Instant Cash Club is a SCAM Software!! Beware And Open Your EYES!!

Instant Cash Club Scam Review!

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The Instant Cash Club software by the scam artist Jim Robinson is nothing but a FRAUD! The system is a new fully automated app in the binary options industry, based on lies, misleading information, stolen pictures and main actor who doesn’t care to lie in front of the camera in exchange for a few bucks! Regrettably, this piece of crap is going viral for the last few hours, so if you are reading those lines you have probably received a shady email to your inbox with some unreliable claims. So, before you go any further and heading to a deposit stage, we extremely recommend to keep reading our fully transparent scam review, ensuring you staying on the safe side of the industry!

Instant Cash Club photoThe story behind the Instant Cash Club auto trader is about Thomas Jordan and Andrew who created a piece of automated software that allegedly executes winning trades in the binary options market on your behalf and on complete auto pilot mode. Moreover, the main actor/presenter (or whatever he is) has been claiming to be named “Jim Robinson”, a regular guy who had a luck 2 years ago to meet up with Thomas Jordan, the creator and owner of the Instant Cash Club software. He said that Thomas Jordan is one of the most successful traders on Wall-Street for the last 20 years who collaborated together with his partner, Andrew, and decided together to automate their trading process into a one piece of software. As far as we understood from Jim, they are offering this auto trader for free of charge and only for a limited time only, till they reach an extra 30 licenses to giveaway.

Before we are going to expose the whole of the mentioned above, Jim Robinson, the main actor has also been claiming that he has come to learn how easy it is to make money online. And by his personal experience, he has made more than million and a half dollars within the last 6 months. Furthermore, he also mentioned that even if you are a complete beginner trader or online investor who’s interested in trading binary options, you will easily be making none less than $10,000 per day on complete automated mode, without even lifting your finger.

As always, let’s the facts talk!  

Jim Robinson, the guy who hasn’t stop talking during this presentation video is definitely not a “regular” guy who’s been fortunate enough to meet up with a creator of a trading software and to become a millionaire within 6 months! The saddest truth is that we are already familiar with this fella, and if you read our Altronix scam review, a warning review that we have uploaded to our blog a few months ago, you will be able to see the same actor who invites people to join his “most innovative” auto trader… So, as for start, be rest assured that the “regular guy” named Jim Robinson is nothing but a scam artist who’s getting paid in order to lie in front of the camera.

Not only that though, during this review, our mate, Mr. Jim Robinson was saying that the Instant Cash Club software is the best automated trading application in the industry, an auto trader that could change your life for the better, and even could make you a millionaire within a few months. So, if you are a complete newbie trader who’s trying to get started with a legitimate and licensed software, make sure to understand that in the financial market there is no such thing as becoming a millionaire within 6 months or so. With that been said, making money online / in the binary options industry is attainable goal, however, if you read our latest informative review here, you will see that even with the most recommended auto trader available online, you won’t be making more than $900 per day, which is a very impressive result to have as a novice trader.

Instant Cash Club photoDuring this Instant Cash Club software presentation, the presenter has been saying “this is Thomas Jordan” and then all of a sudden, the picture that you can see above this paragraph has been shown, right? So, in order to verify who the guy in the picture is, we simply went through the Google search engine. And as you can see in the picture below this paragraph, this “Thomas Jordan” is nothing but a stolen photo from the search results, as well as a bogus identity which has been created in order to manipulate investors with unreliable information, or in other words, pure lies!

Instant Cash Club photoThe Gorilla’s Conclusion!

The Instant Cash Club is a fake system and obviously not a genuine auto trading software that will change your life for the better! In fact, the website is a shady website, full of misleading parts, including one main scam artist who will say whatever you want in exchange for a few dollars, stolen pictures and many other phony promises that have nothing to do with reality. Unfortunately, the binary options industry is flooded with many other schemes that were created with an aim to drain your trading account as quickly as they can. Therefore, in order to avoid such cases, make sure to subscribe to our blog and be rest assured to stay on the safe side of the map! We therefore have no other choice but to conclude that the Instant Cash Club software is a piece of junk!

Jonathan Green from has already concluded this fraud by saying “you won’t make a single buck from this misleading system! All you’ll win is loads and loads of frustrations and losses. Instant Cash Club is nothing but an untrustworthy software masterminded by greedy brains who’ll stop at nothing until they have stolen the last buck from you”

Gorilla’s verdict: The Instant Cash Club is a SCAM!!

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  1. Hello, I just subscribed to your blog on the various scams on binary options. I am however leaning toward the fibo binary trade app. I did sign up for it, but I haven’t put any money in it as of yet..I do get calls, but from London, UK. I don’t answer it because I don’t want a high cell phone bill..Do they have anyone in the U.S. that I can talk to??



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