Profit 4 Patriots is a SCAM Software!! P4P Method Trusted Review!

Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review!

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Beware of the Profit 4 Patriots software as also known as P4P Method by Douglas Ward! The Profit for Patriots is a new automated trading software in the binary options industry that has officially been released in the market 3 hours ago and is pretty much going viral due to a hard email marketing efforts. The service is allegedly presented by its owner Mr. Ward who aims to change your life for the better based on his trading knowledge and 8 years of extensive experience in the financial market. In this warning scam review, we will be revealing our guidelines and will walk you through our reasons as for why we have decided to blacklist the P4P App without even giving it the small chance to operate in the industry. So, if you have already been invited to join this program and to become a new member, make sure to read our full review and to stay safe!

Profit 4 Patriots photoMr. Douglas Ward has been claiming to be a multi-millionaire who has started his way in the financial industry 8 years ago as an analyst in the New York Stock Exchange who dealt with people who knew whether the economy will rise or fall before it even happened. He then changed a few positions and upgraded his status to a head manager of big tycoons with huge portfolios and impact on the market. He mentioned that he is offering the Profit 4 Patriots app (P4P app) to the wider public for free of charge without any obligations or commitments. We have also been told during this presentation that he will be teaching new members his secret strategies, tactics and forecast methods in the binary options industry. Not only that, he was claiming and promising that with his piece of simple software, even a kid will be able to generate at least $1500 in just 15 minutes!

Nonetheless, when you visit the website you will be encountered with some details like the one that reveals 76% winning ratio on a regular basis and on complete auto pilot mode, and the ability to earn up to $100k per month. It has also been mentioned that using the Profit 4 Patriots software is the fastest and easiest way to achieve financial freedom. So, before we are heading any further with this review, be rest assured to realize that trading with such a lame 76% winning ratio means that you are almost break even (or even losing) in most of the time. Why? Trading with 76% accuracy is equal to win 3 trades out of 4, and therefore, with one or two more mistakes you will end up losing and not winning. Likewise, with the explanation we have just provided you, it is completely impossible to be earning $100k per month.

Profit 4 Patriots photoOther than that, a good example as for how trading on complete auto pilot should be implementing you can easily find in our latest tried and tested results review, there you will be encountered with a stunning auto trader based on the well-known Fibonacci indicator that could predict winning trades with at least 87% ITM performance, which means that even if there will be mistakes here and there, you still on the winning side.  Moreover, claiming that you will be earning at least $1500 in just 15 minutes is completely a joke and an unattainable goal to reach! And if you click on the attached link and read our performance review, you will be able to see how these bogus claims are way far from reality!

Furthermore, when you scroll down on the Profit 4 Patriots website, you will be encountered with their “real time” transactions leaderboard. So, as you can see at the picture below this paragraph, this list of trades is completely faked and misleading and has nothing to do with binary options. As you can see, the creators of this website have decided that trades could be executed during weekends, however, as you already know, during weekends the financial markets are closed and there is no any option to execute trades at this time. But, unfortunately, as you can clearly see, this ‘tiny’ detail did not really bother the owner of this site…

Profit 4 Patriots photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t fall for Douglas Ward’s scam! The Profit 4 Patriots app as also known as P4P software is an unreal service and definitely not a genuine auto trading software that will change your life for the better! Earning $1500 in “just” 15 min is not going to happen soon, as well as generating over $100k per month with such a lame 76% winning ratio, which should be called losing ratio instead! Likewise, as mentioned, trading binary options, Forex or any other method in the financial market during weekends is obviously impossible, so be sure to understand that services that claim otherwise, are nothing but money making schemes that aim to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Profit 4 Patriots is a SCAM!!

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Profit 4 Patriots photoVisit our top recommended signals services list instead!

If you are an enthusiastic trader who seeks to trade with a proven and tested auto trader, based on real results and registered & serious company, we encourage you to visit our CodeFibo App results review! This automated trading tool is based on the Fibonacci indicator and the golden ratio strategies and could predict winning trades with at least 87% win rate on a daily basis. Furthermore, if you are still looking to invest your hard earned savings with other legitimate services, you are more than welcome to visit our tried and tested signals services page, and be sure to trade safely but surely!

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