Michael Freeman’s Signals Group On Facebook – Registration page!

Michael Freeman’s Signals Group

We crossed the 10K members !!!

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Michael Freeman is the most famous online binary options trader and a great mentor. He has the largest YouTube channel associated with the binary options industry, at this YouTube channel you can find lots videos on strategies, tips and scams warnings. Michael Freeman is a real person, no fake image or a $5 Fiverr’s paid  actor like so many others. Michael Freeman is also the owner of the famous binary options portal, BinaryOptionsChannel.com which is a gold mine with a lot of important information on Binary Options trading, scams reviews and great ideas about trading in general.

This wonderful group is a secret signals group on Facebook owned by Michael Freeman. The group has more than 10K members traders from all over the world including its admins. This signals group active 24/7 but signals generates by the admins and the TOP traders 24/5 (Mon – Fri) with up to 90% ITM ratio performance. The admins, TOP traders and the traders themselves are from all around the world, this is what makes this signals group so unique and special!

When you decide to join this amazing group on Facebook you take the right financial decision for some reasons:

1. The admins in the group are the best binary options traders in the industry, they generate signals for the group 24/5, therefore, you will be provided with most accurate signals even if you decide to trade at 7 AM and even at 21 PM.

2. Additionally, there are TOP traders in the group, traders who already proved their unique trading skills and provide the group with their signals too.

3. The admins in the group teach the groups’ members their outstanding strategies and ways to recognize opportunities in the markets’ movements. Basically, they provided the group with weekly webinars which the traders can participate. Moreover, each month at the NFP release there is a special webinar which the admins in the group teach the traders how to react and to take advantage on the markets’ conditions.

Michael Freeman Speaks:

A REAL TRADER reveals his experience:

Snir, one of the admins and a TOP talented trader:

Faysal’s Testimonial and ITM Results:


1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE to clear your browser’s cookies.

2. Register with ONE of the brokers below or ONE of our Signals services

World-wide brokers: 1. TopOption  2. Porter Finance

US Friendly broker: 1. tradorax.com 2. Nadex.com

3. Register and fund your trading account.

4. Email us to gobinaryoptions@gmail.com with your full details.

Congratulations, You are in !!

Michael Freeman signals group


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62 thoughts on “Michael Freeman’s Signals Group On Facebook – Registration page!

  1. Hi Admin, i’m in South Africa, how can i register on your FB for signals? and recently my own is 24Option. so what details do you want me to send to you, and again do you also have signals for Forex, i have an acc with TRADEO and this copying is draining my account very fast, i now left with $194 from $250.

    • Hi Christopher,
      Indeed, Tradeo is scam system, and i’d recommend to stop trading ASAP and to withdraw your funds.
      Regarding the signals group, just email us your email address that associated with your FB account, so we will send you an invitation.

  2. hello,
    i hope you are well. After registration, what detail i need to send you..?? and is it auto pilot system..?? or is here any option for auto pilot..?? thank you

  3. Hello, I am interested and I know nothing about all of this. Could it be possible to explain this to me? I am ready to learn, if you can help me get started! I am from Quebec, Canada. Thank you! Christine

    • Hey Christine,
      You are more than welcome.
      First, all you need to do is to register with one of our recommended brokers / signal providers (auto traders).
      Then, just email us the confirmations and we will take care of you right away.

  4. OI pessoal do gorilla moro no Brasil e estou muito interessado em fazer parte do grupo do face do maike estou tentando me cadastrar na buffer e só dar erro o que eu faço já me escrevi no blog.

  5. I’m interested in joining the group, but I’ve got my own broker. What should I do please?
    Also how much is your monthly subscription?

    Yemi Ope

  6. Please am having problem filling the copy buffet software registration form,i used my email and password to sign up n was congratulated and I was to move to step two of the registration where to deposit but I can’t find my way through,i sign in with the email n password,was told used another email,i have used several emails to no avail.all I want want is get a link to reach the broker to deposit and activate to start using the software,can anyone help me?

  7. I have an account with tradorax broker. The bot they have is not very good. Could not get it turned off so I could use a different one. Had to take most of the money out of the account before the bot took it all. The account is still open but am waiting for the refund to my card. What do you suggest I do to use one of the recommended auto-traders?

  8. I want to trade with copy-Buffet but having problem with completing their registration form, Despite cleaning cookies from my system, they keep rejecting my application by commenting, ” Please give us another e-mail address” I have given them my 3-4 email addresses but all of them rejected by giving same reason, Can you please guide me how to get my registration form accepted by copy-Buffet. I am facing same problem with Neo2.

    Jawed Imam

  9. Hey gorilla i just tried signing up i got to the part where it wants me to activate when i press it it goes to a new web page but nothing loads up can you help me with this?

  10. I live in Pakistan and interested in Binary Option trading. I just had a little chat with the sales person on Top Option. On my question about Demo Trading, she informed me that first I have to open with $200, then they will allow me to demo trade for only 3 days. Is 3 days demo trade is sufficient to learn Binary Option Trading?

    Jawed Imam

    • Hi Jawed,
      TopOption is a fully regulated broker and 3 days is the minimum… I have no doubt that within this period of time you will be getting a lot of experience + you will be getting access to Mike’s signals group so there is no any problem. Make sure to send us an email with all of your details so we will give you the access.

  11. Before signing up, I am wondering if you could explain some more about the signals…how many can I expect? How are the delivered? What times are the webinars? GMT times? Can you please give a few more details. I am stoked about using NEO2..thanks a lot.

    • Hi Lola,
      The FB group active 24/7. However, signals generates by admins and top traders 24/5 because that the markets are closed during the weekend. There are up to 100 signals per day generated by the admins and they are 24/5 all over the day. Yes, there are webinars, mostly on a weekly basis but, there are some special webinars like for the NFP release. Likewise, don’t forget to email us to gobinaryoptions@gmail.com once you sign up with the AutoTrader, we will then send you the invitation to the group. Have a lovely weekend Lola 🙂

  12. Can you tell me why copy buffet sends me to brokers that don’t allow auto traders?Tradorax and Glenridge!would like to try system,but need to know i can withdraw my money.
    Thank you for looking in to this for us.

  13. Hi i opened an account with Topopton and funded the account can you send me the link to mike signals group on facebook please? Thanks

  14. As a Canadian, which broker is available to me to use for trading options that is recommended by Mikes signals group?

    • Hi Alexander, please follow the instructions above and chose the service you want to trade with. Don’t forget to clean your browser cookies before you click on the links in order to avoid any problems. For further information we are here.

  15. Hi! have registered with Michael Freeman facebook and chose Topoption as my broker. Will fund my account tommorrrow but i want to know when is the best time and days to trade.

    • Hi Tummie, the trading sessions in the group are 24/5. Time and days to trade are up to the market of course. Please let us know when you plan to fund your account in order to send you the link to the group. Cheers.

  16. Hello, i opened a trading account with TRADORAX broker can you please send me a link to mike signals group on facebook ? Thank you!

  17. Hi guys, just registered with Virtnext and funded my account. I sent you a private message on the Facebook group with my registration details. Please send me a link to Mike’s signals group on Facebook. Thanks in advance!

  18. Hi,

    I just registered for Mike’s Auto Trader Software and made my deposit with the recommended broker accordingly. My questions are:

    -How does the process works-how do i get trade signals?

    -How do i joined the facebook group?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


  19. Thank you Gorilla team for entering me to Mike’s group! I am a total newbie and i’m pretty sure that i’ll learn how to trade binary options from the best admins the group has. I registered with Markets your favorite broker!
    Thank you very much!

    • Thank you Andis for sharing your experience with us!
      Mike’s signals group on Facebook is a great group for binary traders that want to learn from the best traders in the industry!
      Thank you!

  20. As a long time member of Mikes Signals group I only have good things to say.. Consistent high ITM results every week.. This group is a blessing

  21. Love this group, have been part of Michael’s group for almost two years now. I have learnt so much about trading, and we are all definitely a family. You will never find the support you get in Michaels group anywhere else.

    • Thank you Marili for your comment!
      No doubt that Michael’s freeman signals group is a great way to learn and understood how to trade binary options with a great admins and traders all around the world!
      Thanks again!

      • Hi, my lovely group.
        I’ve opened an account in TopOption and I’ll fund during three days. In addition I’ve joined Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group. I want to ask you some questions.

        I’m a clear newbie trader in the binary option world so how can I utilize of Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group to trade and where can I carry out my trades, what’s the role of TopOption in this process. Is there any binary option website related to Mickael Freeman to join, if there is, how can I sing up there?

        Sorry about my stuffing questions
        Please, answer me soon.
        Thank you very much.

      • Hi Gaber,
        If you have already a broker account + joined to the signals group then everything is fine.
        All you have to do now is to follow the signals in the group and to decide which signals to use.

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