Power Signals Software is a SCAM!! Real Warning Review!

Power Signals Scam Review!

Power Signals login website: www.power-signals.com

It has brought to our attention that the Power Signals software is going viral among beginner traders who received an invitation to their inbox, welcoming and promising huge and empty hopes and mostly, unreliable goals! This automated system is a brand new SCAM software in the binary options industry, its owner/creator is unknown (and probably hiding somewhere and counting your stolen money), their website is full of lies and misleading information which certainly has nothing to do with reality. Therefore, in this scam review, we are planning to expose everything we know about the Power Signals offer due to our deep investigation, and will provide you folks with much better and proven opportunities to trade with on a daily basis. So, if you have already received this shady email by one of their advertisers and wondered whether to join the Power Signals system or not, make sure to read our review till the very end, and be safe!

Power Signals photoRegrettably, this scam review reminds us our last investigation about Ben Newman and his fraud system, the Bullish University which offers to his members false promises about generating a huge amount of money on a daily basis without even providing any proof to these claims. The same is happening and repeating itself on the www.power-signals.com website, while the creators of it claiming lies and literally misleading their visitors with unreliable details about the binary options market in order to gain more deposits, and as a result to get fat commissions on your back!

The Power Signals software is advertised by email marketers who leading people to join the service by promising them empty promises without any credibility or legitimacy to operate and to generate trades in the financial market. Likewise, if you visit the www.power-signals.com website, you will be encountered with these claims: 87% winning rate, Risk free software, Over 10,000 satisfied traders, 500+ daily signals and that the Power Signals App is actually based on 6 popular indicators: The MACD, RSI, CCI, Stochastic, Williams %R and Trend. So, before you delude yourself about this shady system and how “good” it is, take into consideration that we are about to expose those claims within a moment in order to help you guys to take the right decision and to prevent such unpleasant cases as losing your entire deposit in the blink of an eye.

Power Signals photoFirst things first, reaching 87% accuracy with an automated robot is attainable and we have no problem with that detail, which is pretty much considered as a very good and reliable one. Moreover, if you read our CodeFibo App review, a top rated automated software by Professor Matthew Lewis that based on the fundamental Fibonacci trading indicator, you will be able to see that even this kind of powerful robot generates this kind of performance percentages on a regular basis. However, the rest of the details that you can find on the Power Signals login webpage are extremely fishy and have nothing to do with binary options trading, which brings us to question everything about this shady program.

For example, it has been written also that the Power Signals app is a “Risk free software”, however, when you hear this kind of term, you supposed that you are aimed to win each and every trade right? If so, how come that the creators of this auto trader are claiming only 87% winning rate and not 100%? Because it is definitely a well-known thing that when you trade with 87% accuracy you will win 87 trades out of 100 trades in total, means that you will loss 13 trades. Proved!

Moreover, as mentioned, when you visit the www.power-signals.com website, you will be encountered with these claims as well: “10,000 satisfied traders” and “500+ daily signals”. So, in order to prove otherwise we have gone through Alexa.com, the most popular domain-authority tool, and Who.is, the most popular domain-age-checker tool with an aim to provide you with facts and reliable details which obviously the owners of this lame website don’t want you to know. So, as you can see at the pictures below, this website has no credibility at all, by Alexa, they have no even enough time to measure it’s performance. In addition, by Who.is, this website was initially registered on 2016-09-01, which is exactly 14 days ago!! Therefore, it is now explaining why there are no available details on Alexa or in any other source over the internet. So how the heck those fellows are claiming that they have more than 10,000 satisfied members??? Well, this is without a shadow of a doubt a complete lie, there is no chance that a 14-days-old website will reach 10,000 members in no time.

Power Signals photoImage source: Who.is

Power Signals photoImage source: Alexa.com

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Power Signals software is a complete scam system without credibility and legitimacy to operate in the binary options marketplace! We have no idea who the creator or owner of this website is, the entire claims on their website have nothing to do with binary options trading, and as mentioned, this auto trader is not going to provide you either with 87% winning rate or with a “risk free software” whatsoever! We therefore have no other choice but to flag and label this offer as a dangerous fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Power Signals app is a SCAM!!

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Power Signals photoVisit our top recommended signals services list!

Refraining from this kind of schemes is highly important for your financial situation, as if you go any further and make a deposit, you will surely be losing your entire investment in no time. Therefore, make sure to visit our top rated robots list and to trade safely with a proven and tested auto trader in the industry! Nonetheless, our top recommended system nowadays is without a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, a stunning trading tool based on the Fibonacci indicator which could predict winning trades with up to 87% accuracy on a regular basis!

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