The Obcasio Software is a SCAM!!! Beware of a REAL Fraud!!

Obcasio Scam Review!

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The Obcasio software by Michael Watson is a new SCAM auto trading offer in the binary options industry which is unfortunately going viral for the last couple of days through email marketing, including social media promotions. We reckon that this automated product is not a genuine software that will generate for you a minimum of $2000 per day on complete auto pilot mode. Therefore, in this fully transparent warning review, we will be exposing the whole of the information we have gotten so far based on our extensive experience on the financial market, as well as from traders’ experience, who unfortunately lost their investment in the blink of an eye. Likewise, before you take any further action, make sure to follow our conclusion, and be sure to trade safe with a trustworthy system instead of this junk.

Obcasio photoMichael Watson has been claiming to be the CEO and founder of the Obcasio software. He said that on 24th of August 2005 he’s quit his previous job as a senior trader at one of the top investment banks in the world and has started working on his innovative program of creating an automated robot that will make money on the financial market based on a sophisticated algorithm that he and his developers team have coded. Michael has also mentioned that since 2014 he created 100 new millionaires who generate at least 2000 dollars per day, and nowadays he is opening the doors one last time and inviting 100 more random people to participate in his 2016 Obcasio group.

Obcasio photoWe hate to be the ones who ruin the parties though, but someone needs to put an end to this story don’t you think? If we plan on revealing the truth and exposing the entire lies that we have heard during this video presentation, then we’re going to have a much easier work to do. So, before we are planning to proceed any further with this Obcasio scam review, we have decided to check the website’s credibility with the help of, a well-known domain-age checking tool. So, the results are clearly showing that this website has officially been registered on 2016-11-03, which means two weeks ago. So how exactly Mr. Watson has recruited 100 people since 2014 if the Obcasio software website wasn’t alive back then in 2014…

Obcasio photoMoreover, “becoming a millionaire”, “this is the final day so you need to hurry” and “$2000 a day” these are all quotes from the Obcasio presentation. Do you really think or believe that there is an option / opportunity that you will become a millionaire or will be making none less than $2000 a day using an automated software? We do believe that the answer is obvious and that you are aware that these are nothing but lies. Firstly, generating $2k a day is impossible and definitely an unattainable goal, and here is a trustworthy and solid proof that will completely show otherwise. Other than that, claiming that “this is the final day” is totally false claim that aims to mentally force you to click the button. So, what will be tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? Still the “final day”? Frankly, this video presentation is a lame production and we do want to believe that people are much smarter than falling for this trap.

Obcasio photoNonetheless, if you take a step further and enter your email address into the form on the Obcasio website, you will immediately be transferred to their 2nd page which of course you will be assigned with one of their brokers. Below the video frame in that page, you will be encountered with some of their “satisfied users’ reviews” section which supposed to be based on real and active members who share their honest experience with us, right? So, as you can see in the picture below, this is definitely not an “active” member of the Obcasio software, but a stolen picture and a bogus identity.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t fall for this cheap Obcasio trap that has purely been created to steal your money as quickly as you deposit! The Obcasio software is an unreliable automated program on the market, created and developed by criminals who plan to commit a fraud on your back! Therefore, make sure to trade safe, use a trusted and tested services which have been developed by registered and legitimate companies only, and being used by real and active traders from all over the world! We therefore have no other choice but to flag the Obcasio offer as a dangerous scam operation!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Obcasio software is a SCAM!!

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