Methodox 2.0 Software is a Fraud!! Real Warning Scam Review!

Methodox 2.0 Scam Review!

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Before you go any further and fund your Methodox 2.0 software account, make sure to read our full scam review! The Methodox 2.0 by Scott Sholes and his partner Mark is a new automated system in the binary options industry that allegedly aims to generate for you a decent daily income with a very reasonable accuracy on a daily average. However, don’t let those bogus numbers to make fools of you or to lead you into a deposit stage before you discover the entire truth about this software. Therefore, in this scam review, we will be revealing the whole of the information we have managed to find out regarding the new auto trader and will provide you with our concerns as well. Likewise, in order to complete the whole of the picture, we will also help you to choose your best alternative in regards to upgrading your monthly income with a legitimate and existent company, unlike the Methodox.

Methodox photoSo, what is Methodox 1.0 / 2.0?

Scott Sholes has been claiming to be one of the founders and the co-creators of the Methodox 1.0 software and its upgraded version, the Methodox 2.0. He said during this video presentation that he and his partner Mark have developed the initial version of the software based on his knowledge as a head programmer and Mark as the leading analyst of the trading firm they were both employed by.

Moreover, we have also been told by Scott that after this enormous success of the initial version of the Methodox app in about two years ago, they were approached by a few investment bank firms which have expressed their interest in the Methodox software technology and agreed to pay huge sums of money for the software. However, Scott said that in order to have that deal signed, they have to reach at least 1000 users to test the software for a period of one year of testing. Therefore, they are now offering the software for free for a limited time only, until they reach their 1000 spots of beta testers.

Okay, and how does the Methodox app work?

During this promotional video, Scott Sholes said that the software is connected to the databases of the top trading platforms and brokers’ websites. Likewise, the Methodox app allegedly can log into these databases and predict which assets are promoted by the owners of the biggest firms in the world, and as a result, its algorithm can also calculate the result of the trade, based on the predictions of top traders from around the world.

That was the story of the Methodox 1.0 & 2.0 by Scott Sholes. The truth? You better read this!

It might shock you, but the gap between the story you have just heard and reality is way too big! In reality, when you check their domain age credentials on, the results are clearly showing that the website was initially registered on 2016-02-15, means that the creators of this site have bought the domain 7 months ago. Now, if you heard Scott during this presentation, he was claiming that their enormous success has started 2 years ago when they launched the initial version of the Methodox software. So, if the Methodox website has just been created 7 months ago, how could it be that Scott Sholes was claiming that they have started recruiting customers two years ago? It is just not making any sense…

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Other than that, we are binary options traders as well as bloggers for a very long time in this industry, and if to be honest, this is the first time that we encountered with the name Methodox 1.0 or 2.0, or with its creators’ names. Not only that we have never heard about this automated trading tool, none of our subscribers or readers have asked us to review the software as well, not a month ago, and not even 2 years ago when they allegedly launched their initial version of the auto trader.

Methodox photoMethodox photoLikewise, when you enter your personal details on their homepage (which we obviously don’t recommend to do! Unless you want to get all these spam emails…), you will automatically be redirected to their second page, which is the registration page for the Methodox 2.0. Then, when you scroll down, you will be able to see their “Real Testimonials” section, which supposed to provide their intended clients with real and active members’ opinions about the product. However, as you can see at the picture above this paragraph, those pictures are nothing but stolen photos of innocent people who have nothing to do with trading or with any binary options trading tool.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Methodox 1.0 is a not existed auto trader in the binary options marketplace, as well as the Methodox 2.0 which allegedly supposed to be the upgraded version. This website might be convincing and informative with Scott and his Skype chat, however, we have no shadow of a doubt that this entire presentation is nothing but a one big edited scheme that was created in order to manipulate beginner traders with phony information. Additionally, during this scam review, we have provided you with our truth and what we reckon about the Methodox software. Therefore, in order to stay protected on the safe side of the map, without losing your hard earned savings, make sure to stay as far away as you can from this unreliable system called Methodox, which is obviously an indisputable fraud!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Methodox Software is a SCAM!!

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