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The Lexington Code by Michael Lexington is an innovative binary options trading software in the industry, based on a lucrative system that has been developed by an expert team of traders, computer engineers and programmers. We have been informed by the company that they are planning to officially launch their product today, and therefore, we have decided to review the software as soon as possible, to help binary options traders to get full perspective based on fully transparent and informative review. So, before you are going any further and taking action, make sure to carefully read our Lexington Code scam review, and find out whether this new trading application is a complete scam or not!

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Michael Lexington was claiming to be the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Lexington Code. During this video presentation, he said that they are going officially on public today and aiming to recruit 25 new beta testers to join their existed team of traders who already profiting from using the Lexington Code app on a regular basis. Nonetheless, we have been told by the owner himself that due to their 9-months experiment, plus, their maintaining and software’s improvements algorithm, the Lexington app is now able to generate at least $500 per day and up to $5000 for advanced and serious members. Not only that, the price tag for the product is no less than $3500 per license per year, however, those who’ll take the chance to grab their spot, will enjoy a lifetime membership license for free of charge.

As mentioned, the Lexington Code is a trading tool, operates in the binary options industry 9 months in a row already. The way this software is executing trades is highly impressive though, and if to be honest, this is an outstanding innovative technology which we have never seen before on the market, not even with other top recommended services that have already proven to be success stories.

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Basically, the software executes trades of all types of assets which is precisely incredible! In the trading industries (Forex, CFD and Binary Options), a growth number of services are getting focused on one kind of asset i.e commodities or currencies or indices or stocks, a thing that naturally limits their performance and the amount of trades you as a customer get on a regular basis, which obviously effects your daily earnings. With the Lexington Code app, the story is much different since you get a plenty of trades of all kind of assets available on the market at any given time frame. Means that the software is helping you to diversify your investment and to leverage your daily revenues, consistently, without you need to worry about what kind of trades you get.

Other than that, the Lexington Code is a web-based automated software that does not require any download process or installation on your private computer or laptop. Therefore, once you decide to take action and to grab your free spot, all you need to do is to register a brand-new account based on your best email address and your name, so they will be able to send you your personal login details to the software. Having said that, we will certainly warn you guys to be aware to the fact that after a serious conversation with the company’s speaker we are sure that once they reach their 25 spots they are most likely going to close their gates. So, in case you are interested in registering a trading account, don’t wait until the last moment. Good example is Swarm Intelligence which has literally closed their doors after reaching a maximum users capability in less than a week, which is insane!!

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Why choosing Lexington Code? And what I get in exchange?

As a group of binary options traders with an extensive experience in the industry, we totally reckon that joining the service will benefit you with amazing results. First, you will get a wide range of trades executed on your behalf, not only one kind of trade, but a plenty of all kinds of available trades at any given moment ready to be used. Likewise, Michael and his team of experts are very responsive and it looks like we have a deal with a serious company that have created a user-friendly trading tool that supposed to go on public as soon as they reach their beta-testing-phase goal.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Lexington Code is not a scam system, the complete opposite! We have no doubt that trades who give it a try, will discover a prestigious software that allows them to control their trades automatically as well as manually throughout their trading sessions. Furthermore, joining the company’s project is completely for free of charge and without any strings attached, however, in order to register an account, you will have to act fast before they close their gates and going officially on public with an insanely $3500 price tag attached to their robot.

To sum up this Lexington review, we can easily conclude that we are glad to have it onboard, we certainly need more services like this one to operate in our industry. We have no shadow of a doubt that investors who decide to use the Lexington Code app will be amazed from its phenomenal capabilities and its ability to generate multiple trades from several streams of assets. We therefore encourage you all to claim and to secure your free license with the company as soon as you can.

Gorilla’s verdict: The Lexington Code is NOT a scam!

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Thank you for reading our fully transparent Lexington Code review! Be rest assured that we are making efforts to provide you folks with honest reviews based on real and active BO traders. For your convenient, visit our top recommended signals services page, in case you’re willing to read more reviews regarding other top rated software’s on the marketplace. Please comment below and share your thoughts to help other traders who need advice and guidance from other traders. Furthermore, contact us or email us at gobinaryoptions@gmail.com with any query you might have and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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