Opus Formula Software is a SCAM!! Trusted Review!!

Opus Formula Scam Review!

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Lex Simmons Junior is not the owner / founder of the Opus Formula software! Actually, he is nothing but a paid actor who has been hired in order to lie in front of the camera by a group of vicious scammers with an aim to lead you to a sales page! Unfortunately, this lame Auto Trading system is pretty much going viral through email marketing and probably other media channels, including social networks, and as a result, people are being scammed and their money is lost! Therefore, in this scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies, misleading information and paid actors who have been hired to play the game of the new millionaires. So, if you were wondering whether to make a deposit and to start trading with the Opus Formula scam, or not, make sure to read our full and honest warning review, and be safe!

Opus Formula photoThe main actor in this promotional video claimed to be named Lex Simmons, a multi-millionaire who made almost 30 million dollars of his own fortune in less than one year, only by using the Opus Formula software. Furthermore, he was claiming that he doesn’t care whether the so-called gurus will be mad at him due to him exposing their secrets of their systems that literally were programmed to lose your initial investment in no time. Other than that, he said that he has created the Opus Formula in order to change our life for the better, a fully automated system that works on complete automated mode that could easily be generating for you none less than $10k per day. Likewise, we have also been told that this presentation will be automatically removed instantly after 100 plays, and therefore, you must hurry up, otherwise, you will allegedly be losing a life-changing opportunity.

Opus Formula photoAs mentioned, Lex Simmons Junior is basically NOT the owner of the Opus Formula program and actually, he has nothing to do with the binary options industry or in any other trading niche! Furthermore, we have tried to follow and track his presented identity in some different social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn in order to find some details about him or his company, but as expected, we couldn’t reach anything related to him or to a company he owns. Additionally, his claims of making millions of dollars overnight or by next month, are definitely not down to earth and not even close to reality, he has also been claiming of making up to $10k a day using the Opus Formula software on complete auto pilot mode and without even lifting a finger, which is a ridiculous! And if you read our latest review on the recent and genuine auto trader, the BinaDroid2.0 App by Troy Everett, you will understand exactly why you can’t make more than $900 a day!

Opus Formula photoOne more pathetic claim that we have been told with during the presentation was that the Opus Formula video will be removed and that the www.opusformula.co website will disappear from the internet once it reaches 100 views. And you will then be losing your lifetime opportunity of making real money. Rest assure that you have been lied and this is nothing but an old irrelevant selling trick that was meant to force you and to lead you to their shady sales page, which there of course, you will be assigned with one of their brokers in order to fund your trading account, and as a result, they will be getting their fat commissions on your back! Other than that, if you have watched this video from the beginning until the end, you have probably seen some ‘testimonials’ by people who claimed to be millionaires and successful traders who made all of their fortune with the Opus Formula software. Well, those people are nothing but a bunch of Fiverr actors, just like the guy you see at the picture, he was acting as a millionaire in some other scam production in the past, and owns a $5 gig on Fiverr as well, which there he offers his spokesperson services to the wider public.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Regrettably, the Opus Formula system by the nonexistent Lex Simmons Junior is unreliable software, based on lies and misleading information, which has literally nothing to do in the binary options marketplace. You are not going to become a filthy millionaire by next month and not even by next year by using the Opus Formula software or any other auto trader in the industry. Likewise, Lex Simmons Junior or whatever he named himself, is not a real owner of the www.opusformula.co website, but definitely a paid actor who got paid in order to manipulate you in exchange for a few bucks, so make sure to follow our advice and to stay as far away as you can from this rigged and unreliable system!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Opus Formula is a SCAM!!

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One of the most accurate auto traders in the BO industry is the BinaDroid2.0 App by Troy Everett, an upgraded version of the old and successful robot, the Binadroid1. We encourage our readers to trade only with tested and proven systems who have a massive amount of satisfied users around the world with a high percentage of successful trades per day. However, if you are not so sure whether you want to trade with the latest version of Binadroid, you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals page and to trade with a leading trading robot! Furthermore, if you are a beginner trader who seeks to trade with a legitimate broker, a broker that will pay your withdrawals on time and will offer you high returns on your profits, be sure to visit our legal brokers page and be safe! Please inform us with your private experience with the Opus Formula software if you had one, leave a comment below and share your thoughts, it will help us to warn other people from this fraudulent system!

Don’t fall for this scam!!

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