Nasdaq Inside Trader is a SCAM App!! Don’t Fall For This Trap!

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review!

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Don’t fall for this trap! The Nasdaq Inside Trader app by Alex Steele is a complete money making scheme that has been created to make fools of you and to steal your money in the blink of an eye! The software was officially launched yesterday night during the holidays time in prepare for today’s morning with an aim to get as much deposits as they can before the entire Binary Options blogs are going to blacklist this vicious offer. So, before you are going any further and take action, make sure to read our fully transparent scam review, protect yourself and your investment and be sure to trade safe with a reliable and registered company instead of this pure junk.

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Alex Steele, the voice narrator in this video presentation, has been claiming to be the owner and creator of the Nasdaq Inside Trader, allegedly the most advanced auto-trading software in existence these days. He mentioned that the app works on the principles of generating winning trades only by measuring the markets’ movements and trends on a daily basis in order to provide their 1231 users with at least $250 per hour. Nonetheless, Alex was claiming that trading with his Nasdaq Inside Trader app will benefit your trading account with no less than $180k a month, and if you fill in the registration form next to the pitch video in the next 3 minutes, you will be getting a remarkable $2000 welcome bonus. Likewise, we even heard that BO traders who decide to “invest” their savings into this service will be rewarded also with an automated software that knows how to predicts winning trades with an outstanding 100% accuracy on a regular basis.

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In order to put things into the right proportions, we would recommend you to forget everything you have heard during this unreliable video presentation. First things first, “Alex Steele” who claimed to be a CEO or Owner of the Nasdaq Inside Trader, is nothing but a voice narrator who’s gotten paid by a group of scammers who aim to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit. Other than that, be sure to understand that this fella has nothing to do with trading or any other company associated with binary options trading that offers a trustworthy service to its customers. For example, and a real proof, you can easily Google “Alex Steele” and you’ll find out that there is nothing out there but scam reviews on pages 1-3 on the search results.

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Furthermore, not only that earning $250 per hour, $4500 a day and $180k a month is not going to happen in the near future in the financial industry, during this presentation, the voice narrator has been claiming that trading with Nasdaq Inside Trader will benefit your trading account with no less than $6000 per day while at the same time, in the header above the pitch video has been written that you’ll be making $4500 per day. So not only that these details are wrong with no doubts, they’re also misleading you and the rest of the people who were listening to the presentation. Besides, even if you take step forward and trade with the most powerful software on the marketplace, you will never be able to generate this kind of revenues.

“Alex Steele” has also mentioned that his “auto trader” is the most innovative robot on the market that could easily predict winning trades with no less than 100% winning ratio, means that the Nasdaq Inside Trader app will never loss, and that each and every trade will end up win. This is ridiculous, and pro’s traders who trade for a month or two who know how the financial markets are working and operating know that losing trades is unfortunately part of the game. Moreover, not only that losing trades is part of the game, traders who don’t realize this, will most likely lose their investments on services that have literally come with only one and vicious aim of draining their accounts as quickly as they deposit.

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Our conclusion is simple and easy to guess. The Nasdaq Inside Trader is a complete fraudulent system that has been created in order to steal money from innocent people who’re interested in investing their hard earned money onto a legitimate and genuine trading tool that will help them getting a financial freedom. However, this wet dream is without a shadow of a doubt not going to happen, especially not with this phony and bogus software that will allegedly make you a millionaire overnight. We therefore have no other choice but to conclude that this offer is nothing but a pure scam and a very dangerous place to invest your cash!

Gorilla’s verdict: Nasdaq Inside Trader is a SCAM!!

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