HFTFinance is a complete SCAM System! Real Warning Review!

HFTFinance Scam Review!

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We have been encountered with the HFT Finance software earlier this morning thanks to some head ups from our subscribers who were interested in joining the service due to its convincing video presentation and promises of making thousands of dollars per day for free of charge. We reckon without any doubt that we are dealing with an unreliable service that has nothing to do with trading binary options or with any kind of investing types. Therefore, before you go any further and take financial actions, make sure to read our fully transparent review, and be sure to stay safe with the money in your pocket.

John Williams has been claiming that he is the founder and CEO of HFTFinance Group a financial institute that provides educational and trading services for its customers. He mentioned that online investors and binary options traders who are interested in making legitimate money from home, are more than welcome to join the company for free of charge for 30 days, and once this month is over, you will be charged up to 3% of your revenues each month, which will be your monthly fee for using the HFTFinance software. Likewise, John said that members are generating a guaranteed $30k – $50k a month and that the software based on an automatic algorithm that generates at least 2500 automated trades per day with a staggering 98.6% win rate.

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Our point of view as binary options traders with an extensive experience in the industry is that we are dealing with a complete scam operation that has been created by a group of scammers who aim to drain your trading account as quickly as you deposit your hard earned money, literally. First, as we suspected from the first place, our CEO fella, Mr. Williams is not a real owner / founder but a paid actor who has been hired in order to lie in front of the camera.

Secondly, earning $30k – $50k a month in the binary options trading niche is completely impossible and a thing that most likely not going to happen in the near future, especially when we are talking about automated software’s that allegedly execute 2500 trades a day on your behalf.

Not only that, if you look at the header above the video frame, you will be able to see that they are promising that traders who decide to join the HFTFinance app will be profiting a guaranteed $15k a month (and not the $30k – $50k). So, not only that this claim is without a shadow of a doubt misleads the audience but is also not true!

Moreover, John Williams has mentioned that the HFTFinance has over 12 months in development, 500 beta testers and financial third parties acknowledgement that makes this system the most powerful and profitable trading tool that based on an automated algorithm with an astonishing 98.6% winning ratio and that could open an average of 2500 trades every day, all of them under regulated compliance from the world stock exchanges.  These claims are obviously a lie and traders who live the binary options environment know how difficult it is to trade with a constant robot that will generate such high ITM performance on a regular basis. For example, if you choose to trade with the most accurate auto trader on the market, you won’t be able to earn more than $800 a day and with up to 87% accuracy. So, claims and promises that reveals otherwise are most likely scams.

Gorilla’s Conclusion: The HFTFinance App is a SCAM!

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