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Multiplexer Scam Review!

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The Multiplexer software by Richard Ewing is the newest automated system in the binary options industry which has been joined to the scam marketplace a couple of hours ago and going viral among innocent people who are seeking for legitimate opportunities online of making extra money to increase their monthly paycheck. Therefore, in this scam review, we will be exposing the whole of the bogus information we have regarding this robot and will provide you with the entire truth behind its creation and real vicious intentions! So, before you are going any further and losing your hard earned money into this piece of crap service, be sure to follow our guidance in this warning review, and stay safe!

Multiplexer photoRichard Ewing has been claiming to be the founder and CEO of Multiplexer system. He said that over the past 6 months he changed 43 random people’s lives by turning them into millionaires, simply by using his automated robot that does all the work for them. Moreover, during this presentation we have also been told that even if you are a complete beginner trader without any previous knowledge and trading skills, you will be earning at least $850 per hours, which means none less than $20,000 a day, indefinitely. Not only that, there were many other irrelevant issues in this very long presentation, like that if you trade with the Multiplexer App you won’t be paying taxes, or that this auto trader has never lost a single trade and will always win for you, and if to put the cherry on top of everything, we even been told that you will become a millionaire within 2 months from today. Funny ah??

We have always been wondering how people are falling for these scams? Isn’t it obvious that you are cheated when you are told that you will become a millionaire in 2 months from now? Or when a paid actor claims that his automated robot (a.k.a Multiplexer Software) has never lost a trade? Well, it is obvious! And frankly, it’s terrifying to encounter with the amount of innocent people who literally deposited their hard earned savings, pensions and monthly paychecks into these online frauds! Furthermore, not only that it is scary to look at these numbers, it is without a shadow of a doubt a deplorable situation which clearly shows how people are not seeking enough for trusted and proven information before they take action!

Multiplexer photoHere are a few quotes from the Multiplexer software presentation, we will deeply discuss about them in a moment!

“$850 every single hour, indefinitely”

“$20,000 a day, every day, for the rest of your life”

“Tax free”

“The Multiplexer App has never lost a trade”

“Risk-free opportunity”

“Anybody can make a million dollars in less than two months, even without any prior trading experience”

First, earning $850 per hour or $20k per day is a pure lie, and an unattainable goal that no one can reach in the financial market, even if you are a top trader at the most famous hedge fund firm on Wall-Street! You can read this proven results review that easily confirms our claims about earnings in the financial markets. Be sure to realize that if you choose to trade with a trusted auto trader which has real and active users using it on a regular basis, you won’t be making more than +/- 1k a day, even if you are an expert trader who knows what he’s doing.

Multiplexer photoOther than that, Richard Ewing who claims to be the owner of the Multiplexer software, is nothing but a scam artist who’s got paid in order to lie in front of the camera and to lead you to a registration page, there of course, you’re supposed to take your credit card out of your wallet and to make a deposit onto one of their trading accounts with the brokers. Nonetheless, his claim of becoming a millionaire within 2 months from now is purely not going to happen soon, and if you trade binary options for one or two days, it is enough for you to understand that something is fishy here!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Make sure NOT to fall for this honey trap! Promises like becoming a millionaire, earning thousands of dollars per day, and even trading with a risk free software, are not going to happen in the near future and are nothing but empty claims! The Multiplexer system is a FRAUD! Any objections? We have no doubt that you all agree with us that none of you are really going to make a penny with this money making scheme, at least that what we hope so after a full scam review with proven facts and explanations as for why you shouldn’t stay close to this kind of services. Furthermore, the Multiplexer software’s “owner”, Mr. Ewing is nonexistent, and nothing but a paid actor who promotes everything in exchange for a few bucks! We therefore have no other choice but to conclude that the Multiplexer System offer is a pure SCAM!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Multiplexer Software is a scam!!

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