Prizm Tech Software is a SCAM!! Real Warning Review!!

Prizm Scam Review!

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Don’t let Richard Squire, the alleged owner of Prizm SCAM software to make fools of you! The Prizm software as also known as Prizm Tech is a new money making scheme online that was sadly created by the same group of scammers who stand behind the shameful fraud Ice9 Technologies, a piece of junk service that we have already blacklisted a few months ago! Furthermore, the Prizm App is a very new system (and website), however, the people behind this unreliable site have decided to manipulate their visitors with a vicious story about their existence and huge success since 2007! We therefore will be exposing the whole of the Prizm story and will provide you with the exact pointers as for why we have decided to take action and to upload this must valuable WARNING review to our blog page! So, before you take any financial decision, make sure to read our full Prizm scam review, and be aware NOT to fall for this TRAP!

Prizm photoWhat is Prizm? And who is Richard Squire?

Well, the story behind the Prizm A.K.A Prizm Tech and its alleged creator, Mr. Richard Squire is basically based on a very lame script. However, in generally, the main actor, our fella, Richard Squire revealed during this promotional video that he is the owner / head developer of the Prizm software and the guy who in charge of the development process of the auto trader since the beginning in 2007. He said that since its official launch back in 2007, the Prizm app has a huge success among online investors and binary options traders who are looking for legitimate opportunities online of making a reasonable amount of money from the comfort of their home.

The main actor in this presentation has claimed that he decided to create the Prizm software for ordinary and random people from all over the world, in order to be able to capitalize on this and earn extra money. Moreover, Richard Squire said that with the Prizm auto trader you are not going to become a millionaire within weeks, months or even by next year, and even claimed that trader who decides to join to his company, will automatically be getting a piece of software that could predict winning trades in the financial market with up to 78% accuracy and even to be able to earn up to $8000 on average per month.

Prizm photoSounds trustworthy no? Wrong!!

Before you take any further action and decide to throw away your savings into the Prizm SCAM, make sure to realize why we have no shadow of a doubt that you are going to lose your entire hard earned money in the blink of an eye.

First things first, Richard Squire, the alleged creator and owner of the Prizm software is nothing but a scam artist! An actor, not a Fiverr actor though, but still an actor without any previous knowledge-base in the financial industry or in the binary options market. Likewise, we have decided to track his personal identity as well as his so-called company he owns over the net. And frankly, we were not really surprised to find out that there is no even one piece of information regarding the mentioned above but scam reviews over pages 1, 2 and 3 on the Google search engine, literally!

Wait! There is much more!!

He said during the presentation that since the beginning, when they just launched the Prizm system in 2007, the Prizm software has an enormous success among traders, right? Okay… So, by a very simple and definitely not a complicated domain-age test, we have managed to find that by, the most popular domain-age-checker tool, the website was initially registered on 2015-08-10, means a year ago, and was updated on 2016-07-18, means last month. So, who said 2007??? Think again…

Prizm photoOkay! What should I do now? I want to trade but the Prizm Tech is a SCAM!

Right, after we understood that we are dealing with a repeated scam, created by the same criminals who developed the vicious Ice9 Technologies, we have no other choice but to refrain from making an investment into this fishy website, otherwise, the consciences are foreseen. However, in order to stay on the safe side of the binary options industry, without losing your savings in a blink of an eye, we strongly recommend to visit our top recommended signals services page and to trade only with a trusted and tested robot. Nonetheless, our preferred auto trader these days is the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, an outstanding piece of software that was created by the principles of the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Ratio which could predict winning trends in the markets of up to 83% ITM performance.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

As mentioned, the Prizm software by the NONEXISTENT Richard Squire is a complete fraud, and a very dangerous scheme that was aimed to steal your money as soon as you deposit. Nothing is legit on the website, not the actors, not the promises and obviously not the facts which we completely exposed in this review! Please – Please – Please keep our advice and make sure not to fall for this trap! Moreover, as a role of thumb, always verify services’ credibility before you decide to take an action, read reviews, ask questions and seek for reliable information, that’s how you minimize the risks and increase your chances for brighter future!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Prizm App is a SCAM!!

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Prizm photoVisit our top rated signals page here!

Don’t settle for less than the best you can get in return for your investment! Our top recommended auto trading software these days is the well-known CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, you can read our full review right over here. However, if you still don’t know if you want to trade with this program, you are more than welcome to visit our proven robots list and be rest assured to trade safe!

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  1. So…what can you do if you were suckered in and made your $300 dollar minimum deposit as it said on the Barclay’s account manager (?) form I filled out?

  2. They are all scams!! Thank you for this warning review!
    By the way, i have no idea how the hell the Prizm Tech guys got my email address.. Tnx!

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