iRobot Binary Options is a SCAM!! Real Warning Review!

iRobot Software Scam Review!

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The iRobot auto trader as also known as ‘ibinaryoptionrobot’, is not the usual website that we pretty much familiar with of a presentation video with a few fake testimonials by paid actors and a registration form. This is a bit different, and as a result, is a most dangerous as well. In this warning SCAM review, we will be exposing the iRobot software for all of its lies, misleading information, and their alleged ‘demo account’ that was vividly created in order to lead you into their trap and to make a deposit (even though ‘demo’ should be free). Therefore, if you have been encountered OR landed on this website by mistake, make sure to read our full scam review till the very end, and stay safe!

 iRobot photoThe iRobot App is an auto trading software for binary options traders and online investors who look for an automated trading solution to trade on their behalf on a regular basis for generating automated profits. The website offers to its visitors the traditional service of an auto trading system as well as a demo account, so you allegedly supposed to practice trading before you make a deposit onto a real account. However, this is not the case with the iRobot software, and in order to trade with their demo account you have no other choice but to make a full deposit of at least $250 to activate your ‘free’ license. We totally did not understand this odd decision and completely don’t justify it, as a demo account should be a free service for beginners and newbies who want to practice trading before making a real investment.

 iRobot photoOther than that, the iRobot software is presented on the website as a binary options system with at least 85% winning ratio and at the same time a “100% risk free” trade. Well, this is ridiculous! How could it be that an auto trading software like the iRobot app could trade with 85% ITM performance and at the same time to provide its users with a “risk free” service? If you are a totally newbie trader, make sure to understand that 85% win rate means that the auto trader wins 85 trades out of 100 trades in total, means that there are 15 trades that end up loses. Therefore, claiming to have an average winning rate of at least 85 percent and at the same time trying to manipulate beginners by telling them that the iRobot software is not losing trades is a pure lie.

The website was initially registered on 2016-03-15 by the most popular domain age checker, means before 4 months ago. Moreover, the creators who stand behind this website are claiming that the iRobot software has already more than 2000 active and happy users from all over the world, and that its algorithm could generate more than 85 signals per day. They were also claiming that the iRobot software algorithm includes 6 advanced trading indicators (Trend Indicator, MACD, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator Indicator, Williams %R and CCI) that traders can select or deselect them on their trading sessions. And when you select multiple indicators, the software will execute a trade only when all the selected indicator will show the same signal.

 iRobot photoNeedless to say that we have been told many lies, misleading information and many other faked details that literally have nothing to do in the financial markets. First things first, the website was initially created 4 months ago, so we really don’t understand how all of a sudden they have more than 2000 users who trade on their platform on a daily basis. Strange isn’t it? Secondly, trading binary options with a trusted and tested auto trader is definitely not going to provide you with 85 signals per day or to make you tons of money as they were claiming. For example, if you decide to trade with the well-known Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin, you will be able to trade with a real auto trader that based on a registered and licensed company that practically offers 30 days of REAL free trail, and when this month is over, you have the option to keep profiting with the company in exchange for only 5% of your monthly revenue.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The iRobot software for binary options investors is not a genuine auto trader that based on real performance or results. The creators of this website are aiming to lead you into their trap by promising you a free demo account, however, as mentioned, when you proceed forward, you find that in order to trade with their ‘demo’ acc you have to make a full deposit into one of their broker accounts. Don’t let them make fools of you and don’t fall for this trap, “free demo account” should be as is – FREE! Additionally, a most bothering issue that these scammers are promising is that the iRobot software is a “risk free” auto trader, but at the same time, provides its traders with 85% winning ratio. As we explained earlier, there is no such thing as “risk free” in the financial market and those who promise it are nothing but liars who want to commit a fraud on your back!

Gorilla’s verdict: The iRobot App is a SCAM!!!

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Best alternative for the iRobot software could easily be the Copy Buffett App by Jeremy Fin, our top rated auto trading system that based on real and active traders’ experience from all over the world. However, if you still want to look for more legitimate opportunities to trade with, you are more than welcome to visit our best robots list and to be sure to trade safe! Likewise, if you are interested in trading manually, on your own knowledge and skills, we would recommend that you will open a trading account with our top recommended broker that will save your money, and on the other hand, will help you to upgrade and update your monthly income with a plenty of assets and high returns on your profits!

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