Is OptionBot 3.0 a SCAM? Trusted and Tested Review!!

OptionBot 3.0 Scam Review!

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The OptionBot 3.0 is a new automated service in the binary options industry, created and developed by the creators of the well-known OptionBot 1.0 + 2.0 and XE Trader, successful services which are no longer operate in the marketplace due to their old age. This robot and its innovative interface look promise and user-friendly, however, as you already know, before we decide whether to support a product in the marketplace, or not, it has to successfully operate first in order to gain our trust! Therefore, in this OptionBot 3.0 scam review, we will be revealing our general experience with the software (based on their demo account), the entire information we could have reached during our investigation, and most importantly, we will finally conclude whether you should trade with this robot rather than other successful services available online.

OptionBot 3.0 photoOptionBot 3.0?

Before we are heading any further and revealing our general experience with the robot, and reaching a solid conclusion, we will first share with you the whole of the information that we have managed to gain during this investigating process, in order to help you guys / gals taking an intelligent decision.

As mentioned, the OptionBot 3.0 has been created by the same people who created the successful OptionBot 1.0 and 2.0 as well as their successor, the XE Trader. All three are no longer operate in the BO marketplace due to two main reasons. First, their old age is no longer in their favor, and secondly, there are many others trusted and tested services in the market that have passed their performance ability.

OptionBot 3.0 photoSo, what is so special with the OptionBot 3.0?

The creators of this robot have decided to re-develop a new program that will be a serious competitive to the strongest robots in the industry. The OptionBot 3.0 software is NOT a fully auto trader that will execute trades on your behalf like “set and forget”, but a semi-auto trader that provides you with a list of available trades that you will then have to decide on which one to trade and which one to ignore.

There are a few more features include in the OptionBot 3.0 interface, like the Economic Calendar which is supposed to help you taking the right decision before you pick up a trade. Nonetheless, the OptionBot 3.0 comes with a free demo account charged with $1000 as promised by the developers, however when we decided to start using this robot, we have received a demo account charged with none less than $25k, right at the beginning, which is pretty impressive.

Other than that, the OptionBot 3.0 system is a bit different from many other automated services in the industry. A good example is that it has been developed with a minimum investment per trade of only $5, means that if you are a beginner trader you don’t have to break the bank and to hesitate too much before executing a trade. This issue, is definitely a good advantage to have, especially if you are a newbie investor who still wants to check things out and to be sure before you jump into the cold water.

OptionBot 3.0 photoHow does the OptionBot 3.0 work?

As mentioned, the OptionBot 3.0 is NOT a fully automated software that will execute trades on your behalf, based on a sophisticated and programmed algorithm that analyzes the market and with a capability to generate a constant ITM performance.

The complete opposite! This robot’s algorithm has been developed to scan the currency pairs markets (15 pairs if to be exact) and to find support and resistant levels. Then, the OptionBot 3.0 robot will provide you with only 6 available signals of 60 seconds period, each session. Based on this methodology, you will have to choose which signal you want to trade and on which signal you want to skip.

OptionBot 3.0 photoOkay! How does the OptionBot 3.0 perform?

If to be honest, trading with a semi-auto trader has never been so attractive for us. Why? The reason is, that you are not free to do other things during the day, and have to stay in front of the monitor during the whole of the sessions. Not only that, the OptionBot 3.0 provides you with 6 available and recommended trades each time, means that you have to think quick with which signal you want to trade, a thing that makes the entire process a bit complicated for newbies.

The OptionBot 3.0 performs relatively okay but not more than this. We have created our demo account and it was charged automatically with $25k right at the beginning. Then the robot has started to provide us with 6 recommended signals based on its support and resistant levels. We have tried to execute them all a few times, for 3 sessions, one after another, and frankly, the results have shown that the OptionBot 3.0 has generated up to 75% winning ratio which is obviously not the best results that you can get using an automated solution in the binary options market.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Using the OptionBot 3.0 could be interesting but not as profitable as we were thinking at the beginning. This software is not a fully automated system that will ease your life and will execute trades on your behalf, therefore, not only that you will have to choose your own signals, you will have also to calculate whether they are suited for you each time, a thing that makes the whole of the process a bit harder and a lot more complicated, especially if you were looking for an automated tool.

Gorilla’s verdict:

Based on our average-minus results and the mentioned in this review, we are not supporting the OptionBot 3.0 as a top recommended signals provided, and discourage you from joining the service which is not as profitable as its creators claim.

With that been said, the OptionBot 3.0 is not a scam service like the Polygraph Millionaire, Profit 4 Patriots, and Optical Signal Trader which we have already blacklisted earlier this week!

OptionBot 3.0 photoIf you are an enthusiastic trader who’s eager to trade with a top recommended automated software, you are more than welcome to visit our best signals services page, and be rest assured to trade safe! Furthermore, our top rated auto trader is without a shadow of a doubt the CodeFibo App by Professor Matthew Lewis, an accurate system, based on the Fibonacci indicator which could predict winning trades with at least 87% win rate on a daily basis!

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