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Insured Outcome Scam Review

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Oliver Breitner, the founder and CEO of the Insured Outcome App A.K.A InsuredOutcome has decided to launch his auto trading software in the binary options industry and to allow to 17 new investors to join the service each and every day and to become new millionaires within the next 60 days of using the AutoTrader. In this Insured Outcome SCAM review, we will be revealing whether this piece of software a SCAM or LEGIT and will provide you with our general thoughts and final conclusion about all of the promises that we have been told during the presentation. The Insured Outcome software is going viral among novice traders, and being promoted mostly by email marketers and media buyers. Therefore, make sure to read our full scam review if you are one of those traders who looking for trusted and tested service to trade with in order to improve their monthly income.

Photo of Insured Outcome During the presentation at, we have been told by Oliver Breitner with many details about the Insured Outcome App. First things first, he claimed that he invested over than $50 Million dollars into this piece of software and said that over the last year and a half he gathered  best trading analysts and programmers in order to create the most powerful auto trading App that could work in the binary options market. Moreover, he said that the Insured Outcome works by the principals of 3 main ideas:

1. Bare metal servers scattered around the globe, which are 17 times faster than the public cloud servers. These servers allow the auto trader to spot small changes in trading conditions.

2. Superfast beta transfer: their fiber network provides low-resistance massive capacity bandwidth connectivity in any internet connection.

3. Insured Outcome protocol, a patented trading algorithm that analyses billions of market variables 1 millionth of a second before your trade expires. And if the Insured Outcome protocol recognizes a risk within its parameters, it places another trade in the opposite direction. So, in general, the Insured Outcome protocol is a back up to your trades and the absolute worth case scenario is you break even.

Other than that, Oliver Breitner said that the Insured Outcome App has never lost a trade during the last year and a half, actually since he was initially launched the service, which by our extensive experience in the binary options is a complete nonsense! We have no shadow of a doubt that there is no such thing in the financial market NOT to lose a trade. For a quick example, in order to demonstrate it for you, even a top recommended and leader auto trading software like the Copy Buffett software is losing trades on a daily basis, however, this auto trader has an outstanding 86% winning ratio that helps the trader to improve his/her daily and monthly income.

Likewise, he was claiming that by the end of the day you will be making none less than $18k, and by the end of this month your account will be charged with a staggering amount of $540k. Moreover, he said that you are about to become a millionaire within the next 60 days. So, if to be honest with you guys, you already know that we are not supporting any statements like those we have heard during this presentation. And if you visit our blacklist page you will find tons of services that were created in order to steal your money in the blink of an eye. However, in this case, although the creator has been claiming that we will be millionaires within 60 days, and much more foolish and stupid claims that are not down to earth at all, we tend to forgive about those ones and not to label the Insured Outcome App as a scam for some reasons that we are about to reveal in a moment!

Photo of Insured Outcome The Insured Outcome App is a new automated service in the binary options industry and has been presented by Oliver Breitner with all of the required information in order to provide us with the most accurate details that the auto trader has and what the investors will get if they decide to use the service. Furthermore, we usually receive a lot of complaint emails from day traders on a daily basis who use an automated software and lost their entire investment in a matter of hours, which is definitely not the case with the Insured Outcome App. This AutoTrader is a new service in its officially first day in the market and therefore, we cannot conclude that it’s associated with any fraud or scam service. However, once we get complaints from traders who tried the software and failed to improve their daily income we will immediately label the Insured Outcome App as a scam service and will add it to our blacklist page of course.

Take into consideration that since the Insured Outcome App is a new auto trading software, we cannot encourage you to trade with, without any proof that it actually works and generates profits. However, the binary options market is flooded with reliable services that have been proven and tested by us as well as many other thousands of traders from all over the world. As mentioned, Copy Buffett software is a great trading solution for the average binary options trader who seeks for a trusted software to trade with in order to improve his/her daily revenue.

The Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Insured Outcome App by Oliver Breitner is a new automated service in the binary options market, we yet to have the required information in order to officially conclude that it’s a scam offer. However, as we have already said, there are red lights above some of their promises, like being a millionaire in the next 60 days which is obviously unreal and you can forget that! During this scam review we have provided you with the most reliable information about the Insured Outcome, and on the other hand, provided you with the best alternatives to trade with. Be sure to subscribe to our blog in order to get the most reliable information about new services in the market to your inbox on a daily basis!

Gorilla’s verdict:

Meanwhile, we will not label the Insured Outcome App as a scam AutoTrader and will give it a chance. However, we encourage everyone who seeks for a reliable AutoTrader to trade with to visit our top recommended signals services list and to rest assure to trade with the best that a trader can get!

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Photo of Insured Outcome Make sure to trade with a reputable broker if you are one of those traders who love to trade on their own! Porter Finance is our top recommended broker with a minimum investment program for beginners, as well as a great trading platform based on the Panda’s technologies! However, if you are a USA resident, Nadex is your best alternative to trade with a fully CFTC regulated broker and a US based and legal as well! If you are in the middle of looking for a trading solution to trade with on your daily basis, take a tour to our top recommended signals services page and rest assure to trade with the best that you can get in return for your investment!

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