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NEO2 App Scam Review!

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The NEO2 AutoTrader software by Dr. Jack Piers is a new fully automated service in the binary options market that has never seen before. In this NEO2 scam review, we will be revealing the whole of the information that we have about the software and about their special offer of focus group opportunity for beta testers, especially for beginner trader. Moreover, in this scam review, we will discover our performance and trading results as well as traders results along the way and will update you with all of the required & relevant information and valuable tips before you take a financial decision of whether to join the service or not. So, if you are one of those investors or day traders who interested to make a change in their financial situation or you might want to try something new, to trade with a piece of software that has never seen before in the industry, you are more than welcome to read our full NEO2 App review!

NEO2 photoThe people behind the NEO2 AutoTrader are serious folks of experts who developed a very interesting and powerful automated software that based on many complicated features that we are about to reveal in a moment. Likewise, the NEO2 App company offers its unique auto trading software to the a new beta testing focus group for a limited time only for free of charge, and we honestly don’t know how much time it will take up until they will close the doors. So we are honored to say that we have proudly joined the service and will start using the NEO2 App too. Of course that we will keep update all of our readers with the AutoTrader’s performance as soon as we have enough results to add to this review. (The results + general performance will be at the end of this page).

NEO2 photoDr. Jack Piers, the CEO & founder of the NEO2 software and a weather enthusiast, plus the designer of the AutoTrader, Amit Gupta the lead programmer and Michael Freeman, one of the best binary options strategist, auto trading developer and a famous mentor in the binary options industry have collaborated together in order to create something unique and special that will replace the whole of the junk services that aim to steal money from newcomer traders who want to make a legitimate money online with a reliable and reputable piece of software that will help them grow.

NEO2 photoNEO2 AutoTrader in the press:

The Washington Post: “The convergence of weather predictions and trading algorithms may possibly make NEO2 the first form of legal insider trading.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Using sophisticated satellites to predict weather behavior for commodity trading is a game changer.”

The NEO2 App was made by the principals of solar tracking, environmental forecasting and market trading algorithms that predict winning trades in the financial markets of up to 85% accurate ratio, which is staggering results!! The NEO2 AutoTrader actually knows to recognize highly profitable market’s opportunities of the weather that directly impact on the economy. Means that the NEO2 App knows how the changes in the weather influence particularly on commodities like weed, oil and gas, a thing that helps to predict the changes in the price of these commodities. And as a result, you will be getting an auto trading service that based on unique algorithms that know how to translate those environmental changes into automated signals right into your trading account.

NEO2 photoThe NEO2 software is an easy to use automated program that even an inexperienced trader can take advantage of. Furthermore, the NEO2 has an easy-to-use user interface which is specifically designed to be smooth and clear. So regardless of trading background, beginner to professional trader, anyone can use the system. The platform has designed with these 3 easy-to-use functions:

1. NEO SYNC – That will allow several satellites to start processing to what the weather has behind the scene. Means that once you press on this button you actually allow the auto trader to start use its unique algorithms and to predict profitable trades for you.

2. NEO Auto Trade – The NEO2 App is now ready to start with all systems together and to automate the trades on your behalf.

3. Start now – once the yellow lights are on, click on the big button and the software will start executing trades right into your trading account.

To sum up this NEO2 review we must say that we were pretty impressed from this auto trader and definitely planning to use it as soon as possible in order to gain profits with an amazing piece of software first, and secondly, in order to provide you as well as all of our readers with the most relevant information regarding the NEO2 results + trading performance (at the end of this page!).

We have no shadow of a doubt that online investors will experience something new that has never seen in the binary options industry, the NEO2 App is a unique auto trader that will be able to generate a steady income from home on complete auto pilot mode for anyone who will be quick and smart enough to join the beta testing focus group for free of charge before all places will be taken.

Other than that, the auto trader is available to use via computer, mobile phone and even through your tablet. So if you are a newcomer trader who have no extra time to invest in reading charts and researching the market, you can trade with the NEO2 software on the go.

Gorilla’s verdict: The NEO2 AutoTrader is a legitimate App!!


NEO2 photoTo join the NEO2 beta-testing focus group CLICK HERE!

NEO2 Performance Reviews + Results!!

Update #1: 4/28/16

Well, after joining the Beta-Testing-Focus-Group of the NEO2 software by Dr. Jack Piers we must say that we’re astonished! The AutoTrader is definitely an optionally nominee to our top recommended AutoTrader, based on our staggering results as well as many other investors in the industry! In this short Performance review we will provide you with our results as well as tips for best utilizing capabilities of the NEO2 App.

Just to make is clear, the NEO2 software is a great auto trading service to trade with if you are a new investor in the binary options industry who look for making a legitimate money online. Moreover, we have proudly added the AutoTrader to our trusted and tested signals services page and will see in a few days whether to drag it to our Number 1 spot in the list. In addition, we use this automated service as well in order to gain profits first, and secondly, to provide our readers with a reliable source of information before they take a financial decision!

Trading with the NEO2 App is much easier than we were thinking at the beginning (all the satellites thing…)! Actually, every day trader can use it without any problem at all. The service is a fully automated of course but as you already know, we always support manual trading combined with our strategies in order to increase our daily revenue and to add some passion to the sessions.

The NEO2 interface includes those features (as you can see in the videos bellow):

  1. NEO Sync: This feature (button) is actually your first step to trade with the software. Once you press on the NEO Sync button you will be activating the auto trader and satellites will start searching for environmental changes for you. Means that once you press on this button you actually allow the auto trader to start use its unique algorithms and to predict profitable trades for you.
  2. NEO Auto Trade (A.K.A Trade Algo): Once you activated the NEO Sync button the auto trader is ready to get orders from its unique algorithms and to execute trades on your behalf. Therefore, pressing on the Trade Algo button will allow you to reach your main goal of qualified signals right into your trading account.
  3. Start Now: This is your final step in the process. Means that once you press on this button you give a permission to the auto trader to trade on your behalf.

NEO2 photoThese were your 3 steps of how to trade on complete automated mode with the NEO2 App. As mentioned, we totally support and encourage every day trader and new investors to add some spices into their sessions with a bit manual trading as well. How to do it you ask? No problem at all!

In order to convert those automated signals into a manual ones you must have a reliable connection with a broker you trust. We recommend that you will open a trading account with one of our top recommended brokers in order to stay safe. And if you are a USA resident, NADEX is your best option to trade with a legal and fully CFTC regulated broker.

Once you have activated the NEO2 AutoTrader by clicking on the NEO Sync + Trade Algo buttons you will be provided with a list of recommended signals to trade with by your own, sorted by name of asset as well as expiration time. You will then be required to copy those trades into your broker account and to manually execute them into your interface.

NEO2 photoTo sum up this short NEO2 performance review we must say that we have no shadow of a doubt that the novice trader who decides to join this revolutionary program will benefit from both worlds: outstanding automated signals + great opportunity to integrate manual trading also that will help you to understand the principals behind the binary options bible.

Take into consideration that joining to the NEO2 Beta-Testing-Focus-Group will help you grow and to take a step further into a financial wealth! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to trade with a leading automated service and to become an independent trader. Be sure to watch our recorded trading sessions with the NEO2 software, in order to stay up-to-date with a reliable results. Our session #1 was ended with $154.27 profits after 30 minutes only!!! Please contact us at for any query you have and we will be more than happy to assist you ASAP!

To join the NEO2 beta-testing focus group CLICK HERE!

Update #2: 5/11/16

Three weeks after the official release of the NEO2 app we have decided to edit our NEO2 review with a second update to the performance section. Scrolling down this page and you can see that we have added some of our trading sessions as well as a general demonstration video in order to demonstrate for you how the system looks like and on the other hand how to use it in order to get maximum results with a minimum investment.

Right at the beginning, Dr. Jack Piers, Michael Freeman and Amit Gupta have decided to make a minor change on the NEO2 interface as you can see at the picture below. The changes came from the basic thought of helping new investors and beginner traders to take control over their trades and to choose their favorite method and strategies.

neo2 changes photoThe changes are:

  1. Trade volume: You have now the basic option of choosing your preferred minimum investment per trade. Starts with $25 and up to $500 – up to you, however, we recommend to trade with a minimum risk.
  2. Strength above: A great feature that provides a solution to traders who insist to trade with xx% accurate ratio. For example, we trade with strength above 80% most of the time, a strategy that helps us to get many trades with a remarkable ITM performance.
  3. Risk: The risk scale is a “Play Maker”, this feature allows you to choose how many trades to execute per hour. Means that you can trade with risk level #3 in a “Chill” mode OR to trade with a risk level #8 and to allow the NEO2 software to execute more trades per hour.

Those changes have been added to the NEO2 interface in order to ease your life, and we have no doubt that a trader who seeks for more trading tools in his hands will get those with this wonderful auto trader.

Our conclusion hasn’t been changed during these 3 weeks of intensive trading sessions with the NEO2 AT, the complete opposite though! We reckon that a trader who wants to improve his daily and monthly income with the help of a sophisticated, easy-to-use and trusted software, will choose to join the NEO2 Beta-Testing-Focus-Group.

We will keep you update with our performance as well as trading results (profits), so please make sure to scroll down this page and watch our video updates. Other than that, join our Facebook group and stay connected with the industry’s most relevant news, subscribe to our blog in order to get a daily notifications right into your inbox about new services in the industry as well as scam alerts. For more questions don’t hesitate to contact us via email at Cheers!

To join the NEO2 beta-testing focus group CLICK HERE!

NEO2 Video Updates!

Update #1 – Introducing the NEO2 interface!


Update #2 – Session #1 – $154.27 Profit!


Update #3 – Session #2 – $177.73 Profit!


Update #4 – Session #3 – $281.72 Profit!


Update #5 – Session #4 – $1015.63 Profit!

To join the NEO2 beta-testing focus group CLICK HERE!

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