OptiBin Robot is a SCAM Software!! Don’t Deposit Before Reading!

OptiBin Robot Scam Review!

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We reckon that you would love to hear what we have to say about the OptiBin Robot before you go any further and fund your trading account! This automated software is a new binary options trading tool, created by a bunch of criminals who don’t mind to commit a fraud on your back, even though it is obvious that you will be losing your entire deposit within hours. Therefore, in this scam review, we will be exposing the entire lies and false promises that you encountered on this fishy website, including its unreal and edited demonstration video which has nothing to do with real trading. So, if you ever wondered whether to join the OptiBin Robot software or not, make sure to read our warning and alarming review before you take any financial decision that will put your investment in risk.

OptiBin Robot photoFortunately, we are blessed with loyal and supportive subscribers who help us getting and putting our hand on most of the scams in the binary options market. In this case, 3 of our subscribers have informed us recently about the OptiBin Robot software which they have gotten a shady invitation to their email account in the last couple of days, probably from one of their email marketers. Regardless of any previous knowledge we have about this kind of services, we have decided to start a deep investigation in order to find the entire truth and to help binary options traders like you and us taking the right decision without making financial mistakes. Nonetheless, before we are going to detail our results, which are pretty deplorable if to be honest, we want first to inform you guys that we find it astonishing how people are engaging with unreliable services rather than tried and tested services without even seeking for trusted and proven information from experienced traders who know what’s up in the industry from day 1!

The OptiBin Robot is a familiar service in some of its other shapes and versions. Yes, you have heard correct, the OptiBin Robot is a complete imitation of the iRobot Binary Options, another scam system which we have already blacklisted a few weeks ago, and if you read our full iRobot scam review, you will be able to realize what we are heading for. Moreover, not only that the “new” auto trader is literally a “copy & paste” program as you can see at the picture below, but its creators have also decided to feed us with a plenty of unreliable and unattainable promises on their www.optibinrobot.com website.

OptiBin Robot photoOn the OptiBin Robot site you can easily find a bogus information about the offered software. For example, in one of the paragraphs it has been written that “Thanks to technology improvements over the last few years…” However, by simply checking and verifying their domain age credentials and other available information by the Who.is tool, we have found out that this website was initially registered on 2015-05-29, means last year. So not only that this is a vicious and misleading detail that has been added with an aim to convince traders to think that we are dealing with a well-known company, it is definitely also not disturbing the creators to keep claiming false promises and to mislead their visitors out of their own interest.

OptiBin Robot photoImage source: Who.is

Other than that, this automated system is unfortunately being advertised mostly by email marketing, or through some unknown pathetic 5 stars websites that promote everything in exchange for fat commissions, even though they probably know that those systems were created to commit a fraud from the first place. Likewise, when you visit that website, you will be able to see this lame ‘demonstration video’ presented by an unknown voice narrator who literally does not know what he is doing or even how to trade binary options, or how to use correctly an automated software in order to gain real profits.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The OptiBin Robot software is a pathetic offer in the financial market, we couldn’t find the benefits that they have tried to talk about on their website. The complete opposite, we have no shadow of a doubt that falling for their empty promises and unattainable goals, will only put your hard earned money at a risk. Nothing is genuine with this automated program as we already mentioned, and if to complete this sentence properly, the OptiBin Robot is a complete imitation of the other scam, the iRobot which we already blacklisted a while ago. Therefore, we have no really another choice but to warn binary options traders and online investors from taking part in this shameful system, as the only thing that they will get is a big hole in their pocket and a huge headache.

Gorilla’s verdict: The OptiBin Robot is a SCAM!!

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OptiBin Robot photoProtect yourself! And trade with a safe software!

We encourage our readers to seek for honest reviews, fully detailed with proof and results before taking action and heading further to make a deposit. For the last few days we totally supported the CodeFibo app by Professor Matthew Lewis as our top recommended system. However, there are many other proven and trusted services in the industry like the BinaBot2 by Troy Everett which also provides amazing results and consistent stats to its assigned users on a daily basis. Other than that, if you are an enthusiastic trader who seeks for a legitimate way to learn the basics of the binary options trading, we would recommend to join the Mike’s signals group on Facebook, a free group of almost 10,000 traders from all over the world, with admins and top traders who provide the group with their professional trades!

Thank you for reading our full SCAM review. For your own safety, subscribe to our blog posts and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your mailbox! For further question, assistance and interesting ideas to review, please contact us and visit our Facebook group, Google+ channel, Pinterest and our new Instagram account.


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