The Orion Code is a SCAM Software!! A Deja Vu Warning Review!!

Orion Code Scam Review!

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Remember the old vicious scam, The Quantum Code? Then here it comes again for a 2nd round, this time by the name The Orion Code, with the exact video presentation, the same script, the same words and fake promises about becoming a millionaire overnight, just with a different paid actor named Edward Robinson this time. This offer is unfortunately going viral at the moment, and by the way it looks like, it is going to stay here for a very long time for an awkward reason. Against all the odds we have managed to get a heads up by some of our subscribers who have already received an invitation email to their inbox offering them a unique opportunity of making trucks load of cash on a daily basis, start from today. So, before you are going any further and taking such a dramatic decision, be sure to read our fully transparent scam review, and trade safe!

Orion Code photoEdward Robinson has been claiming that he is a multi-millionaire and the nicest guy in the world, a philanthropist who helps people making a lot of money for free, and the CEO & founder of the Orion Code. He mentioned that he is going to make you $100,000 in the next 30 days with his no loss software, otherwise he will pay you $5000 out of his own pocket. Moreover, we have also been told that this auto trader is actually a highly sophisticated piece of software which could generate an unlimited amount of profits for an unlimited amount of time, no losses and the winners never stop. Other than that, he said that the reason they never lose a single trade is because that their Orion Code system is much faster than anybody else, and therefore, they are always one step ahead of any other service placing trades on the markets.

Likewise, during this 40 minutes presentation, we have also been told by the actor that the auto trader is a bot system that he was fully developed with a team of tech wizards, based on the NQS technology, an innovative technology that allegedly could predict none less 100% winning ratio on the financial markets and at the same time to execute the trades in the blink of an eye. Mr. Edward Robinson was claiming that a newcomer will be generating none less than $10,000 in a single day, and that he is aiming to turn you into a millionaire overnight, just like he already did with his previous 350 members who joined him since last year.

Orion Code photoAs mentioned, the Orion Code is nothing but an innovative SCAM which has been developed by the same creators who stand behind the Quantum Code, here is our full review for those of you who might doubted it for a moment. Other than that, you can clearly see that we are talking about the same video presentations once you open them both, the only difference that you will notice is the names and the main actors. Therefore, in this case, we are pretty much convinced that there is no point or any legitimacy to join to this kind of copied system, literally.

Nonetheless, earning tens of thousands of dollars per day is without a shadow of a doubt a misleading information let alone a complete lie which has been created to manipulate novice traders in order to deposit their hard earned money into one of their bogus trading accounts. Furthermore, not only that earning this kind of illusionary sums of money per day is not going to happen soon, becoming a millionaire overnight by our Mr. nice guy is also a complete fake illustration of what won’t happen if you decide to join to their fraud service.

Orion Code photoMoreover, the Orion Code software is advertised like a well-known and established company with many respectful achievements, a company which allegedly created a new 350 millionaires since last year. However, if you look at their domain age credentials on, a well-known domain-age-checker, you won’t be so surprised to find out that the website was initially registered on 12-sep-2016, meaning last month! And if you Google “Orion Code” or “Orion Code LTD” you won’t find anything on pages 1,2 and 3 but scam reviews exposing this fraud!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Please – Please – Please!!! Don’t fall for this trap!!! An unreliable service promoted by shady promises like turning you into a millionaire overnight? Come on! You deserve much better than this piece of crap that will drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit! The Orion Code app by Edward Robinson is a fishy website, created by scammers who want to commit a fraud on your back, you can easily find that we are dealing with a phony and copied service just like its old version, the Quantum Code, which regrettably has managed to suck a lot of money from its innocent users who were hoping for a brighter future! Therefore, we have no other choice but to conclude that the Orion Code is nothing but a money making scheme that you better stay off of it!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Orion Code is a SCAM!!

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