest Review!!

Satellite Trader Scam Review!

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The Satellite Trader app by Richard Heffner is a 1000% proven copied and dangerous automated trading software in the binary options industry which has already been released onto the marketplace. Unfortunately, the software is going viral for the last couple of hours through a hard blast of email marketing and people are literally falling for this deplorable trap! We therefore have decided to expose this unreal product which has nothing to do with trading binary options at all, and will most likely drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit. Nonetheless, before you take any further action and typing your CC details into the registration form, make sure to read our full transparent scam review, and trade safe.

Satellite Trader photoIf to be honest, we are tired! We are literally SICK and TIRED of all these unreal and fraudulent services that come and go on a daily basis with an aim to commit a fraud on innocent trader’s back and to steal your hard earned money in the blink of an eye! The Satellite Trader software is obviously not an automated robot or a “company” that you want to invest your savings in. This time we are not going to reveal the “story behind the…” or the biography of the owner of this junk, and the reason is simple, this “owner” who named himself as Richard Heffner, the creator and founder of the Satellite Trader, is nothing but a cheap and paid actor who probably offered a huge discount to the scammers who hired him. Moreover, if you have already watched this 27 minutes long video presentation, you couldn’t have missed the tens of times that he was claiming “GPS Trader” right? So, yes, you are not dreaming, this scam artist is promoting other shameful systems that we have already exposed earlier this year, and one of them is the one we mentioned.

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Take into consideration that earning $850 per hour, $20,000 a day or using a fully automated robot that executes trades on your behalf with a 100% risk free, is a complete nonsense and is not going to happen whatsoever! Likewise, if you scroll down on the website, you will immediately be encountered with several dishonest claims like “INSTANT WITHDRAWALS direct to your bank account”, “Satellite security measures implemented to ELIMINATE ALL RISKS” and “In the past 3 months I made 27 random people millionaires” right?

Satellite Trader photoTherefore, before you are falling for this huge scheme, be sure to understand that generating $850 per hour is by far the most unreliable claim that you could have ever heard in the financial industry, and if you ask an expert trader who lives the market if earning this kind of money per day / hour is attainable for you by trading binary options, the answer will most likely be HELL NO! And a good and solid proof could easily be our latest performance and results review right over here!

Other than that, trading with a “no loss” software is definitely a pure lie and is missing the legitimate basics of trading by its definition. This is no longer a secret that on the financial market we are experiencing losing trades as well as winning trades. And frankly, we have nothing to do about it, those are facts that we will have to learn how to live with them peacefully. Dealing with falling and raising prices of assets on a daily routine is a part of the landscape in the industry and in this moment we can assure you folks that service that claims otherwise is misleading you and try to manipulate traders with false promises and unreal information.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Satellite Trader app is a pure scam system created and developed by scammers who need to sit behind bars for the rest of their life! This unreal product is based on a copied and old exposed system called GPS Trader which has been copied in order to manipulate traders with lies and unreliable promises that have nothing to do with trading. Be rest assured that you are not going to become a millionaire overnight or to be generating $20k a day. Therefore, we are not really planning to give the Satellite Trader a stage, make sure to stay as far away as you can from this vicious product and to trade safe. We have no other choice but to label this system as a complete fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Satellite Trader is a SCAM!!

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Don’t settle for less than the best you can get in return for your investment!! Therefore, make sure to visit our best automated robots list, read some of our proven and tested result reviews made by real and active traders, and be rest assured to trade safely with the right service! Likewise, our top recommended auto trader nowadays is the CodeFibo App by Professor Lewis, a REAL innovative autotrader based on the principles of the Fibonacci indicator and the Golden ratio theory, a reliable bot that knows how to predict winning trades with at least 87% win rate on the markets with all kind of market’s conditions!

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