Insured Trading App is a SCAM!! Warning! Insured Outcome is Back!!

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Don’t deposit your hard earned money into the Insured Trading SCAM by Oliver Breitner!!! This automated software is a new money making scheme in the binary options industry, aims to steal your money in the blink of an eye! In this transparent scam review, we will be exposing this entire fraud which obviously is a complete imitation of the old and vicious Insured Outcome SCAM! Therefore, before you take any further action and decide to invest your savings into this piece of crap system, be sure to read our full scam review till the very end, and stay on the safe side of the financial market without being scammed and manipulated with unreliable details and bogus facts!

Insured Trading photoAs mentioned, the Insured Trading app by the actor ‘Oliver Breitner’ is the exact copy and paste website of the old and mean, the Insured Outcome software (see scam review here), which we have already blacklisted a few months ago in order to warn innocent investors and beginner traders from making a deposit into this junk! Basically, both services are exactly the same, nothing has been changed since the last time, and if you look at the picture below, you’ll clearly see how the creators were so lazy to even make corrections and spelling mistakes on their Insured Trading website.

Other than that, this promotional video is exactly the same one as we were encountered in the last time with the same actor who allegedly took 17 random people from all walks of life and made them all millionaires in less than 58 days. In this lame video, you can even hear that the main paid actor has promised and vividly claimed that you, as a new member of the Insured Trading software will be making none less than $750 per hour and as a result, your daily revenue will jump up and will be no less than $18,000 a day, or more. Nonetheless, the alleged “owner” revealed some extra details about the auto trader and why it is so special and more bla bla bla… But we definitely reckon that those details are irrelevant to be mentioned while we are claiming at the same time that this production is a complete scheme!

Insured Trading photoUnfortunately, the Insured Trading system is going viral since yesterday night due to a severe blast of email marketers and the creators themselves. Therefore, more and more traders are reporting to us about the growing amount of “invitations” that they are receiving to their inboxes for the last few hours, with vicious claims of “life-time opportunity”, “you can’t miss out on this opportunity” and much more shady examples. So, be rest assured that the Insured Trading creators are making enormous efforts to recruit more and more new members to fall for their invented scam and to lose their hard earned savings as quickly as thy deposit!

Moreover, earning $750 per hour or $18,000 per day is completely not down to earth! In the binary options industry, as well as in the global financial market, including the Forex niche, no one can generate this astronomical amount of money in so short period of time, not even expert traders who trade for years now, and not even beginner traders who trade with a top recommended auto trader based on a legitimate and registered company! Moreover, if you are a complete newbie trader who interested in expanding your monthly profit with a tried and tested trading program, you have no other choice but to take into consideration that even if you’re heading further and open a trading account with the No.1 robot in the industry, you won’t be able to generate more than +/- $900 per day or less, which is yet an amazing result to have!

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Insured Trading software is a definitely a cheap imitation of its previous version, the Insured Outcome app by Oliver Breitner, another fraud system which we have already blacklisted a few months ago with an aim to prevent newbie traders from falling for this honey trap! Be sure to keep our valuable advice, and stay as far away as you can from such services with zero legitimacy and credibility in the financial industry! This automated program has nothing to do in the financial market and is obviously not a genuine software with any advantages on other reliable and proven ones! We therefore have no other choice but to label the Insured Trading app as a total SCAM!

Gorilla’s verdict: The Insured Trading is a SCAM!

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