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The Money Code software by Paul Thomas is a real joke that definitely has nothing to do in any financial market, especially not in the binary options industry! Unfortunately, this bogus website is becoming extremely promoted by online marketers who want to earn a few bucks on your back. So, before you take any further action and decide to invest your hard earned money in this fake system, make sure to read our fully transparent scam review, and be safe! Moreover, in this review, we will be exposing the whole of the lies that we have been told during the presentation, and on the other hand, will provide you with much better alternatives to trade with, instead of this Money Code Scam!

Money Code photoPaul Thomas, the person behind the voice narrator, and the one who supposes to be the ‘owner’ and ‘creator’ of the Money Code software, was claiming that once you decide to join to his automated system, you will be getting none less than $1225 within the next 6 minutes. Moreover, Paul was saying that we have been exclusively invited to test the Money Code software before its release to the wider public, and that we must hurry up because he can offer only 15 more spots for new testers. Additionally, during this promotional video, we have been told by the voice narrator that traders who decide to trade with his ‘innovative’ auto trader, will be earning up to $30k per day on complete automated mode by a robot that based on C-code, an algorithm that allegedly knows how to make “free money” into more “free money” only by ‘feeding’ it.

Money Code photoLet’s get straight to the facts! This scam website was initially registered on 2016-06-04, means 2 months ago. However, once you visit the website you immediately can see that the people behind it have decided to manipulate beginner traders with a faked logo, based on the well-known CNBC website which obviously has nothing to do with this rigged system. Other than that, the voice narrator was claiming that those 15 people who decide to join, will be getting none less than $1225 deposited into their bank account in the next 6 minutes only by testing out the Money Code software. Well, needless to say that this is a pure lie and practically not going to happen. We assume though that this is their filthy way to manipulate newbies to invest their hard earned money, by knowing that they will get it back within the next 6 min, however, take into consideration that you are not going to get even one single penny for using the software.

If you had a doubt so far, then rest assure that our fella, Mr. Paul Thomas is a nonexistent person and not the real owner of the Money Code, but a complete invented identity that was added to this promotional video in order to fill it with more ‘convincing’ content. Furthermore, due to our investigation, we couldn’t find not even one profile or a company name associated with ‘Paul Thomas’ in any social network available online, including Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn. Actually, we don’t even know on which company we are talking about…

Money Code photoMoreover, we don’t really know on which “C-code” the voice narrator was talking about, even though we have an extensive experience in the binary options industry, as traders as well as bloggers. He was claiming that the Money Code Software is based on a C-code algorithm that knows how to torn “free money” into more “free money” only by feeding it. Well, if this is not a joke, we don’t know what joke is. Obviously, in the binary options industry, as well as in the Forex market, there are many reliable services that were created by programming and developing unique algorithms that know to read the markets and how and when to execute a trade. For example, we have uploaded at the beginning of this week our full review about the BinaDroid 2.0 by Troy Everett, a great auto trader that based on Android technology and that includes many other features to ease our life as traders who want to automate our trades as much as we can.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

We have no doubt that most of the people who visit the website and watched this presentation, know already that we are dealing with an unreliable service, full of lies, misleading information and fake promises about money that you will never get! The Money Code software as well as ‘Paul Thomas’ himself, are nothing but a pure lie that was created by the real scammers behind this shameful website. Make sure NOT to fall for this scam, keep our advice and stay as far away as you can from these fraud systems that were created to drain your trading account as soon as you deposit. With all that been said, we have no other choice but to conclude that the Money Code is a SCAM!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Money Code is a SCAM!!!

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