PrePaid Profits App is a SCAM!! Real Warning Fraud Review!!

PrePaid Profits Scam Review!

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The PrePaid Profits App by ??? is a SCAM! Yes, the ??? means that no one knows who the presenter is, because he didn’t even bother himself to mention his name during this video! But before we are diving deeper into more details, we must warn you folks that this offer is pretty much going viral for the last couple of days, we can easily testify it by the number of queries we get from traders about this automated tool, as well as a lot of complaints and requests to blacklist it, in order to prevent other innocent people from falling for this trap! Therefore, in this scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies and misleading information that we have been told during the presentation. So, before you are going any further and deposit your hard earned money, be sure to follow us and to stay on the safe side of the map!

PrePaid Profits App photoThe story behind the PrePaid Profits and its unknown “owner” is about a Risk-Free automated software that allegedly doesn’t lose trades, or in other words, always wins trades on your behalf. The presenter in this demonstration video, has never revealed his name or any kind of information about himself. However, during this presentation, the voice narrator has been claiming that he gives you an access to his insider method that he is testing to beat other traders from all over the world. He also mentioned that his members’ community grew into 10 million people since the beginning of this year. And, that when you make money, he makes money, he was mentioning that on each winning trade you make, he gets 1 cent commission.

PrePaid Profits App photoWe are not buying these statements of the voice narrator who says that he has created a risk free automated software that will trade on your behalf and will always win. Why? It’s simple! In the financial market, as well as in the binary options industry, there are plenty of services, most of them are unreliable and pure scams, and some others are proven and trusted to use. The services that have been advertised and promoted by claiming to be “risk free” were always a big fail. Not only that, we shouldn’t forget for a moment that we are TRADING binary options, means that losing trades is part of the game, just like winning trades. Therefore, stating and promising that you will get the PrePaid Profits App, an auto trader that will never lose, is literally misleading information which has nothing to do with trading!

PrePaid Profits App photoNow, if to talk facts and only facts, those of you who have already seen this video, have probably heard that the presenter allegedly demonstrated how to trade with the PrePaid Profits App, and how to collect winning trades, right? However, as you can see at the picture below, the guy who was “guiding” us how to use the automated tool, has lost trades as part of his session. If so, how come that Mr. “Owner” was claiming that we will never lose any trade and that we’re guaranteed to win each and every trade? This is a solid and proven proof that vividly shows that there is no such thing as risk free system in the financial market. Therefore, make sure to realize that if you are willing and enthusiastic to become a REAL trader, there is no other choice but to lose trades here and there, but most importantly is to have a much higher winning ratio. A good example as for how to gain more legitimate profits you can read in our latest results review right here!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Trading binary options is involved with a lot of risks, not because that it is risky to trade, but due to the fact that there are many services out there that want their cut out of the pie, or in other words, there are many scam services, just like the PrePaid Profits App by a nonexistent owner, that have been created with a vicious aim to commit a fraud on your back! Therefore, we are not planning to give it even the small chance to steal money from innocent people and online investors who want to make legitimate money from home. Our take from the PrePaid Profits website and video presentation is obvious and clear, this automated tool is not a genuine auto trader, based on unreal facts, and with a hidden owner who afraid to reveal his identity. We therefore have no other choice but to label this shady offer as a dangerous system and definitely not a recommended service in the binary options marketplace.

Gorilla’s verdict: The PrePaid Profits App is a SCAM!

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