Modern Profit Professor is a SCAM!! MPP Software Honest Review!

Modern Profit Professor Scam Review!

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The Modern Profit Professor software by Marco Adessi is a new SCAM auto trading robot in the binary options industry that yet to go viral among traders. However, its creators have already started to send “invitation” emails to online investors in order to get some sales and deposits into their vicious accounts. We therefore decided to upload this warning scam review in order to let our subscribers as well as blog readers know with whom they are dealing with, and all of the dangers including in signing up with the Modern Profit Professor app. Likewise, if you are one of those traders who already received their invitation to become a millionaire and to join Marco Adessi’s team, be sure to read this transparent review till its very end, and be safe!

Modern Profit Professor photoAnd the Oscar goes to…

Marco Adessi is the main actor in this promotional video. He mentioned that during his previous job as a telemarketer, he got into a conversation with a successful trader on Wall-Street named Harrison Glass which offered him a very generous job in his hedge fund company. And once he learned the tricks of the trade he started to make millions of dollars and became a wealthy man. Marco said that Mr. Glass passed away 4 years ago, and in order to keep his legacy alive he needs to continue changing other peoples’ lives as well, just like Harrison changed his life a few years ago.

During this presentation, Marco Adessi allegedly scheduled a meeting with one of his programmers in order to reveal some in-depth information about the Modern Profit Professor software to the audience. This guy said that this auto trader is a bullet-proof system that literally knows what the markets are going to do, based on a “hybrid of binary options” and the moving average paradigm (what???). He also revealed that the software analyzes assets that have tremendous interest but hardly any investment at the moment, this lets the software know that it is about to explode on the market and to create a lot of profits for its users.

Modern Profit Professor photoAnd what about their website???

Okay, so after revealing some information about the Modern Profit Professor software and Marco Adessi, the main actor, based on this promotional video, we are now planning to expose the whole of the lies, misleading information, and of course, the Fiverr actors who allegedly became millionaires within a few months of using the robot and now living the dream…

When you visit the website, you vividly can see that the creators of it are promising to their site visitors to be able to generate none less than $5000 per day right at the beginning. However, when you scroll down and looking at their FAQ section, you can clearly see that they are promising to their clients to be making at least $2500 per day. And if to make it funnier than this, if you have listened to Marco Adessi during this presentation, you have probably noticed that he was claiming that you will be generating at least $800 per day guaranteed… So to whom should we believe? What is the truth? $5000, $2500 or $800??? In other words, we can describe it as a pretty lame presentation and website without consistency or reliability!

Modern Profit Professor photoWait, that’s not all…

We have decided to keep reading their promises in their FAQ section, there they are roughly promising that the Modern Profit Professor was established by its founding members on March 2011, but when we checked its domain-age credentials by, a domain-age checker tool, we have found that their website was initially registered on 2016-07-10, means last month. So here you go, another bogus claim and obviously a pure lie that those scammers are trying to feed us with, in order to gain some commissions on our back!

Modern Profit Professor photoImage source:

Other than that, needless to say that those people at their “testimonials” section, who allegedly provide real and honest reviews about the Modern Profit Professor software, are nothing but Fiverr actors who have $5 gigs on the marketplace, there they are offering their “spokesperson” services in exchange for $5 per 50 words.

So what should I do now?! I want to make legitimate money without falling for scams!!!

Fortunately, there is a hope in the binary options industry, and not all of the auto traders are scams like the Modern Profit Professor or many other similar services as you can find on our blacklist page!

Our top recommended auto trader these days is definitely the well-known Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin. A staggering automated robot that scans the commodities and currencies markets and executes trades on your behalf with up to 85% winning ratio. Besides, when you decide to join their 95% partners’ program you get 30 days of free trial, and once this month ends you have the opportunity to keep profiting with the company in exchange for only 5% of your monthly revenues!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Don’t settle for less than the best you can get in return for your hard earned money! The Modern Profit Professor by the actor Marco Adessi is a pure fraud which has nothing to do in the binary options industry or to any other financial niche! Be rest assured that people who decided to make a deposit in one of their shady accounts, without checking for reliability and legitimacy of their nonexistent company, have probably already lost it all within a few hours or so. Therefore, make sure to follow our most valuable advice and stay as far away as you can from the Modern Profit Professor offer to save your money!

Gorilla’s verdict: Modern Profit Professor is a SCAM!!

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  2. Thanks for your new review about Modern Profit Professor Scam, I’m glad to hear that so I can stay away of scam program.

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