Polygraph Millionaire App is a SCAM!! Lie Detector Millionaire is Back!!

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review!

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If you’ve watched the Polygraph Millionaire software video, you have probably noticed that this system is exactly the same one as the old scam, the Lie Detector Millionaire by Daniel Wilkins which we already reviewed and blacklisted a half a year ago. Unfortunately, the creators of this system have decided to re-launch it, this time with a different name. Moreover, as we understand from our blog subscribers, this offer is pretty much going viral, and many of them are receiving a lot of invitations by email to their mailbox for the last couple of days. Therefore, in this SCAM review we will be exposing (again…) the whole of the information that we could have managed to find regarding this production. So, before you are going any further and deposit your hard earned money into this shameful fraud, be sure to read our fully detailed warning review, and trade safe!

Polygraph Millionaire photoAs mentioned, the Polygraph Millionaire app, allegedly by Daniel Wilkins is exactly the same old scam, the Lie Detector Millionaire which is totally exposed all over the internet. You can read our full scam review right here, and be rest assured to verify that there is no even one single difference between them both. In generally, this offer is based on a man who claims to be a millionaire and developed a fully automated piece of software that could easily predict winning trades without even one losing trade. Daniel Wilkins has also mentioned during this presentation that he created the Polygraph Millionaire with an aim to change people’s life for the better and that this auto trader could generate $7000-$28,000 per day and at least $498,561 per month, and that this robot “has never lost a trade” because by Mr. Wilkins, it’s “Impossible to lose”.

In this case, we are clearly talking about a re-launch system of an old scam that we have already reviewed before, so there is no reason to detail the entire information over and over again. However, for those of you who don’t know what is wrong with Mr. Daniel Wilkins or with his Polygraph Millionaire app program, we will be revealing our guidelines as for why you better stay as far away from services that based on empty promises and unattainable goals.

Polygraph Millionaire photoSo, what is wrong?

First things first, becoming a millionaire in the financial industry, as well as in the binary options market, is without a shadow of a doubt a LIE! However, making money as a binary options trader is attainable and if you are an expert trader who knows what he is doing, you will be making a lot of money per day. Having said that, there is a huge different between “making money” and “becoming a millionaire” within a few months, right? In this offer, our fella, Daniel Wilkins was claiming that even if you are a beginner trader and using the Polygraph Millionaire software, you will be a millionaire within the next 90 days, which is obviously not going to happen in the near future!

Other than that, we have also been told that the Polygraph Millionaire robot is programmed to generate daily profits of none less than $7000-$28,000 per day and at least $498,561 per month. Those claims are definitely a BS and have nothing to do with reality or with a real trading, implementing by an automated service. A reliable proof you can easily find in our latest results review that based on real and honest reports by real and active traders from all over the globe, including us.

And lastly, as you’ve already assumed, Daniel Wilkins is nothing but a paid actor, a scam artist who says whatever you want in exchange for a generous payment for his ‘kind’ work. Those promises coming from an actor are without a doubt not related to any financial industry, and definitely not to our BO market. Be rest assured, that the real creator/s will re-launch this vicious video presentation a few more times in the months to come in order to maximize their profits from innocent trader’s deposits.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Before you are heading any further and taking a life-changing decision, make sure to realize that the Polygraph Millionaire software by “Daniel Wilkins” is totally a money making scheme, an unreliable program which has nothing to do with trading, and that you will be losing your entire investment in a blink of an eye! Becoming a millionaire within 90 days or so, in pretty much a lame promise, as well as generating $28k per day which is obviously way far from reality. We therefore have no other choice but to discard this fraud and to add it to our blacklist page as soon as possible, in order to warn BO traders and online investors from falling for this honey trap!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!!

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The best alternative service these days to this junk is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo app by Professor Matthew Lewis, an innovative auto trader that based on the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio, which could predict winning trades in the financial markets with at least 87% win rate on complete auto pilot mode! Furthermore, if you are an enthusiastic trader who seeks for other legitimate and registered services to trade with, in order to improve your daily income, you are more than welcome to visit our top rated signals services page, and be sure to trade in a safe zone!

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