Hexa Trader App is a Complete SCAM!! Real Warning Review!

Hexa Trader Scam Review!

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The Hexa Trader app by Professor Rupert Connor is the newest scam binary system in the industry which has officially launched earlier this morning by a group of scammers who aim to steal your money in the blink of an eye. In this warning scam review, we will be exposing this fraudulent operation into small pieces in order to help you getting the most reliable and trusted information for a brighter and profitable future in the financial industry. Therefore, if you have decided to start investing on automated trading tool and still have no enough knowledge for taking the right decision, make sure to read our fully transparent review, and trade safe.

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Professor Rupert Connor claimed to be an Ex-MIT Computational Science professor and the CEO of Hexa Trader. He mentioned during this video presentation that this automated trading app is the most actual advanced auto trading software in the world and that since 2013 he and his “team of experts” have been making millions of dollars consistently through the Hexadecimal Number system that they have developed. Moreover, he also mentioned that with the Hexa Trader app, people who join will be making at least $1644 a day, every day on complete auto pilot mode with an astonishing 94.7% accuracy.

Don’t fall for this trap and be sure to look at the entire picture, and protect yourself from being scammed in a matter of minutes from you depositing your hard earned money. First things first, “Professor Rupert Connor” does not exist on any previous record of any university, and definitely does not related to any financial or investment program. Likewise, he also mentioned that the Hexa Trader software is up and running since 2013, with many satisfied customers and huge success overseas. However, due to our review, the www.hexatrader.co website was initially registered last month, so how exactly they have successfully recruited their members without active website?

Other than that, during this promotional video, we have literally encountered with Fiverr actors who have been paid in exchange for lying in front of the camera. So, we definitely reckon that a trustworthy company or financial service does not need to pay for bogus testimonials that have nothing to do in reality. Other than these phony testimonials, earning $1644 per day with the Hexa Trader app or with any other investment tool, is without a shadow of a doubt not going to happen in the near future, and for a real proof, you can easily read our latest performance review right over here.

The Gorilla’s conclusion!

Don’t fall for this kind of fake services that have been created with a vicious aim of draining your trading account as quickly as you deposit. Moreover, as we have already said in this review, earning thousands of dollars per day is completely impossible in the binary options industry, especially with automated services that work on auto pilot mode. Therefore, we have no other option but to flag the Hexa Trader as a complete fraud scheme which has created to scam innocent people who seek for online opportunities. We do recommend to stay away from this fraudulent operation in any cost!

Conclusion: Hexa Trader app is a SCAM!

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