Optical Signal Trader is a SCAM!! OST App Honest Review!

Optical Signal Trader Review!

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The Optical Signal Trader a.k.a OST App by Dominic Shepherd is a new automated trading tool in the binary options market, allegedly aims to generate at least $3000 a day for new members on complete auto pilot mode. Unfortunately, we are informed by some of our blog subscribers that this software is going viral since yesterday night, and therefore, we have decided to upload a warning scam review as soon as possible, in order to protect new investors from falling for this unreliable system. Furthermore, in this review, we will be exposing the entire parts in the OST App production that were led us into a one scam conclusion. Moreover, for those of you who are interested in trading safely with a top rated service instead, we will reveal our best alternative robot these days that could really make a change.

Optical Signal Trader photoDominic Shepherd has been claiming in this video presentation that he is the “boss” of the Live The Dream Life Club and the official creator of the Optical Signal Trader software. He mentioned that the OST App is an innovative automated robot, based on optical data transferred from one place to another in the world by super-fast servers located across the globe, servers that are allegedly 10 X faster than the public servers that are generally used by other trading platforms. Moreover, we have also been told by Dominic that with his sophisticated software, we will be generating none less than $3000 per day, every day, to the rest of our life.

Before we are heading any further and sharing some of our experience and thoughts with you, we want to mention first some of the other details that we have heard during this video presentation by the “owner” himself. So, not only that he has promised that you will be making $3000 per day, he also mentioned that the OST software is a “risk-free” app, means that you will never lose a single trade using the Optical Signal Trader robot. Other than that, he was claiming that at the beginning, back than in 2014, they were not associated in the binary options industry, but in the affiliate marketing niche, and that their members have been making $175 – $350 per day. However, Dominic said that he was looking for more opportunities to expand the business, and that was exactly the point when he decided to develop an automated trading tool that will trade on complete auto pilot mode without human touch.

Optical Signal Trader photoIf to be honest, those websites are looking too shady and are the exact definition for “too good to be true”. However, before we are going to conclude this vicious business, we will be revealing the whole of the information that we were able to get during our investigation. So, first thing is that you better know that there is no such thing as generating $3000 a day with an automated trading robot, in most cases, even expert traders who trade on their own knowledge and trading skills are not reaching this goal. Nonetheless, if you read our latest results review, you will be able to see that even if you open a trading account with the most recommended auto trader in the marketplace, a robot that is 100% approved by top authority websites in the industry, you won’t be able to generate more than +/- $900 a day in the maximum!

Other than that, the combination “risk free” in the financial market is nothing but a theory term that has been taken from the theory books. Therefore, be rest assured that even though Mr. Shepherd has been claiming that the Optical Signal Trader software is a risk free automated tool, and that it has never lost a single trade since its creation, is a complete lie which has nothing to do in the binary options industry. Frankly, we are pretty much practiced and trained as reviewers, on how and with which approach we should go for each service. However, in this case, the OST App’s creators ease our life, while they were decided to advertise their product by claiming unreliable facts with wrong and misleading numbers in order to convince innocent investors to deposit their hard earned savings onto one of their accounts.

Optical Signal Trader photo And lastly, if you visit the www.opticalsignaltrader.com website, and scroll down below the video frame, you will see some quotes from very well-known financial magazines like the New York Times, Bloomberg and BBC. We therefore have decided to investigate this issue, which is completely impossible that these magazines will advertise and support a nonexistent company presented by an actor which reveals BS… The results were very predictable and as you guessed, those “quotes” are bogus and have been faked and edited by the site’s owners, and obviously have nothing to do with these financial magazines.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Optical Signal Trader software, as also known as OST App by Dominic Shepherd is nothing but a money making scheme, created and developed by a group of people who don’t hesitate to commit a fraud on your back. Not only that, the main actor who claimed to be the “boss” of the Live The Dream Life Club is nothing but a scam artist who has been hired in order to lie in front of the camera and to lead you to their deposit page, there of course, you will be able to say nicely good bye to your money. This offer is unfortunately going viral due to an email attack by their email marketers and promoters, therefore, make sure to realize that earning $3000 a day with a so-called “risk free” system is an unattainable goal which is not going to happen in the near future. We therefore, have no other choice but to officially conclude that the Optical Signal Trader is a complete fraudulent software!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Optical Signal Trader is a SCAM!!

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  1. What I don’t get is how they say you can never lose money because the put a last second opisite trade.so let’s assume you make a put trade for $25 to win 80% which is $20 making $45 payback.now let’s say things look bad at the last second and the software makes an opisite call trade and of course only one trade will win either the call or put.so you have now used $50 to make a put and call trade at $25 each trade and of course you win the trade and receive $4G which in reality is a $5 loss.you could only break even if the return on a trade was 100% which we all know is not possible.so they are talking big time BS!

  2. Hi To You AND I Thank You While You Confirm To ME That This OST
    IS A Fraud And A Scam And I Saved My Monies, As I Did NOT JOINED
    Them, What A CROOKS Thanks Con Velissaris Melbourne AUS

    • Yeah I got a question I live in the untied states and was wondering if the neo2 would work in this country I tried to fill out everything but it said to try a different email can you help Ashley

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