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Hey everyone! So, as you already know, due to a complex decisions and bad negotiation between these two technologies companies, Troy Everett, the owner and creator of the old BinaDroid software has decided to change the name of his upgraded version BinaDroid2 to BinaBot v2 and to put an end to this story. After this short explanation about the latest events and changes with the auto trader’s name, we have decided to upload an article demonstrating and explaining how to trade manually with the BinaBot v2 software, due to many frequency asked questions of traders about this topic. We therefore will be revealing in this review, how we implementing our manual strategies combined with our assigned broker, based on given trades and many other factors, in order to reduce mistakes and to increase our profits on a regular basis. And most importantly, will answer the question how to trade manually with the BinaBot v2 app?

How To Trade Manually With BinaBot v2 photoManual trade?

As a binary options trader who decides to upgrade his / her daily income with a reputable auto trading robot, you have two options (ways / methods) to pick.

The first one, which also called the “conservative” one, based on a fully automated mode, means that you are planning to trade on complete auto pilot mode and to let the auto trader to trade on your behalf based on its internal and well-established algorithm and codes. Needless to say that this is how most traders implementing their trades, due to the reason that we are talking about an auto trader that basically created and developed to ease our life and to automate the process of trading.

Secondly, the manual trade. In this method, a trader who decides to trade manually based on given trades by the auto trader, can easily replicates these trades’ direction + given time and asset right into his / her assigned brokerage account in no time. And yet, by using this strategy of literally “copy & paste”, you have the opportunity to choose on which signals you want to trade and on which one of them you want to skip.

How We Trade Manually With BinaBot v2?

As a prior step, in order to trade manually or automatically you have to sign up with BinaBotv2 and to make an initial deposit into your assigned broker account. Once you have done this first and most important step you can now choose how you want to execute your trades, whether on manual trade or automated mode.

The BinaBot v2 software’s interface vividly shows the given trades on a box called “Manual Trading”, exactly as you can see at the picture below. There you practically encounter with the given trades of the BinaBot v2’s algorithm.

How To Trade Manually With BinaBot v2 photoOnce you have seen this list of available winning trades presented in the “Manual Trading” box, all you have to do is to open a chart (we recommend on – a free service, however, you have a built in Economic Calendar in this program) and to look if the given trade is good enough for you. For example, if the BinaBot v2 software has provided you the signal “EUR/USD, PUT” all you have to do is to verify the trend on the EUR/USD chart (CALL / PUT), and if you are satisfied with this choice, we can move forward to the next step.

How To Trade Manually With BinaBot v2 photoSo, after choosing the signals that we want to trade on, in terms of asset, times and directions, all we have to do is to literally COPY AND PASTE the signal into our assigned broker platform with the same given instructions, and then to dispatch. Once we have done that, it equals to an automated trade that the auto trader has executed on your behalf if you’d have chosen to trade automatically.

How To Trade Manually With BinaBot v2 photoFinal Words And Tips…

Trading manually with the BinaBot v2 software could be very exciting and profitable at the same time if you know what to do and how to operate the system. Basically, trading manually doesn’t suite for everyone but only for those who have the required time to read charts and to take financial decisions by executing trades on their own knowledge and skills.

However, traders who don’t have this time, traders who work all day / night and on the go most of the time, or even complete beginners who still don’t have the required skills to execute trades on their own, could easily choose the automated mode, which is EXACTLY the same operation, just on a robot mode.

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How To Trade Manually With BinaBot v2 photoThank you for reading our guidance review on how to trade manually with the BinaBot v2 Software. We hope that we have answered the relevant questions you had regarding this topic and you can now take the right decisions on whether to trade manually or automatically and how to operate both strategies. If you yet not sure if you want to trade with the BinaBot v2 or with other reliable system, you are more than welcome to visit our top recommended signals services page and be rest assured to trade with a trusted and tested auto trader with real and active users from all over the world! Other than that, make sure to subscribe to our blog and be sure to stay on the safe side of the industry with daily upcoming news right into your inbox! For further question and interesting ideas to review please contact us and visit our Facebook group , Google+ channel, Pinterest page and our new Instagram account.


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  1. Thanks for this valuable article… i was really needed it!
    Basically, i used to trade up until now on auto pilot mode and always wanted to use the manual feature too, and in this review you completely covered it.
    I am trading with another successful auto trader of yours, the Copy Buffett, but i am planning to sign up with the BinaBot right on Monday’s morning.
    Cheers guys!

  2. Hello : Read your reviews ,keep them coming.
    I would consider myself a novice trader and a senior to boot so all the trading info I can get is most helpful .I enjoyed your article on BinaDroid2 I had contemplated joining BD1 but in hindsight I’m glad I waited for the newer version .
    My queries isn’t about BD2 as much as it is about brokers I’ve had less then favorable experiences so far with some brokers.
    I’m a Canadian and not certain what broker may be assigned to me ,have you
    any idea how this is done ,and if you don’t like the assigned broker can they be changed ?

    • Hey Bill!
      Thank you for your support! As a Canadian trader you won’t have any problem with this issue, as most of the brokers accept Canadian traders. Of course, if you’re willing to change your assigned broker we could help until you satisfied with your registration deal. If you have anymore questions about this topic or others, please email us to and we will be more than happy to assist you as much as we can. Cheers!

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