Lucrosa Software is a SCAM!! John Lucrosa Exposed Review!!

Lucrosa Scam Warning Review!

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Lucrosa Software by John Lucrosa is a very dangerous auto trading SCAM system in the binary options marketplace that has officially been landed yesterday in the industry and unfortunately going viral due to a severe attack of email marketers. This alleged “Auto-Trader” software is promoted by promising lies and bogus information of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on complete auto pilot mode without lifting a finger! Therefore, in this warning scam review, we will be exposing the whole of these unreal details that we have been told during the presentation on the website. So, if you are one of those online investors who interested in trading binary options safely without taking an awful decision, make sure to read this valuable review till the very end, and stay safe!

John Lucrosa? Lucrosa Software?

The story behind this auto trading system is about John, which claimed that up until 4 years ago he was a fund manager in one of the leading hedge fund firms in London and that he was in charge of many satisfied customers with reputable portfolios. Moreover, he said that nowadays he is a leading mentor who owns a well-known trading firm in the online trading niche, called Lucrosa Inc.

Additionally, John revealed that the Lucrosa Software is a 100% risk free stunning automated system associated in the binary options market, which is a very easy to follow app, and even a complete newbie trader can start using it without experiencing any kind of troubles. He moreover said that the auto trader has proven time after time to generate at least $600 every single hour to each one of their users on complete auto pilot mode, and as a result, even a total beginner investor will be able to earn at least $7,250 per day.

Lucrosa photoSounds great isn’t it?

Indeed! This offer definitely sounds great, it is extremely easy to realize that the creators behind the Lucrosa Software website have made efforts by choosing the actors, had an enormous budget to spend, a thing that obviously helped them to create a 25 min video presentation with a High Quality production. But in generally, yes, this production could easily take the Oscar prize for scams in the binary options industry.

With that been said, if you are in the middle of reading those lines, we have no shadow of a doubt that you are looking for a reliable and proven auto trading system to trade with, and not a piece of crap, promoted by actors and by false details that were literally aimed to mislead you and to lead innocent people into a deposit page.

Why? What is wrong with the Lucrosa Software?

Well, in this case, it would definitely be much easier to ask the complete opposite question, means “what is right with the Lucrosa Software?” And in this case, the answer would be NOTHING! NADA!

First things first, when you search for reliable information over the internet about John Lucrosa, Lucrosa Software or even Lucrosa Inc. the only thing that you can find is nothing but scam reviews! For example, our friend from, which is definitely an authority website in our trading niche has already concluded “Without any doubt the service is pretty much a combination of deception and misleading information. Nothing inside makes any sense! A legit trading solution will never use fake actors, testimonials and promise such unrealistic return rates!”

Other than that, earning $7,250 per day with a 100% risk free auto trader??? Come on! Even if you are a complete novice trader in your first steps in the binary options industry, you were probably thinking deep in your mind whether this kind of thing could be real or the biggest scam online right?! So, be rest assured that earning thousands of dollars a day is an impossible thing in the binary options trading marketplace, as well as in the Forex niche, and without a doubt, an unattainable goal to reach! A proven and solid proof you can find in this most valuable article!

Lucrosa photoWait!! We haven’t done yet with the scam…

John Lucrosa has been claiming that the Lucrosa Software is up and running for years now, with many satisfied and happy traders from all over the plant right?

So, by the most famous domain-age-checker, the website was initially registered on 2016-07-24 which is last month… Pretty lame!!

Last but not least, as you can see in the picture below, “Alice Smithers”, the female trader from the UK who made over half million dollars since 06.28.2016, is nothing but a stolen picture and a bogus identity that has been created in order to make fools of you!

Lucrosa photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

Frankly, we could easily conclude this scam review by simply saying that the Lucrosa Software by the alleged ‘owner’ John, is the biggest scam online!

However, we won’t do this, and will instantly be mentioning our pointers that were helped us to reach our final conclusion. First, the company Lucrosa Inc. is nonexistent and definitely not related to the binary options market. Secondly, earning thousands of dollars per day or more than $200K a month is nothing but a rough lie which has nothing to do with reality. And thirdly, the real creators of this fake website stole profile pictures from innocent people’s profiles and used them for their own harsh interest, with an aim to build a fixed story that will help them to convince traders to make a deposit into their vicious accounts.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Lucrosa Software is a SCAM!!

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  1. Unless they had three camera crews, then there were MANY takes of the “real surprise visits”… So any street-wise person would strongly suspect Lucrosa is a SCAM.

    What is REALLY FRUSTRATING is that any legitimate, on-line system for making money online gets smothered or discredited by every SCAM offer that comes out…

    I would LOVE to identify the owners of the Lucrosa (or any other) SCAM, I’d love to set them straight… the invetsnet they put into scamming, could be used to promote products that work… there are genuine alternatives that actually meet the promises in the Lucrosa video that they COULD use… why the hell don’t they provide a genuine concept?

      • Hi so did I and not sure on who to contact to request withdrawal. I,m In Australia My alleged Broker Is Jack Barrigton , but even that could be a scam. Either way I think we all need to share these stories and close off their supply chain. And I think all our money is gone so cancel your credit cards immediately good luck everyone please advice if you get your money back.

  2. If he is claiming to make so much money in on day, why not deposit some money in some one account to start off with.

  3. i emmanuel farnacio please i need help for my system i don’t know how and to do to connect to traiding. i joint a $250 last sept.02 2016 but my system is stopped. please help me.

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