Profit Maker Method SCAM or LEGIT?! Tested Review!

Profit Maker Method SCAM Review!

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The Profit Maker Method or ProfitMakerMethod by Timothy Hollingdale is a new auto trading software in the binary options industry. The AutoTrader is officially due to be released in the financial market on Monday, March 21st, however, we had the opportunity to trade and to test the service before its official launch in order to verify its reliability and to check its promised abilities and whether the Profit Maker Method is really worth your initial investment or not. In this ProfitMakerMethod scam review, we will be revealing our general experience with this auto trading app during the last few days and afterwards, will be able to give you a solid opinion whether you better to trade with another service with much better qualities or not.

Honestly, we don’t like to credit services in the industry if we aren’t sure for 200% that they are not linked to any fraud or money making scheme. We, at are a group of binary options traders who dedicated themselves to provide our readers with the most reliable and trusted information about fully automated services, semi-automated and brokers of whole the financial market after we have tested and traded with them in order to verify their qualifications exactly as they promise to their audience. Therefore, we are not planning to recommend any piece of junk auto trader service that all of a sudden came across and offers its alleged $1997 daily profits, forget about it because it won’t happen.

photo of Profit Maker MethodLikewise, the Profit Maker Method is a new auto trading service that actually arrived last week into our industry and we had the chance to trade it and to check whether it’s worth your money or just another crap that we need to add as soon as possible to the Gorilla’s Cemetery for scam services. Timothy Hollingdale, the owner of the product and his team are actually nice guys and we don’t have any personal vendetta against him or one from their team, however, their promises are by far NOT down to earth, BUT, there is a big BUT here, their software is NOT a scam, whatsoever. What do we mean you probably ask, right? Okay, so let us explain.

The Profit Maker Method is indeed a new auto trading service that is due to be released on Monday and the team behind the service are nice and professionals, each one of them. However, the promises that we have heard during the presentation weren’t exactly matching the binary options industry’s rules. First, we do not really know why, but our mate, Mr. Timothy Hollingdale has decided to claim that his software will be able to work with return profits of none less than 96% which is by far not related to the binary industry, and you can ask as many brokers as you want in the industry and we assure you that none of them has such high returns as he claimed. And a proof, when we have traded with the software we have experienced a 75%-85% return payouts… So, just to make it clear, the Profit Maker Method works and even legit, however, take into consideration that you won’t be getting this 96% return payouts. Although we have tried to talk to the Profit Maker Method team in order to remove this “not down to earth” and stupid claim, they refused, so honestly, it’s their problem and we will stick to our truth whatsoever!

photo of Profit Maker MethodAnother, fancy promise by Timothy Hollingdale is that the Profit Maker Method will generate for you daily profits of none less than $1997 each day, every day. Really??? So let’s get straight to the facts, when we had the chance to trade with the Profit Maker Method we barely reached the $800 a day (!!!), which is less than 50% of their original promise in their demonstration video, first. Secondly, although Timothy Hollingdale has claimed that his auto trader works 4 times per hour, 24 hours a day (if you’ll activate it of course) because that the Profit Maker Method software only executes low risk trades, we have experienced with trading sessions of at least 10 trades per hour on complete auto trading mode. So, again, we don’t know why those misleading parts are existing, but, we still have to mention it in order to provide you with our truth.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Although we have already reached a conclusion during this review, we will make it clear and will say it loud and clear. The Profit Maker Method App ( by Timothy Hollingdale is NOT a scam or link to a money making scheme. But, after a few days of trading and testing its abilities we can assure you that you will be making money on fully automated mode but you can forget about this unattainable promise of $1997 a daily revenue because you will not get it whatsoever. Therefore, in order to provide you with best alternatives to trade with, we invite you to visit our top recommended signals services page and to rest assure to trade with the most reputable services in the industry. For example, Copy Buffett Software is a leading auto trader, but, if you are a day trader from countries like India, Kenya, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria and many others that were restricted and couldn’t participate up until now in the automated services industry because of a regulation bureaucracy we recommend that you will open a trading account with the BinaDroid app, a great auto trader that available world-wide.

Gorilla’s verdict:

Profit Maker Method is not a SCAM, but, take into consideration that there are incorrect details during the presentation video, therefore, you must read our full scam review before you decide to sign up.

Viral scam services to be aware of: Binary Brain Trust and TrianaSoft

photo of Profit Maker MethodVisit our trusted signals services page!

Other than that, if you are a new investor in the binary options industry we highly recommended that you will trade with a trusted broker like Porter Finance, a low deposit broker with a great trading platform and customer support. And if you are a USA residence you are welcome to read our NADEX review, a US based and fully regulated broker! Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable service to trade with you are more than welcome to visit our trusted services page and be sure to trade with the best that you can get in return for your investment.

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