OneTouch Trade is a SCAM Service! Full Honest Review!

OneTouch Trade Scam Review!

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The OneTouch Trade software is a fraudulent system, created and developed with an aim to steal your money as quickly as you deposit. The main actor who presents himself as Jeffrey Peterson who’s allegedly a success story of the company, is nothing but a paid actor who has been paid to get his paycheck. We unfortunately aware to the fact that this One Touch Trade is going viral due to an extremely pushy email marketing blast, and thus, a lot of traders and innocent people are falling for this vicious trap and losing their hard-earned money. So, if you have already received an invitation by one of their shady promoters, make sure to read our fully transparent honest scam review, and be rest assured to trade safe with a trustworthy program instead of this junk.

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$6000 in the next few hours is the main promise that we have been encountered with during us watching this presentation. Jeffrey Peterson has been claiming to be a one success story of many others who use the OneTouch Trade service. He said that he made over 700 thousand dollars since the beginning of this year, only by using this automated software on a daily basis. He also mentioned that the OneTouch Trade is a fully auto trading service, offered for free of charge to the worldwide public. Nonetheless, not only that we have been told that we will be earning thousands of dollars per day, every day, we have also been informed by an annoying pop-up when we tried to exit this website, that the company has already contains no less than 12,428 users from all over the globe.

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Frankly, we are pretty much convinced that most of the people who have been invited through email promotion or through any other kind of advertising streams like Facebook or Google ads, are aware to the fact that they are going to be scammed as quickly as they deposit. First things first, simply by testing the domain, we will be easily able to see that this website was initially registered on 2016-12-05, means 5 days ago. So, hopefully a person with a common sense knows that a 5 days old website does not able to have the abilities to recruit 12 thousand members, right?

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Other than that, earning $6000 per day is without a shadow of a doubt not going to happen in the binary options trading industry. Claiming that the OneTouch Trade software is the most innovative trading solution that could make a significant change in your bank account is completely BS and the reason is simple. First, this is not true, and if you read our latest performance review here you will understand why BO traders are not generating thousands of dollars per day. And secondly, if you are a newbie trader who trades in the financial markets in some other niches like Forex and CFD, you probably know to estimate your daily revenues for the previous week simply by looking at the economic calendar, right? So, based on these details you should already know that the financial markets are changing thousands of times per day due to many economic and political events, things that obviously effecting the markets to change their price levels on a frequent manner.

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Unlike the OneTouch Trade system that is probably going to drain your trading account much faster than you think, there are many other unique and genuine services in the marketplace that based on real reviews made by real traders who use these products on their daily routine. However, our intention in this scam review is not to promote other services and to claim that the OneTouch Trade is a piece of crap instead. Having said that, we have no other choice but to help traders get the right feeling and intuition before they decide to take any further action and losing their investments. Likewise, an individual who is a bit skeptical at the moment can easily see another proof right below this paragraph.

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Be rest assured that staying as far away as you can from the OneTouch Trade software will be in your favor and will definitely save your money. This production is nothing but an artificial production, created with an aim to steal your money in the blink of an eye with a well-paid scam artist who’s lying in front of the camera of how he is getting paid thousands of dollars per day by clicking a OneTouch button. We therefore have no other option but to warn everyone who reads this review to stay far away from this fraud operation which have nothing to do with trading binary options.

Gorilla’s verdict: OneTouch Trade is a SCAM!!

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The best alternative service these days to this junk is without any doubt the CodeFibo app by Professor Matthew Lewis, an innovative auto trader that based on the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio, which could predict winning trades in the financial markets with at least 87% win rate on complete auto pilot mode! Nonetheless, if you are an enthusiastic trader who seeks for other legitimate and registered services to trade with, in order to improve your daily income, you are more than welcome to visit our top rated signals services page, and be sure to trade in a safe zone!

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